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M191 Disney Watch Disney Watch Character Mickey Minnie Cute Analog Quartz Waterproof Pink Parallel Import
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Seller footballpapa36 +1178
Condition New
Start time 2021-03-23T14:34:12+09:00
End time 2021-03-24T16:25:34+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number r473677196
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M191 Disney Watch Disney Watch Character Mickey Minnie Cute Analog Quartz Waterproof Pink Parallel Import
Description of item+++
※ It becomes a formal Disney product produced in China. It will be parallel imported goods. [Specifications]
Name: Disney Watch
Color: Pink
Maker: Disney
Case diameter: 32 mm
Band width: 14 mm
Case thickness: 7.7 mm
Band length: 21.5 cm
Case Material: Alloy
Waterproof: 3 atm
Mirror Material: hardlex
Movement: Quartz
Band Material: Leather
1 * Watches
Disney characters were placed cutely at each time
It will be a watch.. The color of the band is pink.. It is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about sweat or rain.. It is a nice dish even if I buy it for a present and myself. 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪ 〓 ♪
On that note we will be sure to read the notes, please bid. (1) without reading the notes and product explanation column, please refrain from questions about it. Moreover, I need your help by a no claim and a no return. (2) Canceled after bid, successful bid or returned goods due to the convenience of the successful bidder side is not accepted at all. If there is no contact or payment within one week from a successful bid day, the auction will stick bad evaluation will end by the highest bidder convenience. If payment is that there are circumstances, such as can not be completed within one week thank you let me know. (3) payment (payment) will be shipped in 7 to 13 days from the procedure. 1 week at the earliest until the arrival of to the highest bidder from shipping, is usually two to three weeks. There are times when it takes the form for you to wait about four to six weeks come out is delayed because of the weather and the effects of the global situation, or sorting for flights abroad. It should be noted that you can not cancel the transaction if the transport of the delay has occurred. Part of the sales manufacturer has adopted its own delivery company, but there are times when delivery method is changed, shipping charges, please be assured that does not change. Is time, there is a tendency that it takes the relationship on absolutely delivery time of the customs area and (if payment is delayed, the more will also be delayed arrival of the goods) The suburb of delivery region Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefecture. (4) the timing of the shipment, proceed as quickly as possible. Cancel deposit and end trading by self-judgment because shipping is not done. Cause of trouble. On yafuoku's system, even if the shipping timing is set from 7 to 13 days from the deposit, the deposit cancellation can be made between 8 days and 12 days, and if the timing of the shipment and the timing of the deposit cancellation overlap at the same day and the nearby time zone, the deposit may be canceled even though it was shipped, The problem of shipping even if the deposit is canceled causes trouble. This is because the shift of just time to local dispatch of timing and my dispatch Contact timing because it is overseas dispatch will slightly occur. Also when the goods have arrived If you cancel, fees and labor becomes a form for you to your transfer will be generated. (5) Yahoo! Auctions of the system on the relationship, there are times when it receives reminder to the highest bidder arrives automatically but can be ignored. If you actually receive the goods, please receive contact. (6) Shipping nationwide uniform. Overseas is a shipping. (7) can not be specified band desired delivery date and time. Also a clear arrival date and time can not understand. Nikanshimashite destination, general delivery address, please refrain. (8) You may not be able to ship in stock-shortage. We handle the basically stock but, for reasons such as it takes sold at the same time, there are times when it becomes shortage. If the missing item is found will be the cancellation of the order before obtaining. Excuse me is on your note, so we thank you for your order. (9) When transporting, it may be a case that does not have a box by smashing, crushing, etc. Please refrain from the person or people of a nervous looking for a perfect. Also on transportation, you might reach is divided outer box and the contents by things, but there is not any problem at all with respect to quality. If there is a manual it does not correspond to the Japanese. (10) may be different from the image of a photograph on the screen by the use of the terminal. In addition, "the timing of the dispatch by the shipping agency", "transaction message screen in the dispatch of timing," said some, you come out error. (11) unless the trouble when the commodity transport occurs, the tracking number is not the basic issue. But (3) will be issued a follow-up by the intention of the successful bidder only if the item is not out of reach for arrival within the period of. In addition, since it is overseas dispatch, case when a malfunction or scratches or the like occurs in the product, which would be returned to the sender is located in the very rare. In that case, but it not very sorry, I will take the form of a full refund by direct deposit instead of a re-dispatch. (12) received items is whether the First there is no initial failure, please first make sure. If you have safety of goods is confirmed, and then give me a receipt Contact. We can not accept failure after receipt. Regard the initial failure, it will be full refund. A sender will be asked to send back to the specified address overseas, it will be a full refund. Re-dispatch is not done. (13) the consent of the successful bidder at the time of receipt contact has been completed, all of the transaction will be determined to have been completed. Since then, regardless of the no there is a defect, please understand that your own risk. (14) If the successful bidder cancels the deposit or cancels the transaction after the product shipment notification, the product that has been deposited or received again will be returned to the shipper overseas, and the shipping cost will be borne by the successful bidder.. (15) Description and after-sales service of the product (after the end of dealings repair) is not done. (16) Shipping even in the case of the exhibition goods of the exhibitor footballpapa36 was more successful bids will take to separate. (17) shipping agency at the time of which is for emergency overseas flights, transportation, customs, when any of the mail has fallen into a stopped state, a significant delay will occur in the arrival of the goods. Thank you for your understanding. Was a long sentence hardship like. Kudasari interested in this product, Thank you very much. It is a short time, but thank you.
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