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Medaka Ryuho Otori Grant Fish spawning Size 1 pair+1 warranty 1 Ryushi Fish Swimming Jewel Swimming Fixed Aquarium Clean
Auction ends 11 hours
Current price ¥15,800 $131
Start price ¥15,800 $131
Buy-now ¥16,000 $133
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller pengin919919 +122
Condition New
Start time 2023-01-29T15:19:24+09:00
End time 2023-02-01T15:19:24+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number s1066210037
Seller position Hiroshima

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Medaka Ryuho Otoi Otoi Spawning Size 1 Pair+Warranty 1 Ryushi Fish Swimming Jewel Super Best Passive Fixed Aquarium Clean Supreme Aquarium Isteful Aquarium Isteful Safety Safety and Safety Study Study 【size】 Spawning size (adult fish) About 3cm to about 4cm 【set content】 1 pair+1 bonus Total 3 animals * Bonus medaka gender is random * About shipping Put water and oxygen in a thick plastic bag, wrap it in a newspaper, and ship it in Yu -Pack in a Styrofoam box (arrival date and time can be specified) * Depending on the season, we will keep warming with Cairo or cold packs, pay attention and ship * In consideration of the case of dead, we will attach an extra * Please note that if you receive the product for more than 3 days after shipping, the possibility of death will increase due to the customer's convenience. I can't do compensation in that case * Please note that detailed inquiries such as how to raise them may not be answered because it may depend on the environment. If you can check the Internet, it will come out immediately [Dragon Feng Medaka] This is an Otohime's Matsui finched system.. It is a medaka that features dignified and splendid appearance, such as the legendary spirit beast, the dragon and the phoenixhoho. 【Characteristic】 The biggest feature of Ryuko Otori Medaka is red and black patterns and fin lengths like ancient fish.. This dull and sharp glow depends on the solid. It is even more noticeable due to the synergistic effect of red and black. In addition, since it is a fin chief, you can enjoy the ancient fish feeling that swims gracefully. It is expected that about 70 % of the fry will be born as a dragon -chopped fish medaka if the cross between the dragon plot is crossed.. The remaining 30 % will return to their ancestors and become the original, or the black pattern may not ride. [Is it difficult to breed Ryuho Feng Medaka? ] Although the difficulty of breeding is not high, it is originally red, so breeding containers such as black water trays and medaka bowls are suitable to maintain a beautiful body color.. It can be breeded in a transparent aquarium or white breeding container, but it is important to note that the red and black ground color will be thinner due to protective color, and the beauty of red and black will be reduced by half. [Fixed rate] Since the fixed rate is high, if the cross between the dragon cheats is crossed, the Ryuho Feng will be born with a high probability.. For that reason, even beginners can enjoy breeding even though they are new varieties. In addition, medaka needs to sort the fry to keep the beauty in the breeding of generations Recently, the popularity of aquarium has become increasingly popular, and it has attracted a lot of attention in beautiful medaka that is easy to breed. Among the changing medaka with various varieties, the Ryuho Feng Medaka, which can enjoy the ancient medaka feeling, is attractive with the strong beauty that is comparable to medaka. In order to hatch medaka eggs, light and water temperature are also involved as an important factor. As for light, it is okay to use LED lights for tropical fish, but the best way to promote egg growth is to expose sunlight I know that the ideal sunshine time is 13-14 hours, but it is difficult to secure that time by indoor management, so if you are not enough, you should make up for tropical fish LED lights In addition, the water temperature is around 25 ° C. Be careful not to overdo the water temperature when exposing sunlight so that the water temperature does not become too low when changing water. In particular, when managing with a small container, the amount of water will be reduced, and the water temperature will rise as soon as the sunlight is applied, so it is recommended that you prepare only the water temperature gauge [Use tap water as it is] Tap water contains calki (chlorine) for sterilization and disinfection. Therefore, if you use tap water that has not been drained as it is, it is possible to suppress the occurrence of mold and germs. You may be worried about harm to the eggs, but if you are in the egg condition, there is no problem because it is resistant [Calculation of days before eggs hatch] Medaka eggs hatch at the water temperature = 250 degrees. In the case of 25 degrees water temperature, it will hatch in 10 days. If the water temperature is raised, it will hatch faster, but the water temperature should be up to 30 degrees so that the medaka does not burden An example The day of the water temperature of 25 ° C will hatch 10 days = 250 ° C Water temperature 22 ° C. 10 days = 220 ° C does not hatch The day of 20 ° C in the water temperature is 13 days = 260 ° C hatched If the water temperature is raised, it will hatch faster, but the water temperature should be up to 30 degrees so that the medaka does not burden
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