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■ Panasonic ■ MD sound station ■ CQ-M3100D ■ Used ■ ★ Prompt decision ★
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥2,080 $15
Start price ¥2,080 $15
Buy-now ¥2,080 $15
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller yuchi55jp +19473
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-17T12:37:46+09:00
End time 2024-04-22T22:36:38+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number s1111925896
Seller position Hokkaido

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EC-HOKKAIDOThank you for accessing the auction ♪
★★ Important ★★
Be sure to check "about transactions" at the bottom of the page before bidding. At the time of bidding, we agree with the terms.
About business date (must read) *The tags are used in the Yahoo auction listing guide, but in some browsers such as Edge
The above image may not be displayed normally. Important display such as our business hours
So if it is not displayed [HerePlease click to confirm.
[Panasonic] CQ-M3100D ■ Used ■
You can easily play heavy bass with the front and rear speakers. By emphasizing the low -pitched 80Hz and the treble 10kHz, you can enjoy powerful bass and transparent treble at the same time.. You can also select the powerful "Boom" and the "Tight" mode with a powerful "Boom" and the 80Hz booth pressure to the medium..
** Body specification **
Maximum output: 50W x 4ch
FM tuner club
・ Reception frequency range: 76.0-89.9MHz
・ Practical sensitivity: 11.2dbfF
AM tuner club
・ Reception frequency range: 522-1629kHz
MD part
・ Frequency characteristics: 20-20,000Hz
・ SN ratio: 90db (IHF, A)
・ Waufratta: Below the measurement limit
External dimensions: W178 × H50 × D155 (mm)
Mass: 1.3kg
*Specification list ・ Product photos are excerpted from the manufacturer page. We cannot guarantee the contents. We do not receive returns due to specification description mistakesSo, check the product specifications and images again on the manufacturer page before the successful bid
Thank you.
Item state State 【B】
Product status list
【N】 New article · unused item
【S】 Similar goods as new
【A】 Good used goods
【B】 Used goods of the average degree
【C】 A bad old -fashioned article
[J] Junk items that cannot guarantee the operation
*Regarding the smell, it is our subjectivity within the used range.
odor [Dust odor]
Behavior [Good]
Second-hand goods. There are many scratches and rubbing on the entire exterior, the display is noticeable in the display part.. It is a used state. The package is only the power cord. Simple cleaning / operation confirmed. Serial display for exhibition: 1118385
We will respond to repair and refund only in the case of initial failure within 7 days of wearing..
Scheduled to pack
Total vertical / horizontal / height: 50cm / (thickness 6cm)
Total weight: 1500g* There is no guarantee on delivery except for Yu -Pack. Even if you lose or damage, you cannot return or replace it, so please make a successful bid.
★★ Please check the following "Transactions" before bidding. ★ ★ The following will be the "rules" that you agree with when you are trading with us.
Transaction flow ■■ We are regular holidays on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. All tasks such as successful bids, email reception, transactions, shipping, etc. will be on the next business day on the day before the regular holiday.1. First, please enter the delivery address, name, delivery method, and payment method to the transaction navigation. 2. The shipping fee will be displayed according to the selected one, so please handle payment according to Yahoo payment.. 3. As soon as "Confirmation of sales" is confirmed at Yahoo auction, we will inform you that the delivery of the product and the delivery will be completed.. * Excuse me, but in our companyWithin 2 business days from a successful bidIf there is no contactCanceled due to the highest bidder convenienceI am allowed to say. * Products with shipping costs are setSimplification of transactionsI hope that you can respond smoothly until payment because it is aimed. ■Increased successful bid cancellations after the evaluation specifications are changeddoing. Therefore, in usIf you cannot confirm your trading will, we will cancel with "very bad"Please note it beforehand.
About payment ■ Payment price
The total paymentBid price + shipping feeWill be. You will be responsible for remittance fees. ■ The payment confirmation time3:00 pmI am doing. Regarding the subsequent payment confirmationDelivery of the next business dayWill be. In the case of payments such as bank transfer, the final contact of the sales may be delayed due to the Yahoo system. In that case, it will be treated as delivery of the next business day.
Regarding delivery ■ Handling distribution species ■
Yu -Pack, Letter Pack (520), Hikyaku Yu -Packet (Tracking / Delay Agreement), non -standard -size mail
Other than Yu -Pack, there is no compensation for postal accidents (loss or product damage) because of no guarantee.We cannot respond at all even if there is a defect in delivery or outer box or product collapse. ■Non -standard -size mail and hikyaku Yu -packet are limited to 3cm thickI can't wind the air packing because there is. Please note that package crushing, as it will be a simple packaging just to put this product in the envelope. ■Hikyaku Yu -PacketThe delivery staff of the Sagawa Express picks up the luggage and passes through the post office, and the post office delivery person will deliver it to the mailing (no receipt seal), so we will have a date before arriving from the normal Yu -Packet. Masu.
Repair / warranty ■ The failure of the exhibit with a manufacturer warrantyManufacturer repairCorrespondence. Even if there is stockYou cannot replace it like a major dealer.■ If you cannot repair it due to the convenience of the manufacturer (bankruptcy or support end), you will not be able to respond to refunds such as the free repair period specified by the manufacturer except for the initial defect within 7 days. ■ Repair is except for the initial defect within 7 days of wearingThe shipping fee is borne by the customerWill be. ■ Please deliver the exhibits that have our warranty for used goods to us. After confirming the symptomsCorrespondence by repairOr only if the repair price is highSuccessful bid priceWe will respond by refund. In the emergencyWhen the symptoms are not reproduced and returnedYaIf you wish to return it, not repairIsTreated as "customer convenience" and shipping fee (20%) and shipping feeI will accept. ■ Returns and refunds cannot be accepted if symptoms such as dents that were not at the time of exhibition or damage to the internal infrastructure due to submerging or impact could be confirmed. ■Used goods have sealed stickers to prevent remodeling. Please note that if there is a cut or peeling mark, you will not be able to respond at all for any reason.■ It will be our subjectivity for the condition and smell of wounds. The number of photos posted is limited, and scratches such as the bottom may be overlooked. Used goods usually have scratches, and the smell of life and slight tobacco odors are attached. Since it is not a new one, please make a successful bid after understanding that it is a used article except for the new one. If you wish to return goods due to subjective problems such as odor or scratches, you will be charged and charges. ■ Depending on the product, there may be software or updates that can be used by user registration, but used products may have been registered. Unless there is a description such as migration processing, the applicable software or content may not be available. Used products cannot be returned or refunded due to not downloading. ■ If there is no problem with the product itself, such as making a mistake in the operation, connection, and peripheral equipment correspondence, and the symptoms of production specifications (such as missing the dot of liquid crystal or rubbing in the manufacturing process), it is repaired and returned. not. ■ Specifications and product comments are posted, so accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
Other E -mail support time from 10: 00 to PM 5:30 on weekdaysis.You cannot contact, payment confirmation or shipped outside of business hours, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidaysThe notation of the product status is our subjectivity, so it is about "reference"Please. Even in the case of "S", it is not completely new, so there are some rubbing and dirt. Refer to status comments, photos, etcDon't misunderstand the "like new" notation as "new", Please give me a bid. ■ What is the initial package?Insponder described in the manufacturer manualis. Depending on the product, essentials such as ink may be sold separately. Also, in cases other than newProtective members such as warranty cards, user registration documents, batteries excluding rechargeable batteries, pamphlets, and non -described terminal covers are excluded from "initial attachment"Please understand. ■ Confirmation of the operation of used and exhibits has been performed at a minimum, but there are large amounts of exhibits, so there may be oversight in the operation state. Please reconfirm whether there is a defective place after arrival. Also,Regarding the dots of the LCD screen, it is basically not described if it is within the manufacturer's standardPlease note that it is not subject to the reason for returned goods. ■ Please check with the manufacturer site, etc. for peripheral devices and game software that meets the machine at hand.. We cannot accept returns after opening for reasons such as not conforming. ■ We are careful not to make an error in creating data and checking the product at the time of delivery, but rarely type mistakes, description mistakes, and errors may occur. Especially new productsReturns after opening / use cannot be accepted, so when the delivery packing is solved, confirm that it is the same model as the product you ordered in the outer box etcI beg you. ■ If it is unavoidable to return for various reasons,Product successful bid fee only refundWill be.Wages generated by installation, human and physical damage due to used, and fees charged at the time of purchase and shipping (one -way) at the time of delivery are not eligible for refundAlso, in any case, we will not respond to the refund unless the product returns to us.
About us Shop name: Echokkaido
Company name: Nakai Corporation CEO: Yutaka Nakai
Phone number: 011-888-5963 FAX: 011-887-6627
Address: 〒004-0846 Kiyota, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 6-4-8
Ancient business license: Hokkaido Public Safety Commission issued in 2007 No. 101020001255
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