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3UPJ = 89560519] Rankle 80 series (FZJ80G) Middle Panasonic MD Player CX-MX77D Audio Panasonic Used
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,100 $15
Start price ¥2,100 $15
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller upjpn16 +17215
Condition Used
Start time 2024-02-22T13:00:08+09:00
End time 2024-02-28T21:53:21+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number s1125964536
Seller position 9189560519, Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture

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This product is exhibited by UPJ.PARTS Shimotsui After Parts store. ご注意
Our business days
※ deficit will be our special holiday.
Product Details
It is an MD player removed from the Rankle 80 series (E-FZJ80G (modified)) registered in June 1994..■ Panasonic CX -MX77D ■Only the power supply has been confirmed. For second -hand goods, there is a feeling of use, scratches and dirt. Originally, if it is not included, it is used correctly, and even if there are parts that cannot be installed, it will not be included if it is not in the image.(It may not be originally attached to the vehicle at the time of arrival)Please note that it is different from the content at the time of new sale.
MD player
Whole product image
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* Please be sure to see the link above, check the product status, and bid. Please see from the PC because you can not see it from your mobile phone.
Vehicle Details
Model designation number Classification division number
Full model E-FZJ80G (Kai) -GNPGK Model E-FZJ80G (Kai)
grade VX Limited Active Vacation Mission classification 4 FAT
Engine model 1FZ-FE Engine classification Non turbo
Displacement 4476cc Fuel classification gasoline
Drive section 4WD Handle division right
Mileage 343645km Model year June 1994
Trim No FC10 Color No 183
Absence of ABS Present Chassis number FZJ800075 ***
Vehicle remarks [Stock date: 2022/05/16]
* Please note that it is information of the vehicle that removed this product, and it is not a matter of confirming the information of this product.
Shipping cost
· The shipping address is corporate, business owner, individual
· In either case of Seino Transportation Designated Branch
Please check the shipping fee (details) at the top of the bid button.
The transfer amount will be 【【the highest bid + consumption tax + shipping cost】】. (Okinawa prefecture remote island postage cash on delivery becomes)If the shipping destination is a remote island other than Okinawa Prefecture, we will return the deposited shipping fee and switch to cash on delivery. In Okinawa Prefecture, for convenience of the system, the shipping fee is displayed for 0 yen, but it will be cash on delivery instead of free shipping. (If the shipping company does not support cash on delivery in some areas, you may want to receive additional payment. )Kyushu Main Islands, Shikoku Main Islands, Hokkaido Honjima will be treated as Honshu. If the shipping destination is treated as Honshu, it can not be shipped by shipping cash on delivery. Okinawa prefecture remote island (Awaji Island becomes a detached island treatment) will be shipping COD. Regarding the shipping fee for cash on arrival, we can not investigate on us. Please acknowledge it beforehand. There are also partial delivery difficulty areas in Honshu. If additional fee is charged separately, we will charge you. Please note that delivery dates will take more days than normal. Even if you purchase multiple products, you do not have the same package, and you will need shipping for one point one point.
  • キズのとらえ方や許容範囲につきましては、個人の感覚の差が大きく出るものとなりますので
  • We do not sell some of the products shown in the image.
  • The customer should bear the consumables on the premise of replacement.
  • We do not measure the product.
  • We do not clean or disassemble for simplification. Reply to your question may be difficult, but please forgive me.
  • Regarding the mounting and conformity to the vehicle (or not), please be sure to investigate yourself at your own risk.
  • We do not accept price negotiations, so we will refrain from responding.
  • We will strictly refuse the unauthorized diversion of all images, which are posted on the list of exhibitions and links.
·List of inventory of "Rankle 80 Series"Search for.(The model year, model, grade etc may differ, so please check the vehicle details and product details on the exhibition table. )
About dealings
[Flow after making a successful bid and notes Frequently asked questions] Your description and of the flow after the successful bid, will be notes about the transaction
About returned goods and cancellation] It will be explanation about returned goods. There is no after-sales support for products of junk items. Please acknowledge it beforehand because it becomes a no claim no return.
【About the definition of our company description】 It will be an explanation about the state of the product, the test method, and the notation method
【Check all images】 You can see the image that is posted on the Yahoo! Auctions in a different screen
This product is exhibited by UPJ.PARTS Shimotsui After Parts store.
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