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B44 eggs colorful soft slime Kids' Anti-stress toys butter aroma relief
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Seller l9_lostsamapa +46
Condition New
Start time 2019-12-25T21:11:22+09:00
End time 2019-12-26T16:21:59+09:00
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Lot number s684372556
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For overseas imports, during the exhibition all items at a low cost! If you want to enjoy explosion shopping click on Our shop has all the productsShipping uniform 1500 yenIs (national uniform)
※ by the storage conditions of the stock, does not correspond to the bundled with other products (including the same product). (The shipping fee will be generated for each bidding item. )
If a successful bid of one item from our store = shipping 1,500 yen
If you bid two items from our store = Shipping 3000 yen
If you bid for three items from our store = Shipping 4500 yen ...
※ This product does not have a choice of size or color. 【Product Description (translated as it is))
Features: Eco-friendly material, ideal for children.health. Rich colors, raise their children Color vision. Simple operation and is suitable for more than 5 years of age. Raise their children Imagination and creativity. To exercise the children & # 39; Hands, eyes, adjustment capability of the brain. Due to the influence of temperature, you may not be able to use.Please be soaked in hot water of 40 degrees Celsius before use. Raw materials friendly to the attention of the environment, natural resin production, non-toxic non-toxic non-toxic. Save and easy, recycling use: After playing, return the dough to the cooked food box, you can maintain the softness of the mud of Choi. Briefly air dried, not baked, safe material, looks like a jelly, super light, soft, the color is pure, any of mixed colors, you can easily modeling Description 5 Colorful straw, 3 mold and 3 in conjunction with a small tool. Straw: for the purpose of creating a bubble, children will use a straw to make their own bubble. Mold: for molding the clay is. Tool: When shaping the clay is a good helper. Difficulty of blowing bubbles is related to temperature.If you want to blow the foam, please try again to put the lukewarm water after the internal. Quantity: 1 piece What is included in the package: 1X egg colorful soft slime slime smell of a stress relief toy sludge toys
I have sent all items at a low cost is in our store Click for those who want more shopping!
Please make a successful bid after surely agreeing to the following contents.
about shipping cost Since this shop is exhibited irregularly, and the product will end as soon as it is gone, those under consideration will recommend a successful bid as soon as possible.From Hokkaido to Okinawa, the shipping fee will be uniform across the country. Only those with an understanding, please bid. In addition, This item is not compatible with bundled by the storage conditions of the stock (including the same product). for that reason,When two or more successful bids, shipping costs also occurPlease note that we will.※ Because it is an oversea product, there are parts that are somewhat making sweets. Please refrain from the tender of those looking for perfect items and nervous one. Only those who were convinced above bid-wish-do.
shipping method ★ International air mailDepending on the product, we have received up to 60 days (2 months) from shipping notice to product arrival. ※ Because it is overseas transport company, it often takes 4 weeks or more to arrive, so please understand. In addition, because it is personal business, we have received from 7 days to 10 days from payment confirmation to shipping notification, please be forewarned. ★ About full refund security
If the item does not arrive at hand at maximum up to 60 days (2 months) from shipment, please be assured we will return the full amount of the item price + shipping fee securely. Until now, there is no precedent that products did not arrive in 60 days, so please be patient if you wait patiently. Please refer to the following for the number of arrivals and warranty. • If there was a defect in the successful bid goods in the shipment before the inspection, please be assured that we will refund the full amount of the commodity price (including shipping). · Since all shipping is requested to the trader, please understand that it is not possible to answer about frequent confirmation of dispatch situation and arrival date and time (such as fucking), such as those who hurry up, arrival days are late, etc.
We have realized the provision of cheap products for shipment from all overseas, overseas. Therefore, it will take some time before arrival, but we will be with you responsibly to the end so please take care of it. We will respond promptly when there is a problem in case of delays due to customs clearance procedures or weather, or during shipping, so please refrain from sudden bad evaluations.
Payment Method Yahoo! easy settlement (Details)
Other ▲ notes· Because there are rare cases such as not being able to contact after a successful bid, please bid only for those who can pay in within 72 hours. - Please understand that we can not respond to returned goods due to customer convenience, such as differences in size / shape, image difference. · We will ship after we have inspected the item after it makes a successful bid. If a problem or the like occurs we will refund the full amount of the commodity price (including shipping), please feel easy to goods. 【About the question】
Because it is an amateur's exhibit, there may be a point that I can not write in item description. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question. Easy to answer questions
※ Weekday is after 22 o'clock (Japan time) If Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation is anything except late night
 Thank you very much for your attention to the end.
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