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【Max】◎Hokkaido gift! Finest how much soy sauce pickled! Online business
Auction ends 1 hour
Current price ¥4,600 $47
Start price ¥4,600 $47
Buy-now ¥5,200 $53
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller seafoodmax +25806
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-02T19:56:33+09:00
End time 2020-07-04T19:56:33+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number s726158888
Seller position Shizuoka Prefecture

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From Japan
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It's also good for sushi and seafood bowl the most. Hokkaido・500g box of boxed makeup! Grains, as well as The Wrap feel, too.
It's also good for sushi and seafood bowl the most.

It's also good for sushi and seafood bowl the most.

Please refer to the table below for details of the product

Product name ☆Best☆Hokkaido-class soy sauce pickled
Product size 1 box 500g
Description of item This will introduce"the class of soy sauce"is,Hokkaido
Fine online, using a special soy-based sauce in pickled taste and quality
And reliable goods..
Every grain is not large, and the flavor and appearance excellent in the store
Confidence can be a dish you and your guest..
Recently, the online market is very up, the energy limit of
At the price we supplied with a full tank of fuel.. Domestic products in the price of one at other stores is not found, and I would♪
Manufacturers a special sauce the sauce was seasoned much
Warm rice she in Sheng going from such as a bowl, and enjoy!
Frozen in the delivery of all of nature, decompress, and
The dining table into the. From the plenty of the seafood bowl and
Sushi and most vivid colors in the big success it is!
Very affordable price offered at any medical claims from this review.
Why don't you take this opportunity to bid you all try it!!
From the plenty of online shop,please enjoy!!
Supplementary explanation ・Winning bid is 1P (500g)the price of.
Item state Frozen storage (please keep below -18 ℃)
Country of origin From Hokkaido
Heat treatment After defrosting, the heating is not required.

※ If you can see in the smart phone, please check the details about such as shipping and shipped by PC site. ※ successful bid goods thank you all fill out the order form. Fill in on our side can not be. ※ leaving period is the longest in from the first successful bid goods, and will be up to 1 week. ※ business hours 18:00 than 10:30 holiday You can check than calendar of PC site. ※ information about the energy display will has become a commodity for a business that has not been referred to. Those who you think the use of the one and the retail sales of consumer please consider on the check before purchase.

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