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[N827] ROOTOTE/Route Mamiru ◇ 2WAY Mothers Bag NV x IV diagonal hanging W38cm
Auction ends 17 hours
Current price ¥1,500 $13
Start price ¥1,500 $13
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller hammer_price_jp_2203 +7874
Condition Used
Start time 2023-01-30T22:42:36+09:00
End time 2023-02-01T22:42:36+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number t1000217683
Seller position Gifu Prefecture
[N827] ROOTOTE/Route Mamiru ◇ 2WAY Mothers Bag NV x IV diagonal hanging W38cm

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* Please note that the color of the real thing and the image may be different depending on the lighting and the type of monitor at the time of shooting.

Product name

[N827] ROOTOTE 2way Mothers Bags

Description of item

◇ Width: about 38cm, height (without handle): about 29cm, gusset width: about 22cm
◇ Material: Cotton
◇ Color: Navy x Ivory
◇ Opening feast: Magnet (2 patterns)
◇ Pocket: F = fastener, m = magnet hook, H = hook, MJ = Velcro, p = pocket without fastener
Front P1, back P1, side 0, middle F1/P5
◇ Characteristics / Status: Mamiru diagonally hanging OK
I didn't find any damage that I was particularly worried about. Please refer to the image. ◇ Damage is to be put on images as much as possible, but there may be dirt or scratches that are not in the image. ☆ Please understand that it is a USED product. ☆ You may not be able to answer questions just before the end of the auction. I would like a margin of 1-2 days.
※ Please note that it may be canceled by one or more evaluations for evaluations and very bad evaluations, and new bids may be canceled by this judgment.
[Exhibition management ID: 00000]


USED ​​item

About dealings

* Please note that if there is no progress in transactions within 3 days from the first contact, we may delete it due to the highest bidder convenience. ※ We look at person who does not require any need for evaluation, so we will not come from here. We will reply only those who have been evaluated. If you do not need to evaluate if you do not need to evaluate.

Shipping cost

Use Yamato Takkyubin (please refrain from specifying the shipping company) * Please refrain from shipping by cash on delivery, non -standard -size, mail service, etc.

Hokkaido: ¥ 1500
North Tohoku: ¥ 1000
South Tohoku: ¥ 950
Kanto / Shinetsu / Hokuriku / Chubu / Kansai: ¥ 900
China: ¥ 950
Shikoku: 1000
Kyushu: ¥ 1300
* We will respond as much as possible with the bundle.We will not issue receipts ※. Please note. * Shipping will be shipped with the filling.※ Please forgive directly because it does not pass directly.


Only simple settlement (from 2018.03)

Cancellation / return

Cancel bid and successful bid. Or, no return of the product can be accepted. This is an exhibition agency product. In the case of a failed or defective product, it will be available after receiving an email here. We will not accept it even if it is returned without contact, so thank you.

Seller information

2-18 Sakuragicho, Gifu City 500-8319 Takashi Kato ≪Older commercial registration notification≫Gifu Public Safety Commission No. 531010000476

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