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Unused E-GIRLS E-Girls T-shirt Men M Red Tour T-shirt Music Band T-shirt Music T-shirt 04010
Auction ends 1 hour
Current price ¥100 $1
Start price ¥100 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller dshpw393 +46821
Condition New
Start time 2024-04-07T20:58:29+09:00
End time 2024-04-14T20:58:29+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number t1087085051
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

Cost estimation



From Japan
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Fees & Total

System fee

Bank transfer


Explanatory text
Please see the image for details. Since it is unopened, please note that there is no individual measurement before bidding. This time, it is an exhibition from a cheap price, so please take this opportunity!!
Please be sure to check the following explanations and precautions before bidding. ・ It may be difficult to objectively judge conspicuous inconspicuous stains, scratches, etc., so please give priority to the description and image when judging the condition of the product. ・ Even if the product condition is "no noticeable dirt or scratches", please check the description and posted images for scratches, dirt, etc.. ・ Product images and actual products may have slightly different colors depending on the device, Internet environment, etc. Regarding the color, we cannot accept returns because the one you received is different from what you expected. ・ Bid and successful bid will be judged to be aware of notes. ・ We will proceed with transactions according to the explanation and notes. If you are not satisfied, please refrain from bidding. ・ The symbol number number at the end of the title is the administrative number here, so it has nothing to do with the product itself. ・ No reserve support is possible. ・ Transactions, not bundled. ・ Even if multiple successful bids, it will be shipped separately.
Notation size []
Actual size size
・ Shoulder width: cm
・ Length: CM
・ Width: CM
・ Sleeve length: CM
・ West: CM
・ Total length: CM
・ Inseam: CM
The sleeve length is from the shoulder to the tip of the sleeve. The measurement will be measured by the major over the hanger. ※ Since it is amateur measurement, some errors, please forgive me.
Delivery method · shipping fee
Sagawa Express flights
770 yen nationwide (excluding Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands)
Hokkaido 1540 yen
Okinawa 1914 yen
Remote island 3000 yen
The only delivery method is Sagawa Express flights. There is no other delivery method. If you are in the remote island area, be sure to check the remote island area when entering your address. Remote islands may be charged separately depending on the region. If you do not understand the above, please do not bid.
method of payment
It becomes only か ん た ん settlement of accounts. There is no payment method other than easy payment.
Please check the precautions carefully before bidding. ・ Please do not bid without confirming all notes, bid if you are not satisfied with the explanation or precautions, we will proceed with the transaction according to this description and notes even if the bid is not confirmed. ・ When bidding, we will judge it as a bid after knowing the explanation and notes, so please comply. ・ Please check used items with images such as fading. ・ Payment is only easy payment. ・ All transactions and correspondence will be supported through transaction navigation. We do not respond by telephone etc. ・ Dirt etc. may not appear well in the photo, so please understand before bidding. (Light stains, similar stains, light conditions, etc.)
Please contact us as soon as possible after receiving it. If there is no receipt contact, there will be no payment here. ・ If there is no receipt contact, it will not be different from the state where you have not received the payment, it will be subject to bad evaluation, notification to Yahoo Casta Service. ・ If payment cannot be confirmed within 5 days from the successful bid date, we will delete it and report to Yahoo Customer Service as a malicious bidding. ・ If you cannot make a payment within 5 days, do not bid. ・ It cannot be reserved. (It is a premise of using simple settlement, and it is not possible to respond because there are many people who can not contact after large amounts. Please note. )
・ We do not ship bundled. All will be shipped separately. ・ We do not support shipping using convenience store reception services. ・ Auction -related response time, such as shipping, questions and answers, and transactions, is basically 12:00 on weekdays. ・ We do not ship again on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. ・ Shipping contacts may be treated the next day depending on the timing of shipping and time of the shipping company, depending on the time of shipping and time. ・ Please do not negotiate and ask questions after a successful bid for smooth transactions. We can not meet. ・ Status, current situation, etc. (how many points is subjective?) Does the size fit? We may not be able to respond to questions due to the condition of dirt (difficult to explain in writing). ・ We may not be able to answer questions during major holidays such as Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, Obon, etc., or because the storage location is different, so the product cannot be checked, or it has been described in the description, packed, or described in the description notes. ・ Even if there is no response to the question, we will agree to the bid bid and proceed with the transaction. ・ If you do not agree, do not bid. Despite the fact that the notes for the questions are described here, after a successful bid, if you ask a question, we may judge that it is malicious and report it to the Yah Costa Service. ・ Please do not ask questions after a successful bid, despite the questions described in the notes. I can't answer the questions by responding to this notes. ・ We have omitted reply such as greetings for quick and smooth response. Thank you for your understanding. ・ Since our products are "used goods and new products", please use no claim and no return. ・ We do not ship for large -scale holidays such as the year -end and New Year holidays. ・ Please check the postscript before bidding. ・ The delivery of the product is confirmed here and the next day (weekdays). ・ Prompt decision, does not support early termination. ・ We do not send a payment confirmation message, and we will replace it with the message of the shipping completion. ・ The product name is listed on the shipping slip for the arrival product. ・ Please contact the sales office and specify the date and time by message at the same time as the address, etc. It may not be possible to specify if the timing is subsequent. ・ The shipping inquiry number and evaluation of the product are notified only to those who wish, and we have evaluated it, so please send it by trading message. ・ We will reply to the transaction navigation system between 12:00 and 19:00 on weekdays. You may not be able to answer questions due to differences in storage location, packing, personal views, subjective, size, described in the description, etc. ・ Correspondence to questions only on weekdays. ・ Shipment will be shipped after the next business day after payment has been confirmed here. ・ If it is not received within 7 days from the first delivery date, it will be returned, and the return fee will be charged here and the redelivery fee will be incurred for redelivery. Please receive it within the deadline. ・ The shipping method is only the Sagawa Express Hitomo House Trail Distribution source payment, and the shipping method other than the Sagawa Express flight source payment, such as other delivery methods, is not supported. ・ Shipping will be put in a paper bag or in a box. From the viewpoint of resource saving, etc., it will not be put in the inner bag, but will be shipped in a paper bag or box as it is. ・ After a bid, you cannot cancel the bid regardless of the reason. Please check carefully before bidding. ・ I can not respond even if there is a request for cancellation of the bid due to questions etc. ・ Please note that many of the exhibited products are used goods. ・ The product will be shipped as a current situation, and if it is an old product, there is no such responsibility for various cases such as removal of washing, etc. ・ We do not support transactions such as direct delivery. ・ We do not issue receipts, etc. ・ We will refuse a successful bid for resale or bidding that is so suspicious. ・ At this judgment, the bid may be canceled.
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