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★ Cheap! ★ Panasonic Panasonic CQ-VA909WMD MD Deck Player Audio 1DIN integrated AM FM General-purpose / 3J2-493
Auction ends 4 days
Current price ¥510 $4
Start price ¥510 $4
Buy-now ¥510 $4
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller xoxo_yumi +17724
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-18T05:25:27+09:00
End time 2024-04-25T05:25:27+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number t1113108266
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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メガキングドットコム 重要なお知らせお買い物ガイド
Product information
★ Cheap! ★ Panasonic Panasonic CQ-VA909WMD MD Deck Player Audio 1DIN integrated AM FM General-purpose / 3J2-493
State Details
There are scratches and small scratches. There seems to be no cracking or chipping. Please consider it as a junk because it has not been confirmed operation at our company. Because the item is second - hand goods, there are scratches, dirt that can not be removed completely, and a corresponding feeling of use. Since it will be personal subjectivity, please be sure to judge in the image. As there is an omelet, there may be a leak, and if you are thinking of purchase, please feel free to ask questions. The thing of the picture becomes all accessories. There is also a part that is difficult to understand in the image, but only the person who can not understand the number of items published, but only for those who can be convinced.Second-hand goodsPlease understand that, no claim and no return.
[J]Junk It has lost its use as a product, such as failure, damage, and some missing items, but can be reused as it is, such as failure, damage, and some missing items. Please purchase for the purpose of parting parts. Products that are judged to be seriously defective or missing are also included here. * [J] We do not accept return, refund, or exchanges for junk products.
Maker Panasonic Panasonic
type CQ-VA909WMD
Model and specification -
Car model -
Part number S/N: 13169
size 1din
Car type
General purpose
Because in some cases there might be processing becomes necessary, always including the above listed vehicle in regard to matching, on the check in the shop or the like, please bid. Because of the fit, it is described in reference to the referenceIt does not guarantee fitPlease note that you can not accept any claims. Please bid on the judgment of your judgment in just the customer.
Control number 3J2-493
About Shipping / delivery
About condition rank (product status rank)
S unused·
Unused items. Products that were stored and displayed for a certain period of time. It may be opened for product image shooting.
A Beauty products Products that were used carefully during the use period and frequency of use. In addition, there is no damage to be worried about and the condition is good. Recommended for those who are looking for beautiful products.
B Good product Although there is some damage, it is relatively good as a used item.
C General secondhand goods There is a feeling of use, there are scratches and damage, but you can use it without any problems.
D Repaired goods Products with a feeling of use and great damage. Although it is a product with some reason, such as failure, damage, or some missing items, products that emphasize price are more focused than those who are used after parts removal, repair and repair.
J Junk It has lost its use as a product, such as failure, damage, and some missing items, but it can be taken out and reused. Please purchase for the purpose of parting parts. Products that are judged to be seriously poor or missing are included here. * [J] We do not accept return, refund, or exchanges for junk products.
* We do not accept returns due to the condition rank, so please consider it as a guide.
User Guide
About prior question of product
We pay close attention to providing accurate and detailed information on a daily basis, but there are very few confirmation leaks and descriptions. If you are worried, please be sure to ask a question before a successful bid, please understand it after convincing.
About bidding
There are cases where you want to cancel the bid, but we do not cancel the bidder to prevent trouble.
About cancellation after a successful bid
We cannot basically accept cancellations due to customer's convenience, such as "I made a successful bid by mistake", "different from the image", "no need". After confirming and examining the product, we ask for a bid and a successful bid.After a successful bid,5 business daysIf the transaction is not completed,It is judged that there is no intention to continue trading, and we will cancel for the convenience of the highest bidder.At the time of cancellation processing at the highest bidder convenienceRegardless of our intentions, customers will be evaluated for "very bad" on the Yahoo auction systemPlease consider the bidding after understanding that.
Delivery · Shipping fee
We do not support direct delivery (picking up). We ask for delivery only in delivery. 当社指定の出荷・配送ルールに基づき発送を行う為、お客様より運送会社、種別、梱包方法、荷姿などをご要望いただきましても対応いたしかねます.
About enclosure
For products that can be bundled,Same dutyOnly can be supported. * The bundle may not be accepted depending on the shape and material of the product.
Thank you for your business
Order form input Within 3 days from a successful bid
Payment Within five days from a successful bid
Flow after it makes a successful bid
When you don't receive the emailIf you do not receive an email, it may be rejected by the setting using the spam prevention function as a cause. Please check the spam folder once, check the settings of the email, etc., and please receive the reception so that you can receive e -mails from our shop (yahoo_aaction and Yahoo..
About the timing of payment confirmation and shipping
Basically, if you can confirm payment by 13:00 on weekdays, we will ship the same day. * Please note that you may not be able to ship the same day due to busy periods such as the year -end and New Year holidays, large holidays, and other unavoidable circumstances. If you are in a hurry, please check the delivery date after describing "request for shipping on the same day" in the "Request column".
About the receipt
For customers who use cash on delivery, please use the "Receipt" issued by the shipping company. Yahoo Easy Payment, Bank Transfer Customers are electronic receipts as environmental measures. We will send you a data converted receipt separately by e -mail, so please print it and use it.
After goods arrival
If the product arrives at hand, be sure to open it within 5 days and inspect it.Regarding the shipment of the product, we manage with great care, but if the delivered product corresponds to the following items, we are sorry to trouble you, but after the product arrivesWithin 7 daysPlease contact. We will respond immediately with sincerity. 1. When the delivery product is different from the successful bid product
2. Differences in the product description
3. When the accessories shown in the image are not available
Note about returned goods
・ Regardless of the circumstances, the compensation range is only for the successful bid price of the product, and the round -trip shipping, installation fee, and other expenses are out of the compensation range. ・ We do not accept alternatives, and only refunds will be supported. ・ Returns and responsibility after resold the product. · If it is a set product, only a single item can not be returned. Be sure to return all products with all products. Before returning, please check the delivered products and do not miss them. In addition, the shipping fee for recurring the lack of items will be borne by the customer. ・ In the event of a return support, our shop will bear the shipping fee for returned goods, but the product will arrive and refund after inspection such as defective parts. ・ Partial refunds and discount negotiations (reductions) cannot be accepted. ・ In the unlikely event that the returned product traces and damage are found, we cannot respond to refunds. The following contents will not be able to return the product in any case. 1Those that have been "7 days" or more since the arrival of the product2. If you return or return it without contacting our shop
3. By customer convenience
Four.The description states that it has not been confirmed operation, junk, or returned goods5. Things related to the premise of replacement
About evaluation
If the product arrives and you can check the condition, please contact us by evaluation. If there is an initial failure or defectBefore you put the evaluationSorry to trouble you,Contact by phone or emailThank you. (Please refer to the product return for details)
Our shop will be evaluated on the date of completion of the product as long as there is no request for evaluation in the order form. In the case of "no evaluation",By the day before shipmentPlease contact us.
Store regular holiday
Regular holiday: Saturday, Sunday, public holidays * Please check the auction page for details of GW, Obon holiday, and New Year holidays. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we are closed for telephone compatibility, email support, and shipping. For inquiries received during the regular holiday, it will be a response after the rest
P: taka -d: higu --PH: 4 -sagawaR: 1,790 / -
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