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Pit road 1/700 1945, the Japanese battleship Yamato Yamato and the final time the finished product
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥21,000 $211
Start price ¥21,000 $211
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller hinotori_2000_5 +16414
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-29T06:43:14+09:00
End time 2020-07-06T17:42:59+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number t619837368
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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Please be sure to read the explanation below and the successful bid mail from Yahoo! Auction. The size and price list of YAMATO TRANSPORT are specified below.
Shipping in Yamato Transport is planned for 80 sizes,Please look careful not to make a mistake."reference"Please look at. The price of Yamato Transport is set as the carry-in price of former payment center. ** ---------------------- **Yamato Transport Takkyubin from Osaka Prefecture Price list by sizeI do not write a receipt, so thank you.
Item stateSuch
It is a new article of the remains that have been sealed. Please make a successful bid by considering it. It is a finished product. This exhibit is exclusive for auction.The box is slightly damaged.I make a box with air mat & corrugated board and put it in it and send it.Especially please stick to those who stick to the state of the box etc.
shipping method
Takkyubin of Yamato Transport (former payment) (You can specify time etc. There is a warranty. )
As I mentioned below by prefecture & size, please refer to it and thank you for your consideration. After successful bid Transfer within three days, thank you so that the item will be delivered within 5 days. (We will take some action in case of no contact within 48 hours after bidding. )I do not use a post office.
Because it does not ships in the company name, be sure to please write a personal name.
About sending
Those who have multiple bidding bidding schedules please write that in the first message. I think that we can ship it all together.(It will be 7 days from the first successful bid day. )
If there is a specified date or designated time, please write. the time is
in the morning
16 o'clock 14
18 o'clock 16
20 o'clock 18
21 o'clock 19
Please select from.Because we come to pick up every day, we will ship only Yamato Transport.
please note
"Hinotori"Since Mark is prevention of image theft, it is not attached to the product.Please check the manufacturer's recommended price, such as list price yourself. If there is no display of the phone number in the reply after it makes a successful bid, we will not be able to send it on the use system, so please take care.Even with a substitute bid, please give me the address of the highest bidder himself and telephone etc.- After it sends it, I need your help by a no claim. · The post office is not used. Please do not bid those who wish for Yu-Pack etc.· We do not ship internationally. (Seller will not ship internationally.)
・Valuation is significantly worse is after a successful bid, even in the"successful bidder convenience"delete. · When there is hope other than written, be sure to "ask" before bidding and "bid" after reading the answer. · Please read successful bid notification mail from Yahoo! Auction Secretariat. As attention ②
If you can not contact us by 5th day after a successful bid, the successful bid itself will be canceled.Please do not bid for those with bad content (no reply etc). "Cancellation of bidding" may be performed.If you do not receive the report twice in dealings Navi once in a report bulletin board I will contact you four times in total once in a review list. The display price is the auction price. (The auction's listing price is the freelance of the exhibitor. )
What is displayed as a new item is a thing which is not "selling" with the thing purchased from the manufacturer or wholesaler. In the case of second hand goods, the number of antique dealers is displayed. Even if the evaluation is extremely bad, even after it makes a successful bid, it may be deleted by "successful bidder convenience". All in "dealings Navi" thank you. In the case of me being an exhibitor, I am trying to write the evaluation after it arrives.
Link (Since it becomes impossible to link except yahoo page, it is as follows. )
Since cancellation and cancellation after bidding will not be done, please think well and offer a bid.Yahoo! auction secretariat automatically minus evaluation if you cancel the bidding successfully.Please also look at self-introduction.
Shipping address Hokkaido Northeast North South northeast Kanto Shinetsu Central part Hokuriku Kansai China Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
By size Hokkaido Aomori Prefecture
Iwate Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Yamagata Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture
Kanagawa Prefecture
Chiba ken
Ibaraki Prefecture
Tochigi Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture
Mie Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture
Hyōgo Prefecture
Shiga Prefecture
Osaka prefecture
Nara Prefecture
Wakayama Prefecture
Tottori prefecture
Shimane Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture
Yamaguchi Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture
Ehime Prefecture
Kochi Prefecture
Fukuoka Prefecture
Saga Prefecture
Nagasaki Prefecture
Kumamoto Prefecture
Oita Prefecture
Kagoshima prefecture
Less than 60 sizes 1512 yen ¥ 1080 ¥ 972 864 yen 864 yen ¥ 756 ¥ 756 ¥ 756 ¥ 756 ¥ 756 864 yen 1188 yen
Less than 80 sizes ¥ 1728 ¥ 1296 1188 yen ¥ 1080 ¥ 1080 ¥ 972 ¥ 972 ¥ 972 ¥ 972 ¥ 972 ¥ 1080 ¥ 1728
Less than 100 sizes 1965 yen 1533 yen 1425 yen 1317 yen 1317 yen 1209 yen 1209 yen 1209 yen 1209 yen 1209 yen 1317 yen ¥ 2289
Less than 120 sizes 2181 yen 1749 yen 1641 yen 1533 yen 1533 yen 1425 yen 1425 yen 1425 yen 1425 yen 1425 yen 1533 yen 2829 yen
Less than 140 sizes 2419 yen 1987 yen 1879 yen 1771 yen 1771 yen ¥ 1663 ¥ 1663 ¥ 1663 ¥ 1663 ¥ 1663 1771 yen 3391 yen
Less than 160 sizes ¥ 2635 ¥ 2203 2095 yen 1987 yen 1987 yen 1879 yen 1879 yen 1879 yen 1879 yen 1879 yen 1987 yen 3931 yen

·Pricestax includedIt is display. The display is the price brought to the center. · The sum of the length of three sides at maximumWithin 160 cmis. · Prices are subject to revision. Since I do not write a receipt, I need your help well. ·post officeI have not used it at all.

Are you display the "new" is that of the goods that are stored while purchases from the manufacturer & wholesaler. Long had kept the box is also those where there is a scratch dented or dirty.
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