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Re5290b ★ 〇 P DF[em Mo TV media] M. MOWBRAYRN-D cream aniline scarf cream
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1 $1
Start price ¥1 $1
Buy-now ¥1 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller ilc0808cof +545
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-02T22:04:44+09:00
End time 2020-06-03T22:04:44+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number t694102817
Seller position Tokyo

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From Japan
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Product Details
☆(☆☆) ☆
Country/region of origin: Italy
Main material: would
Color: colorless
Contents (approximately):60mL
Payment details
YAHOO easy settlement
Direct transfer, cash on delivery, personal delivery and cash on delivery is also serving as will correspond correspondence.
Shipment details
We will ship to select the shipping company here by the commodity. Delivery company specified and centers, sales offices, TsuboneTome, convenience store stop and delivery is not possible to be able to. I have a contract of a large number of warehouse and product management and shipping. Soon take payment confirmation, it will be sent directly shipped from sequentially warehouse Please note. Bundled are doubles match in order to prevent trouble. Postage is required for each product for 1 product. The postage is uniformly. Perspective, will be the same regardless of size. Not specify the date and time Tamaware. It will be the shortest dispatch and shortest delivery. (Ships same day is not)
It will serve as I pack something other than the successful bid commodity. (Receipt is not to create, issue impossible)
We have an inspection before shipping, but if you have initial failure to deliver goods if,
Please tell us in detail the state from the transaction message within delivery two days. Of overseas production product may have scratches and dirt from the beginning, but it does not result in initial failure. It will also be similar treatment package. Canceled and returned or exchanged by the highest bidder convenience will serve as will correspond. Well please bid after confirmation. Please ask if you are expert knowledge because it does not have a product support. This is true even if the instructions that came with is not Japanese. Please tell me the payment due within the payment procedure or two days within three days after a successful bid. When you can not contact you are subject to the highest bidder convenience cancellation.
I have sent it elsewhere. Please have a look, if very well
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