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SIM free Surface3 [64G office Mu] silver [peace of mind guarantee]
Auction ends over
Current price ¥28,876 $279
Start price ¥28,876 $279
Buy-now ¥28,876 $279
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller gmobile_astore +24727
Condition Used (Degree B)
Start time 2020-01-23T00:55:07+09:00
End time 2020-01-25T00:55:07+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number t699029197
Seller position Aichi-ken

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Product name
SIM free Surface3 [64G office Mu] silver [peace of mind guarantee]
Product information
・ Check network usage restrictions [-]
* Network usage restrictions are in the state of listing. ※ Network usage restrictions may be subject to change Please enter the serial number on each carrier page and confirm. ・ The state of the main body [B]
○ Condition evaluation level ○
[New] energizing, unopened items not being operated
[S] Unused product that has been energized and charged multiple times for operation check
[A] A product in which threads and scratches are seen in several places on the main unit and screen
[B] Product that can be seen in various places, such as scratches and tears that stand out on the body and screen
[C] A product that has no problem with basic operation but has a harsh exteriorFor details on product status click here>· SIM card is not included. · The terminal security code is set to "au: 1234", "docomo: 0000", "softbank: 9999" by default.
Serial number
Initial OS
Windows8. 1
Number of camera pixels
8 million pixels
Internal storage
Screen size
10.8 inch
External memory format
SIM standard
nanoSIM (SIM Free / LTE)
Release date
Product comment
There is a scratch and dirt on the back. There are scratches / dents in the frame part. The photo has a fine thread and scratches that not reflected.
This item isGEO mobile EC warehouse[ Inquiries:gmobile_astore@geo-reply.com ]more exhibits, and more.. For inquiries about products, please contact the above inquiriesContact number: 2337820144392Please tell.Exhibition base information GEO mobile EC warehouse【Address】, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi-Ken 二女子町 3-15
【Business hours】11:00 ~ 13:00 / 14:00 ~ 17:00
· For operation of accessories, it will be unconfirmed. · Battery life span · I do not understand the degree of exhaustion. - Depending on the product, there may be cases of wear and fading, fading, some dirt, deterioration, etc. · We can not accept returned goods due to customer convenience. · On the screen and the real thing may be somewhat different so it looks different. · We can not do refund of repair expenses by the customer in case of defective product. · We do not issue receipts. Please pay attention to the above points, please offer a bid after understanding and consent.
● Please be careful about fraud by impersonation etc. ●
●From our company"gmobile_astore@geo-reply.com"other than using the email address of the contact will not.
In any case, even if you are dealing directly, and you are in trouble, we are unable to compensate for damage, so please be appreciated.
◆ Payment details ◆
■ About a successful bid price ■
If payment can not be confirmed even after the sixth day, we will judge as canceled due to customer convenience. Even if you receive a message after the deadline, we can not ship items. In addition, for forced transfer, we will refund the fee at the customer's share, so please understand it kindly. * About refund: We use point of refund as cash refund correspondence.
■ Request for order form input after it makes a successful bid
Since there is an order form link from the product successful bid page or guide mail after it makes a successful bid, please input according to the procedure.
Even if it exceeds 36 hours, when there is no order form input,I will assume the cancellation by successful bidder convenience.When our company can not accept e-mails, we will contact you in advance, such as successful bid information within one business day from the message bulletin board. Mail may not arrive at our company or it may not reach the customer's email address in connection with server etc. If there is no guidance from our company within one business day, sorry to trouble you sorry to trouble you but post it on "Not disclosed" from the message bulletin board,
Please contact us again by e-mail.
■ Payment method ■
It will be selected from the following two ways. ① 《The goods cash on delivery》
Payment amount = [successful bid price (tax included) + cash-on-delivery charge(tax included)]of the total amount
(Free Shipping)
Cash on delivery fee:nationwide uniform 440 yen (tax included)
② 《Yahoo! Settlement》...Yahoo! Settlement is?...Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement-of-accounts?※ For customers with multiple items awardedIn the case of Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement, it is not possible to settle the plural items collectively. Sorry to trouble you, but please settle each auction ID.Customers paying by Yahoo! easy phlegm settlementPayment amount = successful bid price (tax included)Will be. (free shipping)
※ You can not change the payment method you selected with order form.
◆ Notes ◆
About bidding ■
[About bidder limitation]At the Geo Mobile Auction Store, we are limited to those who can ship to domestic addresses and exchange in Japanese.【About evaluation limit】The one with the negative evaluation is a setting that can not be bid.【Price negotiation】We do not conduct direct dealings such as prompt decision. Therefore, even if you receive an inquiry applicable to the above from the question column, we can not respond, so please understand.
■ Cancellation / Returns ■
Cancellation of goods due to customer convenience after a successful bid, no return is received. If there is malfunction in the product, or if a different item arrives from the order item, we will promptly exchange or refund the shipping fee at our company's expense. However, if 30 days or more have passed since delivery of goods, we can not accept returns. ※ We can not refund for expenses such as SIM unlock which was done by customer on refund / exchange. ※ Registration fee · usage fee for paid applications can not be refunded. * We do not accept exchange / refund at shop front.Click here for usage guide>
Other notes
Data in the terminal is out of warranty. · We recommend regular backup. SIM card change procedure may be required depending on model. · The procedures and expenses required at that time will be borne by the customer. Please contact the carrier shop or the manufacturer for the contract content, model performance and operation method etc.
About stock ■
Our shop shares inventory with other sites, and there may be cases of out-of-stock of goods due to the timing of the successful bid. In that case, I will cancel the successful bid itself. In that case, we will not be able to compensate at our shop, so we ask you to use it after acknowledging in advance. ※ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement-of-accounts will be refunded by bank transfer if payment has already been made.
■ Important Notice on Receiving Mail ■
Mail from us may be distributed to "spam mail folder" "trash box" etc. If you can not confirm the contact from our company within 1 business day after entering into order form,
Sorry to trouble you, but please check whether it reaches the above folder. Phone to register if you must"@geo-reply.com"the domain of the delisting is requested..
◆ sending out details ◆
■ Delivery method ■
Delivery method will be Japan Post · Yu Pack advance payment. ※ Please understand that we can not be able to deliver directly or receive it at the store. You can not select a shipping company. · We will ship ordered from 3 to 4 business days as a guide after inputting from order form. · If there is no delivery date designation it will be shipped in the shortest. ** Shipping date If you do not wish, please do not specify the date. · Please understand that we can not change after the date specification. · In addition, shipping is only available within Japan.
■ Inserting goods ■
We are not taking care of products over other days. Please note.
■ About enclosure ■
The product will be shipped from the handling store. Your receipt of the goods if you purchase multiple items becomes multiple times, delivery charge 440 yen (including tax) will occur in each. We are unable to ship collectively, so thank you in advance for your understanding.
■ About troubles during delivery
I was sorry to inform you of the trouble that occurred during delivery, but we are sorry but at our company
We can not respond, please contact directly to each delivery company.
◆ Other ◆
About the receipt ■
We do not issue receipts. Our name the delivery note that we are included with the product, product name, it listed the amount of money so you give me a substitute in there.
■ About evaluation ■
Our shop is allowed to put the evaluation to the highest bidder from our shop only for those who received evaluation from the highest bidder. Also, based on the evaluation received from the highest bidder, we received the goods without problems from the delivery company,
I will judge that there was no problem with the product.
■ About points ■
There is no use or grant of Ponta Point which is a Geocard members' service. Please note.
■ Business days ■
11 to 13 o'clock on weekdays / 14 to 16 o'clock
Business holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and holidays established by us
We are unable to respond to time zones other than the above on weekends and holidays. Regarding inquiries received during this period, please understand that it may not be possible to respond to questions, if the communication is delayed. Contact email address
Click here for inquiry mail
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