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[Stock disposal] SG - Cheap Sale] eye ​​mask 3D three-dimensional fatigue recovery ☆
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥111 $2
Start price ¥111 $2
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller xoxo_gugu_1001 +76
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-15T14:27:36+09:00
End time 2020-07-18T14:27:36+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number t716680993
Seller position Fukushima Prefecture

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Thank you for looking at the items from among the number there of goods. Product is dealing with a variety of genres. Towards the carriage at a plurality of goods of a successful bid (included only) can be cheaper because even those of the shop
See ^^
□ Details
This product is good quality sleep, is the must-haves for a comfortable lives. In hard structure a gap around the nose, block annoying light. Travel or when, business trip at the time of the airplane or train, bus or the like, the movement in the vehicle, is also recommended for sleep onset of the long-distance movement. [Shading effect good] part to block the eye adopts an uneven type effect, in addition to the hard structure that a gap around the nose, is high light-shielding effect. Nap, airplane or train, in the long-range transport, such as bus, is ideal for such a little break. Component of [natural silk material] natural silk has moisturizing effect because it is made of the same protein with human skin (18 kinds of amino acids). This product uses a soft natural silk, less crimp feeling to the face, breathable, moisture absorption, thermal insulation, because the ultraviolet light absorption effect want, you can eliminate the fatigue of the eyes. [Length adjustment] belt portion of the eye mask is attached to an adjustable strap and hook-and-loop fastener length, the circumference of the eye mask is free to be changed the length. As well as adults, it can also be applied to children. Since the [Mobile convenient] a light and compact design, it will be entered in a small bag. It is also convenient mobile phone to go to any place. Travel, business trip halfway, storage super convenient!
□ Delivery method
Yafuneko! (Nekoposu), Yafuneko! (Courier compact), Yafuneko! (Courier service), Yu-pack (handy version), Yu packet (Easy version) non-standard-size
Yahoo! easy settlement (Details)□ dispatch details
■ With regard to the dispatch method, to be able to correspond by only cheapest way possible, we try. If there is hope, because it will correspond as much as possible, please feel free to tell us. ■ If you wish to ordinary mail, compensation is not there. By any chance, accident at the time of transportation, loss, if it occurs damage, etc., can not be compensation, the point, on top of the consent, please tell us.□ notes Please read firmly description of item and notes. Returned goods due to the fact you do not read the item descriptionIt is
We have refused all.
Those seeking perfection, the bid of the more nervous one, please refrain. There is a period before shipment. Please refrain from the bid by using scheduled date last minute. □ Comment■ About payment amount, making it basically (the successful bid price + transfer fee (paid by the customer)). The dispatch method and the like, there is also a case that other fees may occur. ■ some may become the dispatch out of the box in order to keep the shipping cheap. (Box I enclose. ) I will contact you at that time message. ■ Since the returned goods after the delivery of the commodity can not be basically, thank you. Initial failure only returned goods, we will refund corresponding. ■ In the case of returned goods, return fee will be Please bear at the highest bidder. . Shipping charges of refund have refused so, thank you acknowledge. ※ In the case who return by cash on delivery, we will refund the amount minus the shipping. ■ There is no guarantee. ■ Because we deal basically new old stock (the opening for the shooting), scratch that is not fully described in the description, there is also the case that there is dirt, etc. ■ Please wait until the following weekday we can not Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays of messages and comments.
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