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[Prompt decision] Yamato soy sauce miso brown rice sake (genuhay) 490 ml (1)
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Current price ¥1,341 $14
Start price ¥1,341 $14
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Seller autotrans_0402 +492
Condition New
Start time 2020-11-14T09:56:46+09:00
End time 2020-11-15T21:20:33+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number t750046845
Seller position Aichi-ken

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[Prompt decision] Yamato soy sauce miso brown rice sake (genuhay) 490 ml (1)
Description of item
Brand: Yamato soy sauce miso
Size: 1
Recently, "sweet sake" often referred to as "drilling drip". It was called such a nutrient, mainly vitamin B group, amino acid, glucose, oligosaccharide, as well as sweet sake.. Since rice sake of rice cake is non-alcohol, children and pregnant women can drink with confidence. In order to make fatigue, in order to make fatigue that is less likely to get tired in sweet sake, it is effective when it is in summer butt. Miso shop sweet sake can also be expected to be a beauty effect
Non-Alcohol Sugar Unused Unaunted brown rice sweet sake. Plus health to daily life
■ About shipment

Products making a successful bid is as soon as can be confirmed payment, I will ship.

Normally, dispatch procedure after confirmation of payment, we plan to after 1-2 days.

Our shop product is incorporating the delivery agent system of the Amazon. Since there is a case to be delivered in a cardboard of Amazon, please understand.

It should be noted that the date and time specified will correspond as much as possible, but there may not be specified depending on the product.

■ Shipping fee

The carriage is the whole country and uniform 980 yen. Please pay the commodity price Tasu980 yen.

The convenience of the transportation system, it is also included which can not be enclosed dispatch.

Therefore, shipping it has been set to 980 yen for every 1 point.

Please note.


* Please understand that we will refuse cancellation after the bidding, claim, returned goods.

* After the bidding successfully, since the e-mail of the transaction contents will be delivered from Yahoo!, please be sure to check the contents to the end and contact us within 24 hours at business navigation.

* Please give me payment within 72 hours from the end of the auction. When there is no connection and payment is not carried out, there are times when I am allowed to consider it as cancellation by successful bidder convenience.

※ regard the initial failure, I will correspond only to within 3 days from the commodity arrival. Please note.

※ If you can not understand the above notes, we may refuse dealings.

※ The Summary transaction does not correspond. Ask the individual transactions. (Since it is difficult to do if you became a cancellation)

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