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[Free Shipping] Dragon Ball figure / HG series / Dodoria(first edition) / new goods unopened
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Current price ¥6,118 $64
Start price ¥6,118 $64
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Seller bgbis91839 +269
Condition New
Start time 2020-12-07T02:41:08+09:00
End time 2020-12-07T15:11:11+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number t773123647
Seller position Chiba ken

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[Free Shipping] Dragon Ball figure / HG series / Dodoria(first edition) / new goods unopened
Description of item
It becomes HG series of Dragon Ball Z figure, Dodoria(first edition). Since image 1 is a product sample, the inner bag unopened product of image 2 becomes a product. ※ HG Dodoria has a white dullness peculiar to parts, but it can be taken if you wipe, but the product is unopened because it cannot be wiped and remains whitish, so please purchase only those who can understand it beforehand. It is a little difficult to remove the White dullness of the fine wrinkles of clothes such as the back of the knee, but you can remove it by using a toothpick. (I think that it is such a thing because Dodoria opening goods of personal belongings was also dull white)
※ The resale version of image 3 is not included in the product as it is a comparison with the product, a reference image
We will ship it in a bag with a Chuck and wrap it in an envelope. Since we have exhibited many other figures such as Dragon Ball and one piece, cards, please look at the profile column. Dragon Ball Kai
Dragon Ball Super
HG8 HG08 8
Frieza Army
Namek star
Super warrior Fusion Edition
DG VS figure gear
Gacha gacha
Gachapon 34
Gashapon 97
【Payment Details】
★ We can see, Thank you very much! ★
Thank you that you will be sure to read the notes that you will find the following before a bid.
· Payment method
·Shipping method
■ Payment method
· Yahoo! simple settlement
If the payment until any chance the settlement date can not be confirmed, we will cancel cope with customer convenience, please note. (Evaluation marked with a very bad automatically from Yahoo! Auctions)
● during the inspection at the time of dispatch, in the case of scratches or damage is found, if there is no commodity that can be exchanged is, in dealings stop. In advance, thank you to bid only for the person who can your consent.
● commodity arrival from dispatch, it will be the next day to 7 days. (Depending on traffic and weather conditions there may be a delay occurs)
● year-end and New Year holidays, GW, large holiday period of time, such as the Bon Festival are subject to late arrival Please note.
● The time of dispatch we have the inspection, but please give me a confirmation of the initial failure only will correspond so sure if you have arrived products contents in the case of any chance defective product.
● You have commissioned the inventory management in the contract destination warehouse. There may be rare cases damage to the box at the time of storage. Thank you for your understanding.
● The issue of the receipt does not correspond. The tax office has been confirmed and replaced with a receipt by printing a simple settlement screen.
● Product is not compatible with the handling sales only. Please contact the manufacturer directly for handling.
● I will promptly and politely allowed to correspond. If there is something please contact us from dealings Nabis.
I'm afraid just to ask, but you can pleasant dealings as to thank you for your cooperation.
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