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Clarion CLION CD Player [CZ109 Serial 0016530] Used goods unidentified junk CD deck
Auction ends 12 hours
Current price ¥500 $4
Start price ¥500 $4
Buy-now ¥1,500 $11
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller yasuyasuichiba_yah +6054
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-13T15:13:23+09:00
End time 2024-04-16T15:13:23+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u1085733936
Seller position Tokyo

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From Japan
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Clarion CLION CD Player [CZ109 Serial 0016530] Used goods unidentified junk CD deck
□ Product Details
□ Clarion Clarion CD Player [CZ109 Serial 0016530] Used goods unidentified junk CD deck
● Shipment size is about 60 sizes. It is subject to change depending on the packing method and packing material. Please note. ■ It is second - hand goods. There are scratches, dirt, deterioration, etc.. It is operation unconfirmed. There may be problems that you do not notice from the exterior. Therefore, it will be treated as junk.. Please make a judgment after understanding. ■ We have not checked detailed details. There may be bugs, deterioration, and oversight. We will consider it as present condition delivery. Please make sure that you understand. ■ If you would like a complete one, please refrain from bidding if you are nervous. ■ The things in the image are all. [Management No.2023-0309]
□ Payment details
□ dispatch details
■ Seino Transportation / Yu -Pack will be shipped only. ☆ I will inform you of your luggage number after the completion of dispatch, so you can keep track of goods. ☆ will be handed so, it will be to pass in your home. (You must have a receipt stamp or signature. )
☆ our company on the provision, your designated carrier by the convenience of the packaging business will serve as I accept. In addition, if the successful bidder specifies the carrier or selects the shipping method, we will request a separate fee (500 yen). In the case of large products, we will calculate the commission each time. ☆ If you want to specify a sales office or a delivery method, please be sure to contact us from "Questions to Seller" before bidding. ☆ shipping and refund fees at the time of returned or exchanged will be borne by the successful bidder. ☆ large product for cheaper shipping, it may be shipped separately partially exploded or the number. (It is easy to assemble easily with drivers etc. )
◆ Shipping details
[Hokkaido] 1300 yen
[Tohoku / Kanto / Shinetsu / Chubu / Hokuriku] 870 yen (810 yen in Tokyo)
[Kansai] 970 yen
[China / Shikoku] 1100 yen
[Kyushu] 1300 yen
[Okinawa] 1350 yen
* About bundle
☆ At the time of bundle, based on a large packaging size (one with higher shipping price), half price of the small packing size (one with low shipping price) will be added to the shipping fee. Here it is included be bundled commission. It will be the setting for the bundled with a variety of things Please note. (Example bid and bundled; if the shipping fee is 970 yen, 740 yen and 740 yen (total 2450 yen) → 970+370+370 = 1710 yen)
☆ Please note that large items may not be possible to bundle. Please contact us for details.
□ notes
■ The payment amount after a successful bid will be the product fee + shipping fee. ■ Transfer fee or simple payment fee will be borne by the successful bid. ■ In any case, it will be a no claim no return. ■ Please note that if you do not contact within 48 hours after a successful bid, we may cancel the transaction. ■ If you have any questions please contact us from "the question to an exhibitor". ■ The details of the transaction are described in the self -introduction column, so please be sure to check it.
□ Comment
■古物商 第308791406985号
I have sent it elsewhere. Please have a look, if very well Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement (CLEA · net bank) can be used + + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No.202.005.005
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