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k1416 * Domestic Shipping * beauty goods * 1989's (there notation) * USA Vintage modern * Art glass * Paper weights * studio * glasswork * Interior * collection
Auction ends 2 days
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Seller twt0413 +382
Condition Used
Start time 2019-12-04T13:48:00+09:00
End time 2019-12-11T13:48:00+09:00
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Lot number u192335333
Seller position Hiroshima

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Description of item+++
Year: 1989's (engraved pieces) Size: Height 10cm x diameter 8.5cm Material: art glass Weight: about 1.05kgCountry of origin: United States Artist: Robert Eickholt (Robert Ikuhoruto) Vintage was purchased in the United States modern, it will be the introduction of art glass.A very high one point of quality down, fantastic design of vivid colors reminiscent of the sea floor has been decorated with. There medium also the weight of the people, there is a presence. Can you use it as a paperweight. Representation of the artists sign and age have entered is on the back side of the bottom. There remains a very beautiful state, it does not have damaged. Enjoy as Deco rate items of stylish rooms. * Exhibition here is because there is a stock in the United States, it has made from the United States and shipped to Japan* * Please let us know your name and shipping address with a letter in dealings Navi *

(If you are a smartphone, you can see detailed pictures from the YAHOO Auction App)
Because there are fine scratches and feeling of use for the old thing
Please bid only for those who can understand as antiques. The size is measured as accurately as possible, but please understand some errors. Please bid after confirming the photo firmly. (Please refrain from nervous one)
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you would like more details such as detailed photos, we will send you an enlarged photo, so please put your wish and email address in the question column. (Questions will not be published). Please rest assured)

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Shipping cost+++
It becomes uniform three types of shipping set. * For shipping overseas, shipping costs will be charged, and if you make free shipping, it will take a corresponding fee, so we will post the shipping fee. * In the case of a successful bid for other goods shipped overseas, you can also bundle.Please feel free to contact us for detailed shipping costs.
International shipping+++
This item is only shipped from the US to Japan.
Sending method+++
USPS (US Post Office), Yamato International courier service (fire if you are using Yamato, water, only Thursday will be shipped date)
Payment Method+++
Yahoo! easy settlement (Details)
* Payment will be dealings in Japan due to yen-denominated, so cumbersome procedure of overseas remittance, etc. is not required. (Because it is a transaction in yen, there is no worry about fees when exchanging for dollars)
** Tariffs will be paid by the highest bidder. By customs fees, customs duties will be generated from ¥ 16666.£ 16666 or less of the goods will be duty-free. or,Antiques and USED items may not be subject to tariffs. It should be noted, do not be categorically will propose, if you use the USPS, even for goods of more than ¥ 16666, there might be tariff is not applied. (There is billed tariffs from the delivery member at the time of arrival of goods. )
Please Considerations
If you can not contact more than three days from a successful bid day
We will consider it as cancellation by the convenience of the highest bidder. Please refrain from those who are not cool or interested. This product is headquartered in San Diego, California, USATRIDENT WORLD TRADING INCWill open from. Our company was registered in 2014 and introduces American antiques to Japanese people. Please enjoy it by all means.
TWTModel number+++K1416
Seller information+++
(US sales office)
TRIDENT WORLD TRADING INC (Trident world trading)
2420 1/2 Madison Ave, San Diego, California, 92116, United States
Cell: 310-913-9769 (international calls)
MAIL: kyamaguchi@tridentworldtrading.com
(Japan sales office)
720-0202 26-27 Sakaimachi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
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(September 30, 8:00 40 minutes additional 2018) This item is a shipping schedule to Hiroshima from the United States on October 4, 2018. Since then from two weeks to three weeks after you arrive goods in Hiroshima sales office, it will be shipped from Japan. If your article has been awarded prior to arrival in Hiroshima dispatch to the successful bidder will be wait a little. Thank you for your understanding.
And that there is more than one watcher, because that can not be erased in the editing of the details, we have been announcements at an additional supplementary explanation. Later, there is a possibility to relist again the details.
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