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aFR1085 Italian coffee aroma oil 30ml chocolate vanilla
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Current price ¥1,201 $13
Start price ¥1,201 $13
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kaorimaniya +1468
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-09T06:09:30+09:00
End time 2020-07-11T06:09:30+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u271099192
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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aFR1085 Italian coffee aroma oil 30ml chocolate vanilla
☆**********☆Please thank you☆**********☆
Freshly brewed strong coffee cherries, cinnamon, chocolate, maple rich vanilla cream blend. It is an American made fragrance oil (synthetic oil). Approximately 30 ml
Plastic (HDPE) made screw cap bottle (some oil is glass bottle included). The bottle of the picture is a sample. The actual product may have a different shape. Depending on the type of oil, some components may precipitate. ■ This fragrance is made with ingredients approved by the Perfume Inspection Association (RIFM)
It has been scientifically re-examined by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and meets RIFM criteria. ■ It is a very high grade oil for cosmetics,
Please note that troubles may occur if attached directly to the skin without dilution. 【Usage guide】
・Oil pot/oil diffuser, etc.: used without dilution with
・Candle: paraffin 500ml for 30ml
・Soap(cold process soap): soap dough 500ml for 30ml~45ml
・Soap(hot process soap, MP soap): soap dough 500ml for 30ml
・Body Oil:2-fold dilution
・Potpourri/sachet:2-fold dilution
・Hand-made Type: 2 ~ 3 times diluted
・Body Lotion/Body Gel:500ml for 15ml~30ml
・Bath salts:500ml for 7. 5ml
・Perfume/Parfum:the total amount of 30 ~ 35%
・Eau de Parfum:the total amount of 20 ~ 30%
・Eau de toilette:the total amount of 15~20%
・A:the total amount of 10 ~ 15%
・Body Mist:the total amount of 5~10%
・Room spray/linen spray:the total amount of 10 ~ 15%
* We are the aroma of Goodies handmade related support does not provide recipes・how to make with regard to the Internet, etc. and all on your own, please use. 【Precautions for Use】
* Please be especially careful when using oils containing cinnamon, chain, spice, ammond, and lamb for bus and body goods. These oils have a high concentration rate and may cause skin irritation. Be sure to dilute and patch test before using. * If you use oil containing vanilla as soap, it may discolor, so please be careful. * I'd like to ask your question "Can I use it in a humidifier?", But I can only reply according to a humidifier. Please ask the manufacturer of the humidifier. If it is a model that can use aromatic oils, I think that most of them can be used without problems. * Keep it out of reach of infants etc. Please keep it in a cool and dark place with low humidity for quality preservation and use only for external use. (We can not drink. Please note ventilation when using. Some oil may volatilize depending on storage conditions. In this case, since the components of the scent are in a concentrated state, you can use it according to the usual usage. * There is no expiration date, but we are constantly stocking new things. --
Coffee Italy■ Disclaimer:Product labels and packages may be renewed. Since all our products are imported from abroad, there are things in the package and labels that are dirty or painful. Basically the standard of good products differs from Japanese products, so please offer a bid after consent. Gift wrapping is not accepted. Although it is rare, depending on the timing of a successful bid, the product may run out of stock. In that case I am really sorry, but I will cancel.★ I ship enclosed. Free shipping on orders over 10800 yen for item price.★ Maximum stay of 7 days is possible. The payment deadline is within one week from the first successful bid day.■ About the connection after a successful bid:We will contact you within 24 hours after the end of the auction at the contact bulletin board from our shop. If you confirm, please input on order form from the link of the product page, please pay.★ Please make payment after contact from our shop.Saturday, Sunday, holidays are not shipping. If there are other days when it can not be shipped, it will be described in the self-introduction column.■ About shipping feeShipping method is only Yu Pack. * Regardless of the size of the product, it will be sent at the rate of Yu-pack minimum size. * In the case of payment by cash on delivery, a cash-on-delivery charge of 460 yen will be applied in addition to the shipping cost below. 【10800 yen or more successful bid for]
【10800 yen less than the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance】
・656 yen...Osaka
・695 yen...Hokuriku・Tokai, and Kinki・Chugoku・Shikoku
(Niigata Prefecture Fukui Prefecture Ishikawa Prefecture Toyama Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture Yamanashi Prefecture Nagano Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Gifu Prefecture
Mie Prefecture Wakayama Prefecture Shiga Prefecture Nara Prefecture Kyoto Prefecture Osaka Prefecture Hyogo Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture Tottori Prefecture Shimane Prefecture Yamaguchi Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture Tokushima Prefecture Ehime Prefecture Kochi Prefecture)
・770 yen...Kanto・Shin-Etsu, and Kyushu
(Ibaraki Prefecture Tochigi Prefecture Gunma Prefecture Saitama Prefecture Chiba Prefecture Tokyo Kanagawa Prefecture
Fukuoka Prefecture Saga Prefecture Nagasaki Prefecture Oita Prefecture Kumamoto Prefecture Miyazaki Prefecture Kagoshima Prefecture)
・960 yen...northeast
(Aomori Prefecture Iwate Prefecture Akita Prefecture Yamagata Prefecture Miyagi Prefecture Fukushima Prefecture)
・1300 circle...Hokkaido Okinawa Prefecture
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