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◆ best goods ◆ Canon L 135mm F3.5 finder with Leica L mount [# fb2606]
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Current price ¥6,000 $61
Start price ¥5,800 $59
Buy-now ¥6,000 $61
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller smding21 +5009
Leader z*D*F***
Condition Used
Start time 2020-04-16T22:20:12+09:00
End time 2020-04-17T15:48:18+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u338247135
Seller position Gifu Prefecture

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■ Product Details
【appearance】Appearance, is the beauty goods. Coating, such as the coloring of each scale (character), is beautiful.[Optical]There lens ··· A finder ... Cloudy【motion】Operation verification settled.【accessories】What is in the image is all.[Rank of optical]
Very good condition with A clear. AB Clear. Good not found, etc. as long as the mold and fogging of the visual. Overall to clear the B. There is a small mold or a thin cloudy, etc., but the extent not related to Ballmer. There is a C mold or cloudy, etc..
Prompt decision there of the product do not miss this opportunity because it is come, first served!
Bid, we look forward to seeing.
■ About dispatch
Shipping day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Products that payment can check the day immediately preceding the date of shipment (sales determined in the case of simple settlement) is a ship of the day. ※ The shipment consigned. And if the shipping date is a public holiday, it may be shipped the next day by other circumstances. It may not be able to ship and office stop, etc.. [Flow of dealings Navi]Dealings Navi tour - (link page)Exchange of transaction messages is not required. Enter the address or name, thank you payment as it is. Also not possible to be able to reply after receiving your greeting in the transaction message. Since I will let you know as soon as dispatch is complete, please wait for a while.
■ The state of goods is our subjectivity. Small mold and enough dust and the discrimination is difficult, thin Mori, those belonging to the sense of the individual, such as the operation feeling is outside the scope of returned goods. ■ does not respond at all to requests such as price cuts and the return of the successful bid in the resale. ■ After the return, or was due to initial failure is actually operational errors that you are going to argue, in the case that could not be found here, you pay the shipping and handling. Re-dispatch does not. ■ Operation is a simple check. Please refrain from the tender to seek a perfection such as exposure meter and the self-timer accuracy. Film loading test is not conducted. Old camera on the operation there is no guarantee. ■ After a successful bid, how to use the product, you can not user support, such as method of operation. ■ accessories not included other than those that are listed or not that is reflected in the basic photo. Please ask a question in front of the always if it becomes matter of concern in the presence or absence of accessories bid. Products with an outer packaging, may be different from the kit content and serial number listed on the box. ■ About dispatch, it can not be handed the goods. The items you have specified a non-standard-size mail, the compensation due to delivery accident will not be granted. If there is trouble of any chance in the delivery, Please note we can not support, such as compensation. ■ Cancellations after a successful bid, please give me a 10% payment of the commodity price as a re-listing fee. ■ It is prohibited to divert the photo and text have posted on this page.
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