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Running Limited Saec / Saec Twin Arm (WE-308SX + 308L) + Denon DP-75 Self-made Player
Auction ends over
Current price ¥248,000 $2,560
Start price ¥248,000 $2,560
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller to7292402jp +586
Condition Used
Start time 2020-11-12T20:44:29+09:00
End time 2020-11-18T20:44:29+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u380765421
Seller position Hiroshima

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Designs that can be installed on shallow racks in the depth Paint color is dark green mica Outer STABILIZER is also DuPontalian Material Spring pedestal is also DuPont Korean Boat components Dear Sirs Self-made player who produced reference Stabilizer installation and cable exchange in 308L
Designs that can be installed on shallow racks in the depth

Designs that can be installed on shallow racks in the depth

Successful bid, delivery, and self-made ·Second-hand goodsAs product
May be inherentIf you can not accept the risk,
Please never bid.
Take-off limited Rare collaboration
SAEC / Saeg WE-308SX and 308L Twin Arm + Denon DP-75-equipped player
I'm reflecting in a picture in the picture, but the selling target is SAEC / Saeg WE-308SX & 308L 1
+ AS-500 * 1 +Denon DP-75 * 1 +It will be a self-made board (insulator included) * 1.
Shell and cartridge(Other Disc Stevilizers and Nogis et al.)It is not included
Few, enjoy fun, enjoying fun, listening to read players for looking fun
Player boards are a three-layer structure of plywood + dupont coralin + plywood
Insulator is DuPont Corrier + spring + large industrial soundproof rubber
Leverage the members with duPont printing.
Implement DL-103 to each arm and enjoy the difference between the natural characteristics of the arm and the change due to tuning.
1 Fonocable 1
2AS-500 stabilizer only implemented
3 Arm-based screw is a double-reared relationship between 34-5 mm of board thickness
4 Cartridge offsets secure about 5 mm of standards with the cartridge forward
5 coating color is green mica
There is nothing that feels a significant problem with the current operation.
As we use second-hand parts, it has scratches, dirt, etc. or the initial performance is maintainedIt is unknown whether or not
It is not something that performance maintenance can be guaranteed for the future.
There is a shortage of processing accuracy, scratches and dirt on their own part.
If you feel the required leaks and additional descriptions, please note that you will add from time to time.
No claim / no return / Norflow / no-cancel cell, transaction communication within 48 hours after a successful bid, consecuting transaction completion within a week, please bid.
○ If an accident or failure occurs due to a successful bid item, we will not be responsible for all responsibility, so please handle it at your own risk.
It will be a retail limited, but please note that we are cash on delivery of Takkyubin for the limit clearing on the exhibition registration system.
It is possible to make a problem with this case as much as possible with the vibration due to transportationTransactionI would like to understand what you want and to be selected from the perspective of saving packaging..
(1) About the transaction method, this matter will be visited and delivered.Please settle in advance, please contact the receipt contact opportunity after receipt.
2) Please attend the check to the check to see if the delivery time sound comes out,I want to take homeI think,Claims other than opinions about the defects of important equipment.
3 Expenses related to the visiting for takeover, including the case where there is a defect of important equipmentAll the successful bidder's burdenplease.
Successful bid, delivery, andself made·It may be internal as a product of second-hand goodsIf you can not accept risks, please do not bid by.
I would like to adjust the schedule of the take-up as much as possible to meet the desired for those who made a successful bid. The delivery place will be around 40 minutes from Sanyo Hakuta IC to Higashihiroshima City.
(Added 10:00 on September 5, 2020)
Foot vanes, stabilizer installation to 308L, replacement of external goods phonocable to self-made
We are promoting improvement. If you have a successful bid, you willing to attach it.
(September 6, 2020 35 minutes added)
Change the spring of the foot insulator with a soft thing and strengthened the vibration response from the foot mask.
When the board is replaced with a half, the vibration transmission noise to the non-rotating needle tip increased.
(September 9620 6:21 Add)
Attach the stabilizer SNS 303 600 grams to 308L, replace the new springfoot,
Fono cable is exchanged for oya de / sand blast chrome plating + Mogami 2319 5mm sheath
The plug of Oyaide is not compatible with the 308 L exposed terminal now.
The scheduled construction is almost completed
Player overall reaction and energetic, but from people who want a grace expression
Tuning schedule including the EQ of the ball
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