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3862 Silver 925 ★ Ultra-lightweight ★ Leopard shell ring 21 Silver 925 Natural shell hollow design cavity During the cavity Omocha leopard animal [Takkyubin]
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥2,980 $29
Start price ¥2,980 $29
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller radieux0924 +4249
Condition New
Start time 2021-12-01T00:55:50+09:00
End time 2021-12-05T22:55:50+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u393956671
Seller position Saitama

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Size 21
Silver 925 made (with small engraving)
About 9g weight
About 3 cm wide
Yahu Neko Takkyubin 60 Size Size Ships from Saitama (The amount is different depending on the area)
※ Callpos can not be used because of thickness limit. 【Description of item】
★ ★ ★ Ultra-lightweight ★ ★ hollow design ★ ★
It is a real silver product like an ultra-light weight series toy!
It may be astonishing when I got it because it is very light!
The ring was thin and the inside was a cavity and the silver was inflated with air (air)
It is built with craftsmanship that hangs with difficult hollow design. It is characterized by being able to lightly lighter than the eyes
It is lightness of about 2 pieces of 50 yen coin if it can be used ♪
The rose pattern processed a natural shellfish called Leopard shell
The same pattern is a unique ring that enjoys the originality that is not two!
It will be quite high if you use silver material on this volume. By making the inside of the ring in hollow finish (cavity)
We create a wide sense of sense and volume and realize reasonable prices! !
When I had an Olympic with a long time ago
Silver material buying occurs, and a silver worker thinks like a spacery person who thinks a silver crazy to build a volume with a small silver material ☆ ☆
Because it is reasonable price setting that it takes too much trouble
Now it seems that the craftsman can not make a habit and built! smile
In the country directly, it is hardly out of domestically
Now the unique hollow design series that has become rare in reverse ☆
Because it is a maniac series that loves silver products
At the time of purchase, please read the product description once again!
★ Silver unique discoloration, small scratches, smashes, etc.. If you are a little worried or not, please refrain from purchasing. ※ In the case of the ring, there is a thing that there is a brazing mark inside the inside. It is a production process, so it is not a defective product, so please understand. ※ Because we use natural shellfish, cracks on the surface (cracks and scratches) are also a certificate of natural stone and become individuality of the stone. As it looks like cloudy and multicolor contamination as a stone pattern from the original, it will be a certificate of natural shellfish, so please understand. 【Please read below】
Most of the ready accessories are purchased about 10-15 years ago, but
Because I had to bring it to Flima
There is also something that can see silver unique discoloration due to fine scratches and ages
We have selected things that have no problem in wearing
If you feel individual differences, please bid for inquiries. House custody. We smokers are available to you. If the smell of tobacco is not good is I think that you refrain from a bid. ● regard evaluation, truly Excuse me, but after the completion receive,
We are allowed to indicate the return evaluation from I received the evaluation. The direction of evaluation needlessness thank you not to describe the evaluation here. (Because you will inconvenize if you accidentally put a return evaluation)
● Since I can not contact you at night, early morning and sunrise, please understand in advance. ● Shipping vacation day will be included in the self-introduction column! !
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