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ke-7692 Tazaki Speca tight Garnet Necklace
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥148,000 $1,449
Start price ¥148,000 $1,449
Buy-now ¥148,000 $1,449
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller shonan_goody +4101
Condition Used
Start time 2021-06-18T11:27:15+09:00
End time 2021-06-25T19:27:15+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u71498632
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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"Product price 40,000 yen or more is letter pack plus free shipping"ke-7692 Tazaki Speca tight Garnet Necklace
Product Details
■ Control number
When you see a product at the store"Always in advance"Please contact the management number from the telephone or the question column. ■ Material 
- Made in Pt900/850 (carved seal existence)
- Garnet 4.65 ct (carved seal existence)
- Diamond 0.08 ct (carved seal existence)
■ Size (about)
- Weight 9.7 g
- Chain length 42cm
- Top 24×12mm Garnet 12 × 9mm
■ Comment
With identification book. There is a mark stamp of Tazaki pearl on the top. The top can be removed. It is a bright orange specatite garnet with a slightly brown taste, with very few inclusions and a sense of transparency and beautiful gloss. The surrounding diamonds are also small, but have a sense of transparency. ・ I will not discount even if asked. ・ Closed Wednesday
・ If there is no entry "Sophisticated", it can be shipped after polishing. Please contact me first after a successful bid. ・ Resize of ring will be negotiated. Pink Gold does not accept resizing because the material is hard and may be damaged.
shipping method
※ will be shipped from the examination of Yahoo! easy settlement is completed. ■ Letter pack plus
If the product price totals more than 40,000 yen letter pack free shipping. ■ Yu Pack
Please inquire about shipping cost.
Other details
■ Indication based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law
Name: Shoji Wada, Representative Director, Wadaya Co., Ltd.
Address: 969 Fujisawa, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone: 0466-26-2306
Secondhand Goods Merchant License No. 452662400062 issue issued Showa 24 year 9 Month 1 Day Kanagawa Public Safety Commission
Specific International Species Business Number S-3-14-00301
+ + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No.215.005.004
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