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Book Cover Semi B5 Standard Denim New Material Genuine Leather Wood Denim WOOD DENIM Alpha Planning Free Shipping
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥14,473 $104
Start price ¥14,473 $104
Buy-now ¥14,473 $104
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller ybshop6 +9494
Condition New
Start time 2024-02-28T18:42:02+09:00
End time 2024-03-06T18:42:02+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number v1047328627
Seller position Hiroshima

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[Work image] Rub the wood grain into denim
WOOD DENIM notebook cover[Notes cover/standard] A new material that rubs real wood grain into denimOne of your notebook cover for one in the world
The WOOD DENIM series is a new material that rubs the real wood grain into denim. The natural beauty of the wood grain that was created over many years is comfortable
It will give us peace of mind. The manufacturing professional is based on technology and ideasI succeeded in taking a copy of the denimYou can enjoy the fusion of "tree" and "cotton" of natural materials. It is a notebook cover that allows general semi -B5 size (vertical width of notebooks: about 255mm)..
Model number WD-NC-SB5-STD
type Standard (without embroidery)
size Semi -B5(The body is about size (when placed flat) 498mm x 270mm)
Details The thickness of the book can be compatible with 15mm.
The size may differ depending on the publisher, so please judge by the size of the cover.
The product will be delivered by simple packaging. Wrapping is not given.
【Please check before ordering】
* Because the Wood Denim fabric rubs the grain from a real tree.
Each wood grain pattern and shades are different.. * Please note that the materials used in this product will be discolored and transferred due to humidity or friction due to nature. * If you get wet due to sweat or rain, dry it immediately. * Please be careful about color transfer when having white or light -colored ones. * The effects of direct sunlight and fluorescent lamps and the long use will cause color fading and become whitish. * The leather part uses genuine leather. Please save it in a place with low temperature and humidity and good ventilation without stacking it. Especially during the rainy season, please dry it. * If you want to remove leather dirt, use a cleaner for leather clothing. * Please avoid ironing. * We create a general size as a guide. Please note that special vertical and horizontal sizes and extremely thick ones may not be stored.

【please note】
※ exchange after delivery, unless something other than your order part number has arrived, such as exchange and returned goods we will not accept. ※ If you are in a hurry for manufacturer stock, please check the delivery date. It will be shipped by 2 to 3 days (except Saturday, Sun, and public holidays). In the case of maker shortages (2 to 3 weeks), we will contact you. If you hurry, we will hope sure to check stock before ordering.

Our designated shipping company free shipping (excluding Hokkaido · Okinawa · isolated island)We will ship. ※ Hokkaido you will 300 yen shipping. Okinawa · remote island separately estimates. ◆ If you wish to cash on items, cash on delivery commission is required separately. Become.
Management code: YB-75407
Saturdays and Sundays and holidays are shipping and inquiries are not required. Payment numbers will be issued sequentially from the next business day.
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