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Kirkrand Signature 100% Spanish olive oil
Auction ends 20 hours
Current price ¥4,999 $38
Start price ¥4,999 $38
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller x_kizita_x +534
Condition New
Start time 2022-10-04T13:53:35+09:00
End time 2022-10-05T13:53:35+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number v1054314980
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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■ Exhibits:Kirkrand Signature 100% Spanish olive oil
■ Details: ● ●Contents: 2,748g ●Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil ●It is recommended to use it for cooking or eat it in bread.
■ Shelf life: 2023/04/30
■ exhibits state[N: Unused item] (State evaluation criteria are described in our profile) Unused item.
■ Accessories: Dedicated cardboard box for packing, simple manual. Photo background member does not include any desks, etc.
★ Paste the invoice directly to the cardboard box of the outer box and ship it..
■ Trading conditions: ● All explanations and photos above are important events and conditions, be sure to read carefully and carefully, please make a successful bid after confirmation after confirmation. ● all of the complaints and damages related to this product can not be received at all. Also, please do not accept any return goods / refund, so please bid on the approval in advance. ● Because it is different from a new product with a manufacturer warranty, we cannot do any guarantee or maintenance at all, so if you have any problems after arrival, ask your manufacturer or distributor on your own. Please bear all the costs on your own.. ● Because of used goods, other than as described in the above appearance state, failure there was oversight, scratches, dents, fading, dirt, also possible that there seemed hard dirt is sure to please bid on your note. ● The color of the photo and the color of the real thing are always different.
(The state evaluation criteria are described in our profile)
[N: Unused item] (State evaluation criteria are described in our profile) New or unused or unopened products.
[S: New article] (We describe the state evaluation criteria for our profile) It is a product close to new items, and it is hardly used as a result of being used.
[AA: Extremely elegant] (State evaluation criteria are described in our profile) A little scratch, spots, threads, dirt, etc. The feeling of use hardly feels.
[A: Top] (We list state evaluation criteria for our profile) There is no sense of use, but there may be a slight scratch, stain, stain, dirt.
[B: During the degree] (The state evaluation criteria are described in our profile) There is a sense of use, there are scratches, spots, threads, dirt, etc., but the use does not feel uncomfortable..
【D:程度下下】(当方のプロフィールに状態評価基準を記載さいております)大きい傷・シミ・スレ・汚れもあり、複数個所に小さい傷・シミ・スレ・汚れ等があるが、使用には問題が無い状態. Good items that the appearance is bad but working or function.
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