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Shipping included Birthday Card New Birthday Card Birthday Commemorative Football Photo Memories ★ 140
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Current price ¥680 $6
Start price ¥680 $6
Buy-now ¥680 $6
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller wakusa0726 +37
Condition New
Start time 2023-01-31T17:27:58+09:00
End time 2023-02-01T17:27:58+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number v1064935033
Seller position Hiroshima

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Thank you for seeing (*^o^*)
It is a new "birthday card". ○ Product description ○
A lot of very cute animals appear. Put a photo in the middle of the card of the mushroom cake shop
Because it is a three -dimensional photo frame when the cover is opened.
It is a birthday card that is very lively. Children are sure to be celebrated by cute animals. ·size·
24cm x 26cm (closed state)
* Since it is an amateur measurement, please consider it as a rough guide for your reference and forgive the error.. Entry field
·body weight
・ Birthday dialogue column
・ Comment column
・ Bill
On a memorable birthday for a cute child
I hope you can use it by all means. ★ DWE Disney English teaching materials, baby supplies, children's supplies, daily necessities, etc. are available in many products.. Please take a look ♪ \ ( ^ 0 ^) / ♪
★ Be sure to introduce the following & self -introduction before bidding [Notes] Please read carefully ★
* At the time of bidding, we will judge that the full text of the following, product description & self -introduction all items are convinced and accepted. Please forgive if you have any points that are out of reach because it is an amateur exhibition. ★ Notes (Please be sure to read them carefully to prevent trouble. ) ★
*If the product arrives, please be sure to receive the receipt as soon as possible. *Because it is a personal home storage item, if you want a perfect or complete response like a business, those who are worried about the trivial use, those who have a difficult evaluation even if we have no use, please refrain from bidding. If the evaluation is unreasonably difficult, we will limit the evaluation and bid. *Since it is exhibiting elsewhere, it may be finished early or not re -listed. *The details of the photo are difficult to understand on mobile phones, so if you are concerned about the details, be sure to bid on a large screen or tablet on the screen. *State explanation is a personal subjectivity, and due to the characteristics of the Internet that cannot be seen directly, it is undeniable regarding differences in values such as explanations, but there is always a question to prevent trouble after a successful bid.Please ask the question, please be satisfied with you, and bid.. It is a cheap exhibition of home storage items, including new and beautiful goods, so please bid only those who can promise a complaint. Please refrain from complaining without any questions. ★ Delivery
*In the case of free shipping, the shipping fee will change depending on the destination area, so it will be shipped at the lowest shipping fee, so please note that it may be a shipping method different from the first shipping method without contact.increase. It will be a tracking and shipping method without compensation to give it a little cheaper, but we cannot take responsibility after shipping. If you need compensation, please bear the shipping cost of Takkyubin separately. *The delivery method is a rough size that is predicted from the product size to pack it after confirming. Especially for weight, there is no solid scale, so it is an estimate. In addition, the method of measurement differs depending on the courier company. Because the refund is not possible, the product price is several % lower than the desired price in case the difference comes out. Please understand that fact, and please bid at a reasonable price, including shipping costs, so please do not claim for shipping. *Basic recycling packaging may be small and sent directly in bags to reduce the shipping cost of the highest bidder. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for broken or damaged by simple packaging. *If you wish to use more polite packing [box, cushioning use, etc.], please be sure to request.. (At present, we do not have a packing fee, so if you are expected to pack it, we will exhibit the packing material, so please be sure to request. )
*Regarding shipping, because of irregular jobs and infants, it depends on transactions, urgent illnesses, urgent use, etc. across weekends and holidays.. If you are in a hurry or those who have a difficult evaluation, please refrain from bidding. *If you wish to notify the shipping number, only those who wish are notified. We are trying to ship quickly and carefully, but we would be grateful if you could trade and evaluate the above. The cancellation after a successful bid, please refrain! ! We will refuse to cancel the bid due to mistakes, so please bid carefully. It is not possible to cancel even if the child has been made a successful bid or the button hits in the pocket. Thank you for reading until the end.
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