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◆ Free shipping ◆ A4 ・ Colorful chest 9 steps 4
Auction ends 14 hours
Current price ¥17,800 $147
Start price ¥17,800 $147
Buy-now ¥17,800 $147
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Seller sumida_woodwork +610
Condition New
Start time 2023-01-26T22:11:30+09:00
End time 2023-02-02T22:11:30+09:00
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Lot number v1072519114
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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It is the product on the right of the image Color is mixed ♪ Natural wood pine ♪
It is the product on the right of the image

It is the product on the right of the image

We offer products that are popular at major mail order catalogs and online shops at a price unique to direct sales. YoutubeI uploaded a video of the manufacturing process of multi -stage chest. Please take a look
Multi -stage chest manufacturing process For those who wish to bid / successful bids!The exact same product is a multi -store / Rakuten shop price ¥ 19800, Amazon price 20800 yen
2000-3000 yen cheaper than earning points.. !
Many retail stores add double and Mie intermediate margins to the product prices, such as royalty, advertising expenses, retailers' profits, labor costs, and triple intermediate margins.
We sell at factory wholesale prices,(Senkai, Dinos, Nissen, Scroll, Beruna, Living and Co -op, etc.)Transaction results for more than 25 years
The factory offers the same product to a certain famous three major (easy) (y) (a) shop and a certain top -notch mail order, etcMulti -stage chestPlease search and compare the price of the same product. The Sumida Woodwork is consistently performed at our factory, without subcontracting the material from cutting to the finished product.
As a result, I have never seen each process, and I have never put out initial defective or defective products,
It is the only factory in Japan that can paint paint oil stain -derived from natural wood pine materials.. For this reason, we have received a great deal of trust from the mail order company and online shop companies to return 0 %Please see the evaluation.

Domestic production (our own workshop direct sale) The product of our workshop uses natural wood pine material (Mercurpine). The paint of the product is applied to the naturally derived paint "Oil Stain Painting" to make pine materials.
We dare to make use of the texture and simplicity, and it is finished in a heavy and warm texture.. "Oil Stain Painting" is a paint for chic house syndrome, so you can rest assured that it is allergic. Ideal for eco -life that is friendly to both people and the environment.
* Our product is a popular long -selling product for major mail order. I recommend it with confidence.[Sumida Woodwork]

◎ Material: Natural wood pine material (insect repellent does not use) f ☆☆☆☆ Rank
◎ Paint: Oil Stain (Chic House compatible type) F ☆☆☆☆ Rank
◎ Preliminary material: MDF (synthetic fiber plate) f ☆☆☆☆ Rank
* What is F ☆☆☆☆ rank?・ ・ ・ The standard is the highest rank. ~ Major mail order catalog posted / sales product-

Product introduction
Product name
◆ A4 Size Crystal Colorable Colorful Chest 9 steps ◆
Description of item
* Delivered from a workshop that publishes and sells a lot of natural wood furniture by major mail order ♪ *
Master of sorting and storage masters, handles, and legs
You can choose freely. The popular crystal chest chest has become colorful and a new appearance ♪
A4 size that was often requested this time. Finished so that it can be seen neatly as it became colorful.. In addition, accent with a moderate Sweet feeling of a crystal agency like a large Swarovski.. Instructions for electrical appliances, home -use garbage bags, magazines, catalogs,
Documents, accessories, thin clothing, etc. are clearly cleared. If you unify it with your favorite color, you can coordinate it to your wonderful room ♪
As the colorful is colorful, the crystal co -incorporation is further exceeding. Chic and luxurious atmosphere with good natural wood. The atmosphere of the room is gorgeous. ■ Color: body shabby white: Colorful front plate (density that makes use of the texture)
■ Hands: Crystal
■ Hands: Pottery pattern
■ Handle: Wood antique
■ Hands: Wood White* After a successful bid, please select the handle from the 8th image.■ Legs: Wooden type or casters* After a successful bid, please select the leg from the 9th image.■ Status of product: New / finished product (attached legs)
■ Size: Body, W290 x D350 × H1020mm (including legs) * If there is no leg: H960mm
* 9 drawers (valid internal dimensions)
* Shallow 6 steps: Width 230mm x depth 305mm x height 55mm
* Deep 3 steps: Width 230mm x depth 305mm x height 140mm
* A4 document size. For white products, I jumped white due to shooting with a digital camera.
Is a phenomenon that looks like a white color, does not paint the grain as shown in the image.
The real color is the best paint that makes the wood grain more beautiful than the image.. ■ Remarks: Natural wood Mercurpin oil stain painting (non -allergy) Finish
* For the material and characteristics of the product, please see the studio website (click the blue URL above).. (Major mail order)
consumption tax
There is no successful bid system fee or consumption tax on the successful bid product.
Shipping and payment
Shipping: Use Takkyubin. Honshu / Shikoku / Kyushufree shipping(Okinawa, Hokkaido, and other remote islands cannot be delivered)You cannot manufacture or ship during consecutive holidays.If a successful bid is made before the consecutive holidays, it will be manufactured after the consecutive holidays and after the consecutive holidays.
Please take about 5 days, please understand..We recommend a successful bid after the holidays.
The image may differ slightly from the image depending on the performance and usage environment of the PC. Please note. Please be assured that the initial failure when unused after the product arrives.. We are waiting for the bidding for those who are nicely from transactions to evaluation.There are cases where you will be announced in the self -introduction column, so please take a look.
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