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Ikki Garden Co., Ltd. Sutsumatsu 10 sets of small goods bonsai / 4 years old stone table 鉢 鉢 鉢 鉢 鉢 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 五 真 真 真 楓 楓]]]]]]]]]].
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥9,091 $66
Start price ¥9,091 $66
Buy-now ¥9,091 $66
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller ichijuen +3468
Condition New
Start time 2024-02-24T15:07:15+09:00
End time 2024-03-02T15:07:15+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number v1110891315
Seller position Kagawa Prefecture

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Kotobukimatsu [pattern tree]
Description It is an exhibition in a set of 10 seedlings for 4 years. It is not an exaggeration to say that the leaves are darker, thick and thicker than Kuromatsu, and it is a pine more than Kuromatsu.. It is a bonsai material that you can freely attach to the trunk pattern from now on and make it your own preference.. The image is a sample and becomes the same product. The pot is a pot bowl.
size [Approximately trees height 16cm bowl wide width 10cm Trunk diameter 1cm]
Aftercare, etc. Questions about how to raise after purchase by e-mail ( Mobile 070-8587-1212
Shipping (Yu -Pack)
Shikoku / China / Kinki Kyushu / Tokai / Hokuriku Kanto / Shin-Etsu
1600 yen 1700 yen 1800 yen
Tohoku Hokkaido Okinawa / other remote islands
2000 yen 2300 yen 2200 yen
Celebration Gift Father's Day Mother's Day Birthday Wooden Wooden Wooden Day Religious Day Religious Wooden Wataru Golden Watery Greeting Greeting Sakura Greeting Sakura Gift Ceremony Entrance Ceremony Memorial Gifts, General General General Generation, China Gyuko Konyo Konrunagatsu, Honame Hanbutsu Kozomi Kotomatsu Komatsu Bonsai Goya Goba Matsu Kaede Kaede Kaede Satsuki Keyaki Keyaki Family Leaf Plant Open Koki Kiju Welcome Celebration Celebration New Year Celebration New Year Flowers Presentation New Year Flower Hinamatsuri Mini Bonsai Hinamatsuri Midnight Collective Book Seeing Retirement Celebration Performance Performance Celebration celebration opening celebration Enrollment celebration Graduation celebration Table Yamakusa Omoto Fururan Madaka Koi Koiki Japanese -style Japanese -style rose Satsuki Nature Genkyu Bouquet
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