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*3. ◆ 錵 ◆ H.M.S VICTORY 1805 oversized 128cm Model Sailing Ship Asset Purchase T [N295] U/20.11SB/(H)
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥44,470 $311
Start price ¥44,470 $311
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller tjaqy41221 +273
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-14T23:04:10+09:00
End time 2024-04-17T13:04:10+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number v1118340059
Seller position Hiroshima

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From Japan
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Product Details
■ Size /
Height: about 102cm width: Approximately 128cm depth: about 39cm
■ State /
There may be dirt or thread due to aging or use.. Please confirm the image carefully. Antiques, do not have a such as cleaning for antiques. Please note. Please give me a bid on the used goods and understanding.
Shipping method
* Caution * This is a product taken in principle, so please let us know your desired date and time.. Please note that if you ship, the shipping fee will be expensive and you will be charged separately as packing costs.. In addition, neither the company nor the shipping company cannot be responsible for transportation insurance.. Please take responsibility for accidents during transportation.. - Yu-pack (60-170 size)[List price for the Yu-Pack]- Yamato (180-200 size)[List price of Yamato]- Sagawa Express (220-260 size)[List price of Sagawa Express]※ Yamato 180 size 60kg, 200 size, please refer to the 80kg. * If the weight after packing exceeds 30 kg, it will be added 2200 yen, and if it exceeds 40 kg, 4400 yen will be added. ※ Sagawa Express can not be shipped to Okinawa Prefecture. ※ Sagawa Express can not be the date and time specified Please note. * Yamato flights and Sagawa Express cannot insurance, and we cannot compensate if it is damaged. ※ It can not respond to the specified non-standard-size dispatch and e-mail facilities of courier.
About bidding
The newer one and the direction of evaluation is remarkably bad bidder, there is a case where I am allowed to delete a bid. If you would like to bid in the way of the above-mentioned conditions will tell me the intention of purchase in advance in the question column, thank you then bid. If the worse one of new and evaluation are bidding are subject to deletion. If the deleted is more of the following was the highest bidder, please bid only those who can understand can not be canceled.
Dish with standing in the title, with a helmet stand, and without with a sword hanging is not included even in the photograph. The authenticity is unknown because the true crop warranty and those without notation are unknown. Era, artist name, status and material, and the like is not to determine on the basis of the subjective. Moreover, we do not accept all the product appraisal. Please bid at your own convincing price under self-responsibility by bidder's insight. As mentioned above, it may be different from the title description, except for the product described as a true crop warranty, so please bid as a copy. Depending on your computer's display settings, there may be real and the hue is different. For the exhibition of antique center, it is difficult to post information without leaking all. Therefore, due to aging, such as a printing picture and description also dirt and [sure] in addition to the sentence deterioration, damage, please offer a bid on the assumption that there is a repair mark. Therefore, any chance published image and the omission of information in the description, the bid that was also the reason that point and after a goods receipt after a bid in case there was a clerical error cancellation, returned goods can not be accepted. If you find that "guarantee" Except for the personal view in what has been described as a forgery by the appraisal of the public recognized predetermined appraiser and institutions in the title commodity explanation column, successful bid price, the full amount will be refunded with Shipping. In that case, you can not bear the appraisal fee and the expenses accompanying it with only the highest bid and shipping fee. Please use as ornamental. Compensation due to health damage when using are not needed. We will carry out correspondence of the insurance application by the shipping company only if the irreparable damage caused by goods in transportation accident is found. Built-in part is outside, such as the attachment portion peeled off, the repair can be damaged by yourself please cope with your own. Please also refer to self-introduction when you bid. In a price reduction
About after a successful bid
Excuse me, but thank you to input your information to [within 48 hours] after it makes a successful bid for the commodity. In addition, thank you for your payment to [within 48 hours] after shipping finalized. When there is no report, I will delete it for the sake of successful bidder convenience. Please note. Payment is confirmed I will on weekdays 10:00. Except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, we have been shipped to within 5 business days. If you hurry, consider if you can connect.
Company Contact Us
・ Meguru Co., Ltd.
・ Specified international species operator
Business number S-6-34-00102
・ 〒736-0081
・ 1-15-5 Funakoshi, Aki-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
・ TEL 082-516-6212
・ FAX 082-516-6213
・ Free dial 0120-745-374
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