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Elegant elegant ☆ Turkey Stone Turquoise 3.6ct Green Tolmarin 1.16ct Diamond 0.056ct Rose Rose Flower Earrings K18WG ♪ With Different
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Current price ¥78,000 $648
Start price ¥78,000 $648
Buy-now ¥78,000 $648
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller g_e_m_1983 +677
Condition Used
Start time 2023-01-07T21:47:26+09:00
End time 2023-01-10T10:36:34+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number v583653012
Seller position Nagano Prefecture

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Elegant elegant ☆ Turkey Stone Turquoise 3.6ct Green Tolmarin 1.16ct Diamond 0.056ct Rose Rose Flower Earrings K18WG ♪ With Differential / Shipping included
★ Earring Material K18WG (white gold) * The fasteners are K14wg (white gold).
Vertical About 20.3mm
side About 16.1mm
Type type Screw + spring type
weight Approximately 9.1 g of both side meters
★ Turkish stone (turquoise) carat Total left and right 3.6 ct (1.78 ct + 1.82ct)
Regarding the enhancement Turkish stones are generally permitted to be impregnated with transparent materials, and almost all commercially available stones have been processed to prevent the color change from aging.. It is also known that this product is also performed with transparent materials, but please be assured that there is no problem in quality..
★ Green dorumarine carat Total left and right 1.16ct
★ diamond carat Total left and right 0.056ct
★ Accessories Discrouched book / case
★ Product status Become a purchase of between jewelry suppliers rather than the brand and manufacturers directly, it will be the exhibition as used goods. We are finishing new at the time of arrival, so it is a very beautiful state without noticeable scratches.
★ Product Description Earrings with a nice rose motif by Turkish stone
Turkish stone has beautiful bright blueIt is a dish, and the ears are stylishly colored ♪Because it is a natural Turkish stone, there is a difference in color on the left and right, but I do not know that you will be worried about when you use it.
The total of 1.16 carat Green Le Marine has a rich transparency and a good Teri.Use ♪The contrast with the Turkish stone blue is beautiful and fashionable
The diamond of 0.056 carats in total is small, but it shines texture unique to diamonds.Is wonderful ♪
☆ The motif of rose flowersElegant and elegant design is also attractive
☆ The body material isMade of high -quality K18WG (white gold)Will be ♪The fasteners are made of durable K14wg (white gold)Will be ♪
☆ The engraved stamp of "K18WG 1.78 0.58 D0.028" and "K18WG 1.82 0.58 D0.028" (D indicates diamond), which indicates one carat and material on the back of the main body.There is ♪ Both the left and right parts have a stamp of "WGK14", which indicates the material of the fasteners ♪
The mannequin in the third photo is a little smaller than the life -size, and it will be an image image. Regarding the size of the product, there is a separate vertical and horizontal size notation, so please see that ♪
Please Note ~ of About dealings ● shipment of the product, we will use the Yamato Transport's Delivery Service (confirmation possible, face-to-face delivery of the delivery situation). Please contact us if you wish to Yu-pack and Sagawa Express. (Domestic Shipping is free shipping, but you might be received additional shipping in the case of overseas shipment. )
● With regard to your return, by any chance, if delivery of the goods are fake, defective products and defective product, within three days from the delivery date of the principle products, first on who contact us by phone or e-mail, of the full amount we will refund. In the case of returned goods in the convenience of the highest bidder (put mistake of image is different-bid goods and bid price), on who contact us in the first phone call or e-mail within three days from the delivery date, goods "postage" from price "transfer fee at the time of refund (if you take only)", "Yahoo! Auctions successful bid system use fee ( "We will refund the amount of money, except for the. Not to apply the system commission "Yahoo Shopping ( "Even so we have sent the same goods, in case your return is of concern will recommend the purchase from the" Yahoo! Shopping ". In addition, your return after your return and use of when there is no contact us in advance and more than three days to elapse before, except when goods were fake by any chance, your understanding can not be accepted Please.
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