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☆ Satisfaction evaluation 1400 super! Thank you! ☆ ■ National O K! A hotel staying at 980 yen! ■
Auction ends over
Current price ¥980 $10
Start price ¥980 $10
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller mosimonokaze +969
Leader 2*2*1***
Condition New
Start time 2021-02-11T13:57:57+09:00
End time 2021-02-11T21:43:46+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number v702162527
Seller position Tokyo

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Some of our popular Oyado
It has been introduced in's "Jalan net"
"Very good 500 or more" "bad evaluation without" When
Is a popular Oyado that I get the voice of a lot of thanks→ evaluation can be found by clicking here ←
National super cheap hotel
980 yen per night two days!
※ Once we bid, we will carry out the end of early I will send at 980 yen prompt decisionBid me as soon as ※, I will carry out the early end of the auctionWould not it many people that were surprised to hear that night two days 980 yen?
Price is with a meal rather than just cheap, this is the price to be done further, such as marine sports and skiing for free
The I was allowed to exhibit this time the search of the inn, will be how to apply or the like and the following location all of the list
Please see so we will also describes to frequently asked questions on the page followingYou can use over 500 reviews across the country!When you travel with you in particular because it is the content of your family and for groups
Contact is per person, per night 980 and will be significant savings
Enjoy the leisure without worrying about the money, you want the comfort of a large bath
We recommend you come to such peopleAnd perform marine sports for free in the inn close to the sea, such as described above
It is very popular in such families with children
Of course you, but it has been used towards us already this inn you know the contents
Since the woven a lot of people our regulars enjoying the trip at a cheap price
In general, not been conducted also promotional activities such as advertising
Since an increasing number of the more user The more who knows
The user does not have the right to teach the contents of this inn to people
Delicious story is what not Hiromara is easy but
Also who like to travel, even those not, is a very valuable content

■■ about to ask a question that is often asked ■■
Q1: What will such as to require membership registration and other costs?A: No, there is not necessary at all, such as membership registration solicitation, the cost will also be the only accommodation price
Normal is the accommodation nor the youth hostels and bed & breakfastsQ2: What kind of diet do you get out?A: Meals are sum basically the Viking system, we have assortment Hiroshi, and in
I think that your satisfaction because there is after a meal of desserts and coffee, etcQ3: Is Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays, etc. will be charged?A: No, there is no split, including a large holiday such as summer vacation winter vacation GW
However, people who have already used this inn will be available, so we recommend a reservation for early holidays, etcQ4: Do you have any expiration date? ?A: No, such as a time limit or number of times are not needed

Description of itemIt is about 980 yen per night, but there are 800 yen to 2000 yen lodging
Malin sports, skiing, fishing etc. can be performed free of charge depending on the hotel
Depending on the hotel, you can do barbecue, astronomical observation etc.
Since it is a family-friendly content, we will recommend especially your family family and groups
Booking will be reserved or fax, please refer to the list to send
Dealings DescriptionBid even when you use in what people like is fine only "1"
Product will be necessary because the net environment will give you on the Internet
If you are can view this page without any problem receive, it can be viewed
Because I think that also he who you know will give me a bid by a no claim self-responsibility
Please note that the illegal products that you can not use a few years ago, and the illegal products that are stealing explanations are out
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