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TB526 length 16. 5m! Cloth curtain crest tube painted light blue×white◇陣幕/cotton/banner flag/material/continue firm & constant/rags/BORO/round the/from the/click on the material/Japan/thrift tug
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Current price ¥6,850 $69
Start price ¥1,000 $10
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller e_biz2007 +21786
Leader Q*q*K***
Condition Used
Start time 2020-03-31T15:35:26+09:00
End time 2020-04-07T22:54:14+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number v705635318
Seller position Hiroshima

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Item number T20033101
TB526 length 16. 5m! Cloth curtain crest tube painted light blue×white◇陣幕/cotton/banner flag/material/continue firm & constant/rags/BORO/round the/from the/click on the material/Japan/thrift tug
*Description of item* ・Pre-owned
・Age of the stains, scratches, faded, blotches, dullness,loose, holes, wrinkles, adhesion of dust,etc.. ・Cleaning is not done. It is an exhibition by the current state. ・Cotton-made in. Body will be the only exhibition of. Other accessories are not attached. - It is an old thing but it can not guarantee complete operation and the state because. I need your help in case the successful bidder maintenance and repair is required. And other If you have any questions, I will answer in the range to understand. ※Unclear points beforehand question please.
----------Length: about 1656cm
Height (cord not included): about 168cm
Weight: about 5. 4kg
※Amateur measurement one little error, please forgive me.----------
*This product shipping cost* In the table below please check. Yu-pack: shipping will be.
Hiroshima China
Tohoku Okinawa Hokkaido
1430 yen 1530 yen 1630 yen 1740 yen 1870 yen 1940 yen 2400 yen
*Handed*the After a successful bid,business days the reservation and we will do our very best to make your stay as comfortable your hand also. Reservation the day before until - - - - - - - - - - - Pamela McIlroy: this is a Trading Video and you want to do..
※ before a bid toyou have toplease read. ・The highest bid separately 8% consumption tax will be added.. Please note. ・Basically, the goods are one-of-a-kind, second-hand and antique,vintage-original product number and. Operation check from time to time the number of days to undergo the necessarily of that state or not. Unused or dead stock products, including the future operation cannot be guaranteed. ・Professional knowledge of the products there are also many,full operation・State・Fabricated and age cannot guarantee. Equipment details of the adjustments and features of the instrument timbre and tuning, etc about the validity cannot be determined.Understanding on the above,all goods no claim no return, please. Also, nervous one bid please refrain. ・Layaway period is the initial bid date by 1 Week and will. ·Yu-pack is included if you wish to pack size changes as the calculation is time consuming..Cracking composition and shape differences, the larger ones such as the larger ship is if need be.. Packing after 3 sides the sum of 170cm if it exceeds, the weight is 30Kg over if the ship cannot be.Includes also the fee is cheap, please understand that it may.Moreover, Yu-pack other than the shipping of large items about,basically included to the confirming.Included if you wish to Deposit Without from US shipping contact Please Wait.※Shipping in the amount of the Deposit if there was a description for any
Separately in shipping and may.
・Deposit of the final bid within 1 Week After Thank you. 1 Week if you cancel,successful bid you may want to delete. ・Evaluation,our evaluation of the need of many people for from us is and not. The commodity arrives after towards the evaluation of how to evaluate the reply and please accept. ・Shipping time about,after your payment is confirmed within 1 Week of Shipping I can
Large items of packaging or holidays, such as the impact may be delayed, this does not. ・Unprofessional knowledge is not a commodity often produced age and Origin Unknown power. Images of the judgment is requested.. Or the old ones for the flavor,characteristics, well only person who understands please bid thank you.
·Goods damaged in case there is a failure of arrival within 1 Week, please contact us.Damage in transit, and arrive within 1 Week from the past if the insurance does not apply to you.. Product description, a state wherein only failure is complete.
○Normal working days: Mon・Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri 11:00~17:00(Closed on Saturday & public holidays・other special vacation day)
Confirmation of payment is 1 day once in the afternoon~night line.. Of payment confirmation next business day after packing we will
Same day shipping and next day arrival, such as immediate delivery can not respond to. We appreciate your understanding. For holidays and special leave and holidays for contact us, can't we.Thank you for seeing.
Hiroshima Prefecture Public Safety Commission dealer in secondhand articles permit the 731171500015 No.
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