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■ Japanese beef A4A5 grade Tokujo ribulose Kyushu about 0.8kg ~ sold by weight quick-frozen vacuum-fresh ★ AM ★
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Current price ¥7,200 $72
Start price ¥7,200 $72
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kondoum0510 +2508
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-04T15:00:58+09:00
End time 2020-06-05T15:00:58+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number v717503509
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture

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Description of item ■ Name:Japanese beef A4A5 ribulose block■ Weight:About 0.9kg ~ (individual differences Yes)■ distribution feed Way Method:frozen■ distribution us Date:You can specify the date and time.■ production Location:Kyushu [mainly Fukuoka Kagoshima]■ save how:-6 ° C. or less (on frozen)■ Applications:Tokujo loin material grilled meat steak■ prize taste term limit:180 days from the processing date■ Raw materials:Wagyu beef rib roast■ proof certificate:We will enclose a meat birth, and 畜日 such as confirmation serving individual identification number of which to deliver.【Product Details】Japanese Black Wagyu Tokujo rib roast steak block where I am this time to introduce you There is a sold by weight products of 1 pack weight [about 0.9kg ~]. ★ In order to deliver the freshness preeminent Japanese beef A4A5 grade sirloin directly to your home the freshness in Kyushu specialized factory, you will be sent directly remains of quick-frozen vacuum-packed block non-opened because by special equipment, health management 100%! We will deliver a safe and secure meat. ★ block meat has on nature [individual differences], the same can not can be offered at the size because after a successful bid, the weight of the goods to be delivered in business for the instrument [tare (containers and bags box) after accurately measure the minus block weight by weight], there can be provided you without waste because it will be cost-per-conversion.[Eat delicious! ]● the first time for those who block meat purchase Please be helpful because you will be enclosed decompression and processing Reference to be easy as you will find. ● If you'll eat delicious, you can experience the sense of touch that melts better of sliced ​​grilled failure even less. In moderately fat and the best balance of red meat that melted, you can experience the feeling of going to melt also soft? First and. In the case of thick slice or steak, while baked so as not to scorch, because where you want to drop the firm fat, burning will be a little more difficult. ★ how to bake in the [rare]. Okay the extent that scorch the whip in the strengths of the two sides in the case of sliced!
★ In the case of thick slice Once baked on both sides over high heat, are also recommended to eat from a place only a little wrapped in aluminum foil.[The A5 grade Japanese beef]★ big difference that Japanese beef is different from the other meat is characterized by low beef unique melting point fat. You Welcome is better that the fish than meat for the body. Indeed, fish fat is unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids prevent cholesterol and triglycerides, but saturated fatty acids (lard like animal fat) is is said to increase. However, Japanese beef marbled meat, low melting point fat is characterized by. Therefore the fat of meat Tokedasu even at room temperature. This is unquestionably, is the unsaturated fatty acid. So I enjoy the texture that melts when placed in the mouth. ● Due to the nature of the meat, on the understanding that there is a fat, muscle and weight, such as individual differences, I would like to tender.【Shipping method】We deliver as it is a freshness in the Yamato Transport cool [frozen] flights.[We will consider it in terms of weight by weight of the increase and decrease]※ the highest bid is the price of against 0.9kg. ※ 1 pack of weight is not the Articles of Incorporation (about 0.8kg ~ 1.5kg). There are individual differences. ※ If the highest bid has changed, we will bid the number is changed.If deliver products of 1.3kg → amount billed will be "(bid price ÷ 0.9) × 1.3kg" + postageAfter a successful bid, after calculation in accordance with the weight of the goods to be delivered from the highest bid, you will be billed together with the carriage so after confirming the commodity price and shipping, please do not pay.
Notes _____________________________[With regard to indefinite transmural [sold by weight products]]★ we have been displayed at an average weight of the winning bid on behalf of the time of exhibition, but the meat Please confirm the difference between the weight width described to be sure the product page does not have the same Oki is. I will most state of good products to offer that can be delivered in the shortest in the weight range that is described in the product page. We will contact you for confirmation only if it is not within the specified weight width. If you can connect more than you are, etc. If a successful bid successful bid after dealings Navi within 6 hours, "about a total of about what kg, etc." request, but we will offer a block close to hope as much as possible, individual differences by you I ask that you please forgive the fact that there served not the case and wherein the weight width to hope [indefinite transmural] differences.
★ also after a successful bid, after I am measuring and unit price equivalent to contact you from dealings Navi on the weight of the goods to deliver, because it is moved to the refrigerator-freezer for immediate delivery because of the freshness, the unit price quantity changes and cancellations after I am allowed to contact the successful bidder will be converted you can not respond. After understanding, I bid-wish-do. _____________________________
[Procedure after a successful bid
[1After it makes a successful bid for the commodity, Please confirm the message from the exhibitor in so than Yahoo auction "notice mail of a successful bid" is automatically sent in the mail. [2Among the messages, in order to be allowed to the transaction, so we listed items that need to fill out the necessary information, we ask that you please reply to our shop from dealings Navi.[★ When awarded by more than one]Thank you "※ collectively transaction request". Since I will if there is no summarizes all transactions bundled request from the Navi [Please contact me from the successful product ID all dealings Navi] of products making a successful bid If you do not you choose the other transaction request to contact the ship separately on your note, thank you for your bid. [3] I will let you know about the mailing cost of a successful bid goods.★ sold by weight products [weight not articles of incorporation] the case of a successful bidAfter accurately measure the weight of the goods to deliver, [within ※ 1-2 business days] than the shortest successful bid day next day evening and unit price terms we will contact you. ★ If the weight Articles of Incorporation goods of a successful bid
Although weight Articles of Incorporation goods knocked down during business hours we will contact you as much as possible during the day, there are times when it becomes contact the next day by reason of such a successful bid time and busy period, but please note. [Four] When you contact of the transfer is complete, please contact us together If you have requested delivery time. [FiveAfter the payment is confirmed, if you have I ship we will contact you so thank you. [Collectively case of your request trading]
※ weight indefinite Nuqui sold by weight products, etc., if there is a change request because it will deliver can be [there other than the product page, wherein the weight width] items is available at the shortest ", desired weight and processing, etc.", collectively deal Please contact me at the time of your request before or your request. Collectively, weight change, etc. after your request transaction, please understand that it can not be accepted. _____________________________
[If you do not have after a successful bid Contact]
※ After a successful bid, we will contact you the next day [except Sundays and public holidays]. If there is no connection from our shop even after a lapse of two days, because there is a possibility of an e-mail trouble but apologize Sorry to trouble, thank you to contact us by a connection bulletin board. ★ With regard to Saturday and public holiday the day before the 16-time after a successful bid commodity [sold by weight products, etc.] ★
After measuring the weight of the goods to be delivered from the evening of the regular holiday dawning, we will sequentially contact us. _____________________________
[Sold by weight commodity]
※ After measuring the weight of the goods to deliver until the successful bid day after 18 o'clock around, we will contact you. Thank you for your procedure as soon as possible after the weight determination of the goods to deliver. Switching of when there is no connection weight contact you after two days or more to frozen for freshness, because it will be a change of goods Please acknowledge. ※ weight [hope] is [larger, smaller, etc.] after a successful bid, when you deliver information you input, if you can connect together, but will be available to accompany your request as much as possible, convenience on your inventory I kindly ask you to understand that there is a case of not applicable. "Nikanshimashite 1 pack weight width described items"
1 pack is not the Articles of Incorporation of product will be described in the average weight width (for example, / about 2-3kg, etc.), after the unit price in terms of the weight of the goods to deliver, to be offered to change the amount billed gotten we have, but if you can not offer by weight width of the described street because there are individual differences due to differences in factories and manufacturers (for example, / about 2-3kg, etc.) → (eg / about 3.3kg & 1.8kg, etc.) there is a it acknowledges that, I would like to ask a successful bid.※ weight specification from the customer can not be performed because on your note, thank you a successful bid. ※ The amount of drip of meat that is vacuum-packed subject to individual differences. In particular, imported cattle, so we are refrigerated imports over a period of several weeks there are individual differences, but there is no problem with the fleshy._____________________________
[Reserve Nikanshimashite]
Within a reserve three days of refrigerated goods, the reserve of frozen product is within 5 days so I would like to tender on your note. ※ Sundays and public holiday has become a holiday shop. Commodity successful bid month - Saturday to on your note so we will sequentially be allowed to ship to the (business days) (your procedure), I bid-ask. _____________________________
[For cancellation, etc.]
The cancellation after a bid and a successful bid can not be accepted. ★ sold by weight than the goods of non-Articles of Incorporation weight will be accepted Depending on your circumstances, please understand the burden of 500 yen for every successful bid commission and 1 commodity. [★ With regard to the refrigerated meat products to be converted sold by weight unit price]
After a successful bid our products is measuring the weight of the goods to deliver because it is frozen and refrigerated meat not the Articles of Incorporation goods with a weight width, after moving delivery ready to refrigeration and freezers for shipping, the successful bidder will be cost-per-conversion since I am allowed to contact, after a successful bid, cancellation after I am allowed to contact you to measure the weight of the goods to deliver you withhold. ★ can not be accepted in the contact us in the question form. That effect, please contact me from always after a successful bid dealings Navi. ※ meat (food) does not go to say that always the same products at such seasons and individual differences. Of course, or was fat and marbling is generous, there is the case that different from many like or was rather less. ★ especially roses meat sites in both the beef / import [ribs] is fat / muscle, etc., individual differences there quite. Not recommended for those fat is not good. After understanding, I bid-wish-do. ★ personal sense of texture and taste due to the difference of, claim, returned goods, about the look, etc. We ask that you please bid on your note we can not accept. _____________________________
[About shipment]
Dispatch of goods will be within 1-3 days after confirmation of payment. ※ easy settlement as well --- I will bid with a margin If you wish delivery date is there.
With regard to the delivery of your luggage, your designated date and time, but I will ship at the time, the region, the season (high season), delivery date and time by traffic circumstances there may be around. Please acknowledge it beforehand. ※ day, a public holiday, year-end and New Year holidays, etc. I have been the basic rest. ※ weather and natural disasters, it may dispatch delivery is delayed by stocking, etc.. ※ If you have mis-ships and goods difference, etc. of the goods of our shop, ready-to-please contact us. ※ If you deal in our shop is determined not to be carried out smoothly might cancel the tender, please note. ※ If there is no designation in the packing, there are times when the use of recycled cardboard as part of the eco-activities, please understand.
Shipment details
[★ Regarding shipping charges]
[Shipping breakdown (postage + cool fee)]
■ [80 size] (within the box three sides a total of 80cm) Shipping of less than 4.2k (Kyushu and China 800 yen) (Shikoku and Kansai send 972 yen) (Chubu and Hokuriku 1188 yen) (Shin-Etsu Kanto 1404 yen) (Tohoku ¥ 1510) (Hokkaido 2350 yen and Okinawa mainland 1993 yen)
■ [100 size] postage of less than 4.2kg more than 9.2kg (within the box three sides a total of 100cm) (Kyushu and China 972 yen) (Shikoku and Kansai 1296 yen) (Chubu and Hokuriku 1404 yen) (Shin-Etsu Kanto 1620 yen) ( Tohoku 1720 yen)) (Hokkaido 2770 yen and Okinawa mainland 2670 yen)
■ [120 size] postage of less than 9.2kg more than 14.2kg (within the box three sides a total of 120cm) (Kyushu, China 1296 yen) (Shikoku and Kansai 1512 yen) (Chubu and Hokuriku 1620 yen) (Shin-Etsu Kanto 1836 yen)
(Tohoku ¥ 2568) (Hokkaido 2950 yen and Okinawa Mainland 2980 yen) will take each. ■ successful bid 50,000 yen or more each in 1 packing one mouth (19kg up) free shipping
※ However the island, as well as 1 packing in the case of Yamato specified (up to less than 15kg)
※ Shipping is the size of the box even within the specified number of kilometers is more than the specified number and will take additional charges. ● You can specify delivery time in the time zone. For reasons such as high season and weather ※, it may be unable to deliver to the specified delivery time. [[Until 12] in the morning] [14:00 pm -16] [16:00 -18] [18:00 -20] [19:00 pm -21]
● you will not be able to specify a delivery company. Please contact us if you wish. ※ Yu-Pack is not treated
[If you want to change the shipping address after a successful bid]After a successful bid, for the shipping address of the change after the confirmation of your name, shipping address of the successful bidder has been established in our company, already because the shipping address of the delivery trader system will have been reflected in , you can not hear the change in our. Although there is trouble, because the different support your way by the delivery trader, check on the delivery trader according to the notification e-mail shipment completion, can take the necessary procedure with the highest bidder himself invoice number is after reflecting so thank you. ● bundled at the time of delivery [refrigerated and frozen products, the case of bundled]
When there is no indication, it will be delivered in bulk frozen in flight. _____________________________
[For processing]
◆ frozen goods can not be the basic processing. There is a commodity that can not be because we kindly ask you to check the refrigerated goods. ◆ processing fee will be [from 1 kg unit price of 500 yen (excluding tax)]. ◆ refrigerated meat / frozen meat special processing (slice grilled meat cut machining margin [※ 1 Kiro unit price 900 yen for outsourcing from (tax)])
High season - large orders ◆ You might get a 2-4 time of the day. ◆ after processing because of freshness, will be shipped vacuum-packed quick frozen. ◆ ★ gift packing also available ★ usually gift 500 yen (excluding tax) (Works not accepted ※ "such as gifts" seal correspondence), a special case 800 yen (excluding tax) (Noshi Allowed Free) Please instruction from dealings Navi. ★★★ "of the restaurant, a butcher dealer to managers like" ★★★
In the all-meat, to those who have run the restaurant, meat dealers, we have been a wholesale. We deliver high-quality, fresh meat. Please contact us by e-mail up to 24 hours a day []. In the case of periodic delivery contract there can be served in addition cheap ※.[Payment method] ※ will be Yahoo simple settlement onlyFrom March 1, 2018, the payment of the auction service "Yahoo! Auctions!", Will be the only "Yahoo! easy settlement of accounts" as a general rule. ★ Yahoo! Easy settlement "Yahoo! Auctions!" Dedicated payment service. Users pay (1) credit card, (2) the convenience store to pay, (3) electronic pay money "Yahoo! Money", (4) T-point pay, can select a payment method from the (5) five types of bank transfer. _____________________________
[Company Profile]
Yubinbango802-0072 Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture Kokura-ku Higashishinozaki 1-1-37-1F
Meat wholesale online shopping all-meat Co., Ltd. (Inquiry)
Please feel free to contact us by phone and e-mail. Store security officers: Masaki Kondo
[About the delivery of such Closed Sundays and holidays, Golden Week]
※ Sundays and public holidays will be charged the day off. During this period, an e-mail reply, please understand that it can not be shipped both. Commodity successful bid on Sundays and public holidays on your note that you will be sequentially shipped to business days, thank you for your bid. [About business hours]
※ business hours 9:00 to 18:00 but 18: 00 or later of mail and a connection bulletin board, the question, is your answer with respect to such payment, on your note so you might be the next day, bid thank you we will as. [For holiday-peak season delivery]
★ 8 May 13 - until August 15, will be charged the summer holidays. During this period, an e-mail reply, please understand that it can not be shipped. Successful bid commodity we will sequentially be shipped from August 16
[For year-end and New Year holidays of delivery]
★ successful bid goods that can be shipped by the end of the year will be made until the products that complete your payment before 9:00 December 29 morning. ★ of goods and later described date and time will be sequentially ships from January 7. _____________________________
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