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Digital Kame Victor GR-DF570 [second-hand]
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥4,346 $42
Start price ¥4,346 $42
Buy-now ¥4,346 $42
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller hasegawa35570001 +14552
Condition Used
Start time 2021-10-24T06:26:47+09:00
End time 2021-10-31T06:26:47+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number v729641755
Seller position Tokyo

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From Japan
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Other than car goods: Home appliances and AV equipmentDigital Kame Victor GR-DF570 [second-hand]Curnerability confirmation OK. Charger / Battery with Case
Item Number: ((510330004))
State : Already used

«Important» ★ ★ Please check your agreement ★ ★ «important»
  • The items mentioned you read well until the end, thank you for your participation!
  • The successful bid is to all contents of exhibition"Those you could agree"And, we will dealings.
  • Hasegawa Kogyo Co., Ltd. is not responsible for collateral. For avoidance of dispute, we ask for understanding and acknowledgment.
★ The person who can not be satisfied with the following matters refuses a bid ★
  • First of all, please look at the self-introduction.
  • Commodity is the one used in most hand goods, there is no intact ones.
  • The more nervous one, those seeking the perfect product, the bid of those who used article is anxious Please refrain from.
  • The newer one "bad" evaluation, bids from more than a certain person, it will be refused
  • Please understand that we may cancel the tender at our discretion.
★ About establishment of contract ★
  • A contract is not established only by a successful bid.
  • Always accept explanation of the product state from the salesperson, I will conclude the contract after being satisfied.
★ About customer satisfaction degree and selling price ★
  • Although it does not may also be a point of not prudent because they sell in large quantities in the> small number of people in order to pursue a cheap
    Kindly we ask that you received your understanding and your note, also negotiated the sale price is not affected at all.
★ Conformity of vehicle type, about product description and non-security ★
  • The description of conformity model is a match between experience rule and other goods etc.
  • Since the product is not in the purchase of to check the mounting stateI do not know the conforming model perfectly.
  • Please install either fully confirmed to conform to the model If you have received the goods
  • In rare cases the model is, but modified the previous user's match you may not fit because it was attached, please offer a bid to convince this point.
  • Notation of "intact article" is that the user is not using the original application,Even if you use it like trying on fitting, exhibition, testing, assembling only, etc, it will be written as "unused item"To do.
  • The return of goods that were different does not fit or the description of item to the model but will receive,We do not bear any discharge, excess repair fee such as mounting removal fee, car expense, for not compatible products.
  • Tires, etc.
  • For used goods, is also there is no guarantee the immediate failure risk.
★ About the state of exhibited items ★
  • During the exhibition is up to four days before, the same product is also sold in stores, customers who visit the commissioning, because to try
    There is also that the state is changedPlease question before bidding and check the current condition. Your question on the phone is quick.phone03-3557-6330(It is not the purpose of attracting customers to visit)
  • In addition, there may be no product due to a lot of damage, etc., and the successful bid does not guarantee the acquisition of the product.
★ About installation ★
  • Since we can not bear the mounting failure or the like responsibilityResponsibilities of yourself to ask a specialistPlease install it.
  • Damage caused by the products used, in any claims from Menshitsu interests and third parties,Please understand that we can not accept any responsibility.
  • Long-term use, or risk we recommend the new If a disgustingAt your own responsibility to decide.
  • There is no support or advice on installation.
  • If you are seeking support, please purchase at your local car shop. I think the price of the car shop is higher than our shop, but excellent staff can be found. Considering the support concerning installation, we will recommend purchasing a new item at the car shop, even if it is expensive.
  • Our shop'sIf you do not agree with the transaction detailsIt is recommended car goods stores, the purchase of the other store.
★ Terms of use for refusing payment receipt ★Please read before cash on delivery receipt application. When refusing to accept the goods shipped by cash on delivery, the goods will be returned to us and round trip shipping fee, labor costs etc will be our damage, so we will charge a round-trip shipping fee. We will charge free shipping items as we also pay shipping fee at our company. If you did not pay the shipping fee generated by cash on delivery receipt refusal
Under the Civil Code, a contract is concluded when an agreement is reached between the parties, and payment responsibility will occur. [About civil lawsuits] The shipping fee generated by refusal of receipt by the date specified by our company
If payment is not made, we will move to legal measures. Contest proof is issued and it goes to court proceedings and it makes a trial at the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial with the Tokyo district court and we will charge a round trip shipping fee and judicial fee. [About criminal case] In case of malignant, we will inform the police as there is a possibility of false negotiation etc. Criminal law Chapter 2 · Chapter 35 · crimes against credit and business Article 233, (credit impairment and business obstruction) 234 (disturbance of operations such as damage to electronic computer) is "imprisonment with work for not more than 3 years or fine of 500,000 yen or less" I will. Refusal to collect cash on delivery will be borne by us, thank you for your understanding.
★ About communication within 48 hours after a successful bid ★
  1. Sent from Yahoo! after a successful bid To the message from the successful bid notification seller
    Since transaction method is described, please confirm.
  2. Product after a successful bid After stock check We will send you a confirmation e-mail of transaction details from Yahoo! Auction Bulletin Board and your address,
    Please return detailed information within 48 hours by return, please contact me by phone more smoothly "Yahoo auction charge" Please specify. We do not secure inventory for more than 48 hours at our shop. When time passes, we will contact you from the evaluation · bulletin board once from here,
    Please contact us if you can not contact us as cancellation treatment (see below).
★ About cancellation ★
  1. Cancellation / return after shipment of goods can not be done at all.
  2. Cancellation after it makes a successful bid will correspond by deletion processing by the circumstances of the highest bidder.
  3. When there is no communication within 48 hours after it makes a successful bid, we will respond by deletion processing by the convenience of the immediate successful bidder. * We will delete even if we can not contact you by domain designation. Since the evaluation of "very bad" automatically arrives from the auction system, please acknowledge it and do not try retaliation evaluation!
    If you can not get in touch with circumstances, I think that you can bid separately and proceed. In that case, the negative evaluation disappears by letting me put the evaluation again. ※ Because we will have a duty to pay a successful bid commission to Yahoo, we appreciate your understanding.
★ For cancellation of bidding and cancellation of auction item under exhibition ★
  1. I will not cancel due to bid mistake. Please check the contents carefully, please bid.
  2. Depending on the circumstances we may cancel the item under sale.
★ Question / Inquiry ★
  1. After exhibition is finished, we can not answer, thank you for the question time we can afford.
  2. There is a limit to the explanation in the product. Be sure to ask questions before bidding and do not declare violation as to the things that you feel insufficient explanation.
  3. About inquiries after it makes a successful bid, I hope in telephone · mail ·. We will contact you shortly. ※ It will be a response from 1 pm to 9 pm. ※ We will not reply to contents that can be confirmed by exhibition details. * For troubles prevention, if you make a successful bid without an answer, we will not accept any complaints of the contents concerning that question.
  4. Please refrain from the question about 【contents of goods】 after it makes a successful bid
    ※ We can not do correspondence acquisition of products. ※ We will not sell bulk of products, discount sale at all. Should any need arise between the customer and our company, we will treat the Tokyo district court as the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial and we will correspond with Hibiya Mitsuke law firm of the corporate attorney's office. Above, if you agree with the agreement matter, please bid it.

■■■■■ About the delivery method ■■■■■Seino Transport Yamato Transport will be delivered. ★ (it will be extra postage to all of the goods required) About Shipping ★
Align the contents of goods and delivery, ships to deliver location of your designated.★ ★ Details of shipping feeHere ★ ★★ for the return of goods ★
Although every effort has been made to the dispatch of goods, damaged in any way, the vehicle type difference, please contact us immediately. Damage is within 3 days, vehicle difference is within 14 days We will accept returns. However, we can not accept returns in the following cases. 1. If you have scratched products etc. under the customer. 2. If there is no special reason, it has passed for 3 or 14 days or more. 3. In the case of returned goods due to customer's convenience, we will be a purchase price.■■■■■ About payment ■■■■■ Bank transfer[Transfer destination] Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Bank of Mitsui Banking Bank Hikawa Togen Store ordinary deposit 5564560 Hasegawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
[Remarks] Please be sure to contact me if it is transferredPost office transfer【Transfer destination】 symbol 10090 number 86993681
【Remarks】 Please contact us after transfer
  1. Please transfer from the bank, post office to the above account. After payment is confirmed, we will ship the item.
  2. Please be sure to contact us by e-mail telephone, FAX when you are transferred Phone 03-3557-6330 FAX 03-3557-0019
    Those who use the post office certainly please be sure The post office does not contact us for transfer, please be sure to give me a wish.
  3. Please transfer by wire transfer. Excuse me, please bear the transfer fee at your expense. Cash on delivery
    [Contractor] Yamato Transport Seino Transportation
  4. Please pay the delivery staff at the time of delivery of goods.
  5. In addition, some areas can not be used in some areas.

Company ProfileHead Office (wheel tire Museum) (not a contact visit attraction)
Yubinbango179-0084 Nerima-ku, Tokyo Hikawadai 4-52-3
Hayamiya sales office (Hall remodeling parts) (not a contact visit attraction)
Yubinbango179-0085 Nerima-ku, Tokyo Hayamiya 1-2-19
phone03-3557-6330Fax 03-3557-0013
Business hours 12:00 to 21:00
It is full year holidays
License Information No. 745 / Tokyo Public Security Commission
★ About shipping (separate shipping fee required for all products) ★About shipping fee from Kotikara
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