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BGV) At that time, this song Vol. 1 [LD] Sa'ori Yuki, Shoko Yasuda (L070-1131) [M006]
Auction ends over
Current price ¥800 $9
Start price ¥800 $9
Buy-now ¥1,200 $13
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller tmoffice +19376
Condition Used
Start time 2020-10-27T21:48:08+09:00
End time 2020-11-01T21:48:08+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number v753684546
Seller position Chiba Prefecture Narita-shi

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Thank you for seeing the commodity of Yahoo! Auctions store "record-chan Company". Store transactions, there is dealings with the different parts of the general exhibitor. Please be aware in advance. The main difference isPlease check the guide of Yahoo! Auctions

◎ time of settlement,Enter not forget the postagePlease give me. Customers Irasshaimasu many are settled in postage 0 yen. You can not enter the exhibitor side. ◎ after a successful bid,Contact your destinationPlease give me.Our dedicated order formOr a connection bulletin board, please use any of the transaction message. ◎ "acknowledgment" of after a goods receipt is not required. If there is no particular problem, it will be Once received completion of the transaction. Other, bidding and understand the guidance about dealings described in the page, please make a successful bid. Your understanding to smooth dealings progress, thank you for your cooperation.

Product status"Form" ... Laser discs
"Appearances, titles, etc."... BGV) At that time, this song Vol.1
  Sa'ori Yuki and Shoko Yasuda
"Labels, manufacturers" ... TOEMI
"Model number" ... L070-1131
Disk Status... Light scratches, small scratches
"Jacket status" ...
・ There are abrasions, abrasions, and dirt
・ There is a little yoreshiwa in the back part
・ There is a little tsbler in the upper right corner
"Other accessories"
◆Obi available
(band state)
Wrinkles, abrasions, a little rubbing on the lower side
(There is a positional change)
◆ There is a lyrics card (lyrics card state: yoreshiwa available)
There are no accessories not listed.* In particular, even if there is no statement, normal use, scratches to the extent there is no trouble to play, there are times when there is a dirt. * Scratches that do not fit appear in the image, there is the case that there is a dirt. * Goods which have sent as a "bargain", "junk", including aplastic, all of the claim, returned goods, repayment can not be accepted. Bid on your note, please purchase *
Other Notices In the case of set selling, rose sell, software only, you can not respond to the request of wanting part only. We do not have to answer to the question about the content. Please pardon.
About Shipping of calculation
Please refer to the shipping, which is displayed under the "current price" in reference carriage of single article successful bid. If two or more successful bids, it is calculated by adding up the three-digit number in the auction title end. [Example... M003 + M004 = 007, the postage is 820 yen]
[If the total number exceeds 300, it will be uniformly 5,000 yen]
[If the symbols M, G, A, and Z are different, bundling is not possible]
[You can leave it for up to 7 days, but the free shipping service has ended]
You can check the actual confirmed postage after entering the order form after winning the bid.
The total shipping code Corresponding Yu Shipping
(Nationwide uniform)
Corresponding shipping courier
(Nationwide uniform)
Code 001 190 yen ¥ 820
Code 002-003 310 yen
Code 004-005 No charge for ゆ う mail ¥ 820
Code 006-010
Code 011-019
Code 020-025
Code 026-060
Code 061-119 1,120 yen
Code 120-129 1,430 yen
Code 130-299 ¥ 2,100
Code 300 to 5,000 yen
Flow of dealings
(Please be sure to confirm it)
1, the end of the auction! Please enter your desired receiver's address, shipping method from the customer to "order form". ↓ is our dedicated order form link ↓ Noo is seven days from the date of the first successful bid. Free shipping service is the end! Please be careful
Additional bid, If you are successful bid schedule, please input from all ends.
2, guidance of the transaction amount Dedicated order formWhen you enter the required information, the shipping will be confirmed automatically. Please remit the total amount, including the shipping of guidance.
3, payment procedure Please give me the payment procedure from customers. After the transaction amount determined, please take the necessary procedure within weekdays 3 days.
4, dispatch and arrival After payment is confirmed, we are going to send it out within two days on weekdays.If you have money received on Friday and holidays before, there is a case where you wait until the day after a holiday.After arrival, Please confirm the goods, is the end if there is no problem. Please contact me after arrival as soon as possible if there is a miscarriage and damage.
Other You Excuse me, administrative and dispatch business of our shop is open on weekdays only. Since manpower is small, there is a case to contact us is delayed half a day - about one day. Please pardon us.
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