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◆ Immediate delivery [Pita bread] Pita Bread Universal Sandke Bab Event Party !!! K
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥858 $7
Start price ¥858 $7
Buy-now ¥880 $7
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller meetyuio +830
Condition New
Start time 2022-10-03T20:01:02+09:00
End time 2022-10-10T20:01:02+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number w1058341446
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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All items are the best (even for items with the desired price, there is no lowest successful bid price settings), exhibitions for commercial use, home, convenient products, kitchen, and stores !!!
It is OK to collaborate on saving shipping by packing the numbers the same.. Some discounts are also set, so I hope you can add the shipping cost.. ≪ [Advertising] The exhibition of store organizations will begin. Thank you for your alert. ( ^3 ^)/~~~ ≫
◆ "Many order discounts" (Successful bid price x 8 cases or more = from total price ♪♪ 5%discount ♪♪). ◆ Information ⇒ [◆ Immediate delivery possible [Pita bread] Pita Bread versatile Sandoke Bab Event Festival Mom / Mimicry store !!!. It's a very versatile Pita Bread. It is a bread that was born in Nakakazu Higashi -North Africa and has been very active in Europe and the United States in modern times.. It seems to be called pocket bread in the United States. Add water, salt, sugar, and yeast to the raw flour, ferment it for about an hour, and bake it in a hot oven at once.. From the inside of the hollow pocket, scoop and eat various sauces such as Hums (paste of chicks), and sandwich ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and beans, such as sworns, kebabs, and falsafel. Eat as a sandwich. I think that the party is a good party, preparing ingredients and inserting them into Pita bread, in place of "hand -rolled sushi", which is often done at home.. Cut about 100g of bread per piece in the sewing machine (sometimes there is no sometimes), insert the ingredients, and add your favorite sauce.. You can enjoy deliciously with conventional bread sauce such as jam and butter.. It will be delivered in the freezing state after processing, so you can enjoy it even if you decompress at room temperature, but you can enjoy it with a toaster (about 1 minute), microwave oven (about 30 seconds) or steam (about 30 seconds). increase. Fixed stores are OK at home, rather than the bases.. In addition, I think that it can be easily used at events, festivals, events, children's associations, schools, residents' associations, festivals, etc.. It is OK to ship to the venue, but you will need a booth number (tent number and store opening number) in the venue.. Date specification & time specification can be specified, but it may be back and forth due to the transportation company.. In that case, please contact the sales office of the nearest shipping company for the successful bidder.. (You can take responsibility for shipping, but it is impossible to take responsibility for the transportation company.. )
Please order 10 or more (1 bag or more). At first, I would like you to try it in a small amount of 10 bags, and if you like it, you can order in one case.. At the time of the event, I hope you can make a discount in 8 cases.. Please be assured that it is not a store, so there is no consumption tax.. How about this opportunity for creative dishes, ideas dishes, and new menus?
◆ Size (unit is ㎝) ⇒ Diameter: 6.5inch (16㎝) Heavy: Approximately 100g (Please allow some errors in measuring)
◆ Stock number ⇒ There are about 9 bags. (10 bags per bag, 14 bags per case)
◆ State ⇒ New / frozen. ◆ Reserve of other items & collective packing & collective delivery OK. The highest bidder who wants to save shipping is welcome !!!
◆ We are planning to pay the Sagawa Express for the normal temperature.. Frozen shipping is planned to be a frozen cool flight of Sagawa Express or Kuroneko.. ◆ Please note ⇒ The price is 1 bag (10 sheets).. If you are in a hurry, we would be grateful if you could have the desired size and quantity in the question column before the end.. (^-^) (Preparation / status check can be done in advance) Please check the image for details.. The shipping cost will not be requested other than the amount posted in H.P. etc.. Please do not claim, no return, no support except for the initial failure within 3 days after the arrival of the item.. We can not respond to cancellations after a successful bid. In the case of cancellation, I would like to respond to the evaluation without any problems if you can respond to the expenses (1000 yen uniformly) and the successful bid (a successful bid price x 5%).. Please understand the above contents and bid after considering it.. ★ The contents of the transaction are described in the successful bid notification (message from the seller) from Yahoo.. I am sorry, but I will replace it with the first contact from the seller, so please be sure to look at it.. . We are also exhibited, so I would be grateful if you could see it.. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((("("^"" ")") / ~~ "
It is a booth that is exhibiting the closed sale. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓マイ・オークションをごらんください
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