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Operation confirmed CQ-M3100 1DIN MD FM AM Panasonic audio head unit @2100s
Auction ends 23 hours
Current price ¥3,980 $28
Start price ¥3,980 $28
Buy-now ¥3,980 $28
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller azhge64492 +3306
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-20T12:03:02+09:00
End time 2024-04-21T22:02:52+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number w1094252398
Seller position Yamagata Prefecture

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Simple information
Shipping cost 850 yen ~ (Takkyubin (60) * shipping by region)
Shipment In principle, within 24 hours from payment * For details, please check the "Delivery Details" column.
Shipping company Yamato Transport
Product state Operation confirmed
Representative model number CQ-M3100
* Please be sure to look at the explanation column when purchasing
Delivery details
【Shipping List】
* We are trying to provide shipping costs at as low as possible, but please note that the price increases by the shipping company and will be revised at any time in this explanation column.
[Shipping remarks]・ In principle, it will be shipped within 24 hours from the completion of payment, but you may have to wait up to 36 hours depending on the situation.. ・ If payment is completed after 15:00 or on holidays on the day before the day of absence, it will be shipped the next business day.. ・ On holidaysCalendar of this link (connect to Google Drive)Please confirm.
Product Info
[Product 1]
product name audio
Model number CQ-M3100
spec Size: 1DIN / Sound Source: MD / Radio: FM AM
test results Power: OK / Screen display: OK / Key / Touch Operation: OK / MD: OK / FM: OK / AM: OK
Manufacturer and other Panasonic
Size / Weight 24cm*18cm*5cm / 1.05kg*Introductory value including accessories such as wiring
Efforts for quality
We are focusing on the operation test while incorporating the know -how of major companies so that customers can purchase with more peace of mind. As an example, I will introduce the test method of the audio unit, so I would be grateful if you could refer to it.
① Connect the audio unit to the power supply and start the test Various types of power harnesses are connected to the bundle of wiring in the back side, and power is supplied from the stabilization power supply outside the screen. By aligning various power harnesses, tests for diverse audio car navigation systems are possible. In addition, it has the functions necessary for testing, such as a switch connected to the illuminated line outside the screen. ② Check if each playback source (including radio) can be played normally / Test other functions In the rotating playback source such as CDs, the first song can be heard but the last song cannot be heard. In order to increase the reliability of the test as much as possible, we are testing in the order of the first song, the last song, and the middle song. In addition, we have minor playback sources such as memory sticks to confirm that as many sources can be played as possible. ③ Store the product All stocks are managed by QR code so that you do not misunderstand the test results or deliver incorrect things to customers.
For International Customers
If you live in a foreign country, please purchase from the link below. For International Customers, Please Purchase from the Links Below. If you are not sure one to choose, we recommend "beyee".
ヤフオクを世界へ Japan Auctions to the World Buying proxy service (Goods from Japanese online shops and auctions). Buy from Japan with Zenmarket.Jp!
Others / Note
◆ About the supplier・ We sell products that are no longer needed at maintenance shops.◆ If you want multiple successful bids and bundles・ If you wish to ship and ship, please use the Yahoo Auction's "Transactions" function. For customers who cannot use the "collective transaction" function, we would be grateful if you would like to inform you as soon as you want to bundle after a successful bid. ・ Please note that if you wish to bundle without using the "collective transaction" function, it may be shipped individually depending on our order processing status and the timing you wish.◆ About payment・ Please note that the payment method is only Yahoo! Easy Payment, and payment methods such as bank transfer cannot be accepted in principle. ・ If you can not pay within 3 days after a successful bid, please note that you may cancel your successful bid.◆ About delivery size / fee・ The luggage size described in the description column is calculated based on the size of the product measured in advance. As a result of the packing, it may be different from the size described, but the shipping fee will be confirmed by the amount described in the description column. Please be assured that we will not request an additional amount.◆ About description information・ We pay close attention to the accuracy of the information, but if there is a discrepancy between the explanation column, product title and product image, information on product images will be prioritized. We cannot accept refunds and returns due to this inconsistency, so be sure to check the product image.◆ About conformity・ Please note that we cannot guarantee the conformity of parts. In addition, there is a description of "compatible models" in this description column, but please consider it as a reference information. This is because, for example, the conformity may be different even for the same type model. ・ Please refer to the following website for the conformity of genuine parts. You can also search by board ◆ About accessories・ Regarding accessories such as harnesses, it is clearly shown in the product image (eg, the appearance of being connected in the back image of the car navigation system is photographed / photographed next to the car navigation system. ) Only things are included. If you can't judge the accessories, be sure to ask a question from the question column. ・ Regarding the operation of accessories such as power harness, we cannot guarantee unless it is described in the description column "Test Result".◆ Precautions for purchasing "Operation confirmed"・ As can be said for all used goods, even if there is no problem in the operation test, it may break down immediately after mounting or break down during transportation. As described separately, refunds are possible within 3 days of arrival, so please check the operation as soon as possible after arrival. -The operation confirmed When purchasing the product, the only thing that guarantees the operation is the function that states that it operated in the "test result" in the description column. Please note that other functions are not eligible for warranty and are not eligible for returned or refunds. This is because due to various circumstances such as our equipment and radio wave conditions in the office, all functions cannot be tested.◆ Return / refundable requirementsAs a general rule, we will accept it when it applies to both the following two points. ① Within 3 days from the arrival of the product
(2) In the case of our responsibilities, which are objectively judged to be our responsibility and are not exempted in the "Other / Note" column◆ Return / refund flow・ In the case of non -operating confirmation items, we will refund when the image etc. are objectively judged as our responsibility after sending images.. If there is a problem with the operation confirmed and the function to be guaranteed, we will return it to us by cash on delivery, and we will refund the problem as soon as we can reproduce the problem. If the bug cannot be reproduced (operate normally), we will resend the product to the customer the videos at the time of the reproduction test. In this case, please note that refunds will not be implemented, and cash on delivery and retransmission will be borne by the customer. ・ In addition, the above is a principle. Depending on the individual situation, you may be refunded by a simple confirmation method or requested to provide more detailed information.◆ Notation based on the Special Commercial Transactions Law·Notation based on the Special Commercial Transactions LawPlease confirm.
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