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☆ A8133 ☆ Unbalanced ★ Bronco Bronco 1/35 SWS W/2 CM Flakvierling 38 Half -track armor type/2cm quadrded FLAK38
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥6,800 $48
Start price ¥6,800 $48
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kuisinbopanda321 +5472
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-13T21:10:39+09:00
End time 2024-04-15T21:10:39+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number w1113071757
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture
☆ A8133 ☆ Unbalanced ★ Bronco Bronco 1/35 SWS W/2 CM Flakvierling 38 Half -track armor type/2cm quadrded FLAK38

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★ Unbounded ★ BRONCO Bronco 1/35 SWS W/2 CM Flakvierling 38 Halft rack armor type ・ 2cm quadrd clothes FLAK38 installed type ★
Description of item
Thank you for seeing. Please read the explanation to the end and ask for a bid with satisfaction.*☆*: ;;;;:*☆*: ;;;: ・ ゜*☆ ;;;:*☆ ;;; ;: ・ ゜*☆*::It is a used article of house storage. It is exhibited for home arrangement. After the purchase, I was sleeping in the closet of my home. Not is the assembly. Vinyl with the contents runner will be unopened. The box has damage due to aging. (Please check with the image)
I would like those who can understand the long -term used goods.*☆*: ;;;;:*☆*: ;;;: ・ ゜*☆ ;;;:*☆ ;;; ;: ・ ゜*☆*::Please judge by the image for details. I have exhibited various other things, so please take a look. The products currently being exhibited are →Hereis.
★★ For those who are thinking of bidding ★★Please bid only for those who can understand the following items. ★ Please give the details of the product to those who can judge in the image. (Please ask a question if you don't know)
★ Those who are looking for beautiful goods, those who are nervous, please refrain from bidding. (There may be some scratches that are insufficient for explanation, lack of confirmation, etc., but please forgive when you overlook it.. )
★ The timing of the evaluation from us will be made after the highest bidder has been evaluated. If you do not need evaluation, we ask you not to evaluate. ★ New people or those who have a lot of evaluation minus may be deleted without permission after the evaluation check even if they are bid. ★ If you cannot contact us within 24 hours after a successful bid, we will cancel for the highest bidder convenience. (The evaluation from us at that time is "bad")
* As a method of avoiding trouble, the above is the bidding condition. I am very sorry for those who are seriously working, but thank you for your understanding.■ Regarding the condition of the product.Our exhibit is unless there is a special notationOf used goodsWill be. Since it is stored at home, there may be fading, dirt, or scratches due to aging due to lack of confirmation. (If it is new, it will be written as "new". )
In the exhibitJunk treatmentThere is a product exhibited in. In that case, the product name and product description are listed with that effect. Please note that we cannot accept cancellations, complaints, returns, or refunds for junk products. (If you can understand the meaning of junk products, please bid. )■ Regarding questions.If you are worried, please feel free to ask any details. Please note that if you have a successful bid, you will not be able to complain, return, or refund if you have a successful bid. If you ask questions that cannot be answered immediately, you may have time to answer. (If we check the product or inspect the points pointed out)
The question after 17:00 cannot be answered during the day, and the answer may be the next day. I haven't answered any questions just before the end. (Please ask early questions)■ Regarding prompt decision.If you wish to make a prompt decision, be sure to set a "prompt decision price". If there is no setting, we do not think about it, so please do not ask questions.■ Regarding trading methods.After a successful bid, we try to reply within 24 hours for reply from here, but reply may be delayed due to work reasons. Please note. Payment will be informed of the amount including the shipping fee here, so we ask you to pay later.
Shipment details
★ Our sending method is based on Yu -Pack shipping cash on delivery if there is no hope from the highest bidder. Yu -pack price list is →Here★ Please let us know in the transaction navigation after the successful bid if you have the wish of the successful bidder, etc., if you have a non -standard -size mail, click post, letter pack, etc.. (In some cases, we will decide how to ship here, taking into account the size of the product, the amount of successful bids, etc. )★ Note ★ There is no tracking number or a guarantee of non -non -standard -size mail. If you choose a shipping method that does not have a guarantee, please note that we will not be responsible for non -mailing or damage to products.★ We do not hand over by hand. (In the past, there was a problem, so we are not sure to trade by hand. Please do not ask questions)★ Regarding packing. ★★ Wrap the product with a cushioning material (Petit Petit or plastic bag), pack it in imitation paper or tea envelopes. ★ We do not receive additional charges such as packing fee. If you wish to pack strict packing with cardboard, please contact us after a successful bid. (Please understand that it will be packed by cardboard etc. you have received)
★ We do not pack for gifts..★ Regarding bundled shipping and reserve in multiple successful bids. ★If you are a successful bid for multiple products, if you want to ship bundled, it will be a transaction using the Yahoo Auction summary trading function. Summary transactions are limited to successful bid products within 3 days, so the reservation of multiple products across the date will be within 3 days. (Please note that bundled shipping may not be possible depending on the product. The convenience of size, broken objects, etc.)
★ The shipping fee for the bundled shipment will change the size and weight, so it may not be possible to ship with the shipping fee of this product described here.. Please be sure to wait for the shipping fee from here and apply for payment.★ Regarding overseas shipping. ★★ Overseas shipping cannot be shipped. I will go through even if I have a question. If you make a successful bid for overseas shipping, it will be canceled unconditionally due to the highest bidder convenience. It will be bad for the evaluation. (IS Not Possible to Ship Outside of JAPAN)★ Regarding shipping work days. ★★ Payment confirmation, transaction navigation response, and shipping work will only work from Monday to Friday. Please note that we do not work on auctions on weekends and holidays. Due to the convenience of work or poor physical condition, you may have time to ship. In that case please understand.
Payment Method
Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
This item's guide is "■@Immediate Sale 4.85 ■It was created with.
Since it has otherwise sent, please have a look, if very well.
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