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Deadline garter with a mini skirt maid / Costume / Lolita ☆ black MAI-10
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥940 $10
Start price ¥940 $10
Buy-now ¥1,040 $11
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller maru2ju +1961
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-14T12:19:40+09:00
End time 2020-07-16T12:19:40+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number w129830398
Seller position Shizuoka Prefecture

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Product Details
● Product name: garter with a mini skirt maid / Costume / Lolita ☆ black MAI-10
● Size: Free (for women M size)
● Note: body + Katyusha + arm ornament + garter (stockings is not attached. )
⇒ other maid / apronHereCheck in.
[Notes about the product]- product is mass-produced goods made overseas. Japan made the difference between making sweet, but provides photo and the real thing is there are many may be different (which is of course, is more of the photos is good looks. )
If you are looking for the things of goods of the same quality that are sold over the counter, the more nervous one of the bid should withhold. ※ material notation, laundry tags, etc. There is no basically.

[Notes on the transaction]And new ID, the worse one of evaluation, the bid of those who are concerned about the transaction is subject to the cancellation or bid limit. Be bid again change its case ID, please understand that it can not dealings. - For foreign products, trouble that can not be addressed there is a possibility to occur here. It has a simple inspection, but it does not mean you are sure to open the bag. If there something in the "evaluation column" no, thank you so tell us always by "dealings Navi". And inventory, convenience on the "same product" of the exhibition management will be taken as to one person "two-point". If it is a bid by three or more points will be the process of deletion (or cancel) Please note. - the other in the individual exhibition there is work, so can not respond to those who are one and the fine request in a hurry. Large amount of the successful bid (thank you in less than 10 dishes at most) specify the date of arrival within a few days or or successful bid of urgent, please refrain from.

[★★ important ★★]• All of the product is mass-produced for overseas markets. Unlike Japanese-made "different from the one fabric I thought", "sewing sweet", Thank such as "package has collapsed.". * This in goods which have sent (underwear, including normal clothes), so is for all "cosplay", "in daily use" is not suitable.
On the understanding that point, thank you for your judgment of the successful bid. I hope in a no claim no return.
Flow after it makes a successful bid
- After a successful bid, (you can not contact us at all during the day) we will contact you by "dealings Navi" within 24 hours. However, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (New Year, including Golden Week, Obon holiday) is that it can not respond, will be the contact us day after a holiday. In addition it can not respond to the dispatch the same day, please note that those in a hurry do not bid. - contact us, after confirming the transfer, we will contact you for shipment confirmation at When we dispatch dealings Navi.
Payment / Shipping
● transfer amount of money = "amount of money for a successful bid + shipping (click post) "· Yahoo! simple settlement
(Since you can not perform correspondence by cash on delivery or cash on delivery, please understand. )
If it fits within the thickness 3cm, it can be bundled. Lingerie system (with the case of a disabled depending on the combination) is 3 items, body stockings 2 products (part of the goods is an exception. Bundled with other cosplay system there is a high possibility of the impossible), some of the cosplay system and accessories is only one point, it is likely that can not be bundled with other products. If it can not shippedYu-PackIt will be shipped in, etc..
A mailing cost changes of the provisions of Yahoo!, shipping became the only claim the actual cost Allowed. Since the packing costs became the exhibitor burden, please understand that I will consider it as dispatch by simple packing (contents will show through somewhat). As an exception, because if you specify that the successful bidder is that of to be able to claim the packing expenses, if you are worried "+20 yen" burden, so we will be shipped by packing method that can not see the contents, Please specify to that effect after it makes a successful bid. On brand name of inscribed with "clothing", it will ship. If you want the other product name, please contact me in dealings Navi. Since I also support such as general delivery, please let us know in dealings Navi. ⇒ other items for more informationHereCheck in.

Tags: id: maru2ju / Costume / id: maru2ju / maid /
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