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T10/T16 57SMD canceller built-in white power 3. 3W left and right 704LM 12 & 24ⅴ class minimum model overall length 40mm 3014SMD Shipping Cheap
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Current price ¥1,780 $18
Start price ¥1,780 $18
Buy-now ¥1,780 $18
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller renewjapan +4181
Condition New
Start time 2019-10-14T21:39:26+09:00
End time 2019-10-17T15:35:14+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number w309175854
Seller position Nagasaki City Nagasaki

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Product Details
Shipping 480 yen latest design T10 / T16 Short The latest EPISTAR LED chip 3. 3W T10/T16LED valve 12V&24ⅴ Canceller built-inThis is an LED bulb which adopted the 57 series SMD. To design the various parts to the latest, adopt the new chip, is a state-of-the-art model which has been subjected to stereo and navigation of noise suppression. The new chip is, in the pure white of white, please feel the difference of the brightness. We finished with the specifications that can surely satisfied. The difference is known to you, is an article of recommended. As it is the best of conventional design,
Ensuring stable lighting by the current to valve constant by new design. Ensure a stable lighting without the flicker prevention and non-lighting. Hold the LED load from overcurrent mounted current circuit, realizing a longer life. Power consumption is also reduced, long life! We recommend bright this product
This product is shipping 480 yen. We have set up cheaply in the total amount of money. Please purchase at this opportunity.
Product content
■ H3 2 pieces LED bulb ×※ corresponding voltage 12V & 24Ⅴ (corresponding to 10V ~ 30V)
※ Light Color: White
※ aluminum heat sink adopted with excellent durability and heat dissipation effect!
※ Size: length 40mm
Contact portions copper plate processing
Method of transaction
Please give me the input of order form after a goods successful bid.Please enter into the input of the order form from the successful bid page, please input customer information. Since we will start dealing as soon as we can confirm the input content, I would appreciate your input though I think it is busy. Your payment simple settlement ※
Monday to the payment and procedures until 2:00 pm on Friday, will be out as soon as can be confirmed. In the case of payment / procedure confirmation after 2 o'clock, it will be shipped the next business day. * Cash on delivery shipping customers
Order form input procedure will be sent out as soon as it is confirmed by 2pm from Monday to Friday. In the case of confirmation of order form input procedure after 2 o'clock, it will be shipped the next business day.
payment method
■ Yahoo simple settlement
■ Japan Net Bank sparrow Branch savings account 7402657 account holder Maeda Takayuki
■ Japan Post Bank passbook symbol - account number 17630-2655311 account holder's mosquito) Renew Japan
※ In the case of bank transfer / simple settlement: the highest bid + consumption tax 8% + postage
※ In the case of cash on delivery: the highest bid + consumption tax 8% + (carriage + cash-on-delivery charge 324 yen)
Shippingshipping method
Shipment of the product we will send at Yamato black cat posters flights.Shipping anywhere in Japan 480 yen※ Hokkaido (+500 yen), Okinawa will take (not a relay fee) additional charge (+500 yen). Correct Kuronekoposu flights is not covered by warranty. ※ Nekoposu service is not available cash is. Nekoposu flights ※ is, become a posting to the post, there is no compensation. ※ specified date and time is not available. The delivery, will arrive in two to three days after dispatch. You can keep track of your luggage because it will inform you of the tracking number after dispatch. ※ Delivery days is approximate. Please note that even there the case of delayed arrival due to weather, traffic conditions, etc. Customers using cash, will be Usually ships.The whole country and uniform 1080 yen(Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu)■ cash-on-delivery handling fee of 420 yen※ Hokkaido (+500 yen), Okinawa will take (not a relay fee) additional charge (+500 yen). Enclosure is limited to the basic 100 size, it will be only the basic successful bid on the same day. If you consider products with different end dates please let us know from the question. ※ When there is no delivery date designation, I will designate with the shortest due date without difficulty. In addition, if you are out of time on the date you specified, we will arrange redelivery as abstract votes will be entered. The shipping company's product keeping period is about one week, so please be careful as it will be returned to our shop after that. * If there is a [delivery date specification], please give it a date with a margin. * [Specify time] is (except for areas where time cannot be specified) Morning / Around 12-14: 00 / Around 14-16: 00 / Around 16-18 / 18-18Time appointment impossible area (such as the county or mountain area) can not be understood by us. At the stage of delivery, it may fall under [Time Unspecified Area]. ※ If you are concerned about, please contact us before it makes a successful bid. Specifying the date and time is not certain. ※ Delivery days is approximate. The date and time designation may be delayed depending on the weather, traffic conditions, etc. ◇ In the case of bundled products, please consult us as additional shipping fee will be charged depending on size and weight. ◇ Packaging cardboard boxes are reused. Thank you for your understanding.Some areas require a separate relay fee. About relay feeHerePlease confirm.
Security · Returns
In the case of attachment to the heavy truck, there are times when the voltage exceeding the momentarily 30V in nature on the over-current-consuming. We're sorry, your attachment to large vehicles will be taken outside the scope of this guarantee. For compensation of the valve Please note: For your installation of this product, you can not pay at all, such as wage at the time of installation or removal ※. ※ due to the fact that the use of this product, direct, please note that the responsibility for indirectly resulting accidents, damage and breakage does not assume in me. ※ the failure of the product itself, we will consider it as exchange correspondence. ■If it attached to the full guarantee of the product one year, available at the replacement of the valve corresponding.In addition, since the refund and returned goods can not be accepted, thank you purchase on your understanding.About initial malfunctionPlease check product after arrival of goods. Should there be any initial failure,
If you can contact within 7 days after delivery, we will correspond exchange at the item postponement. The shipping fee generated at that time will be borne entirely at our shop. * In the unlikely event, if the replacement item is out of stock it will be refundable so please be forewarned. ■
If it is a failure within the warranty period, we will respond by repairing or replacing the defective part with a new one.However, at that time, the shipping fee for returning the goods to our company will be borne by the customer. Cash on delivery is improper. Also, in case of a malfunction other than the initial malfunction, you will be required to return the item first. Please understand since we can not send replacement items before goods are returned. * Since the warranty card comes with the product of individual guarantee, please keep it carefully.
In mobile phones · smart phones, all explanatory texts are not displayed and product information is inadequate, so be sure to check out with the PC version before you bid. ■ Cancellation after bidding is not accepted as a basic. Please bid carefully, after consent, thank you. However, it is possible to make a mistake as it is about a person. In that case, please offer honestly. We will correspond. We hope that you will be able to deal with each other pleasantly. ■ Be sure to check the lighting / operation before installing to the car to confirm initial failure. ■ Please note that you will be charged a round-trip shipping fee if you cannot confirm the defect after returning to our company. ■ When cancellation is made after a successful bid due to unavoidable circumstances, a separate cancellation fee will be charged. ■ Customers who can not contact within 3 days after a successful bid may be unwilling to cancel. When canceling due to the circumstances of the highest bidder, bad evaluation will be automatically attached to the highest bidder on the Yahoo auction system. Please note. ■ Please refrain from the bidding of the customer with remarkably bad evaluation. Even if you bid, we may cancel the bid at our discretion. ■ If it is not installed correctly due to lack of customer's technology or knowledge, it will be out of warranty. Be sure to install it at a maintenance shop or a specialist. ■ Warranty is not covered except for natural failures such as submersion or leakage, valve damage, installation costs, deficiencies, and modifications. ■ processed ones, wiring cut. ■ In the case of operation failure due to aging of vehicle / parts mounted or failure etc. (Battery consumption, voltage shortage due to the failure of the electrical system)
■ with respect to lighting, on the characteristic of HID · LED, difficult color difference be matched surely, the difference of the left and right shades of banner except when there is a color difference of remarkable left and right, will be covered by the guarantee, such as the difference of the light-emitting color. (Banner is a consumable item, will also change the color tone by using aging)
■ Since your return of goods by the convenience can not be accepted in principle, please understand.
Contact Us
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [question to seller] column. [Question to the exhibitor] column may be unable to answer in case of malfunction of the system just before the end time ·. If you do not receive an answer after 24 hours (except on weekends and holidays), please contact us directly by e-mail. Our company e-mail address renewjapan@yahoo.co.jp
Flow from item bidding to shipping
[It makes a successful bid for the commodity After a successful bid, since successful bid mail reaches from Yahoo!, please click on the URL of the order form stated in the mail.[Order form input Please enter necessary customer information on order form and send it. In the case of cash on delivery, the procedure is completed here. [Payment In the case of Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement, please proceed from the settlement page. In the case of various bank transfers, we will add funds to the e-mails sent from us so please make a transfer. In the case of bundled and multiple purchases
※ In the case of bundling, the shipping cost may change depending on the size of the product. Please confirm dealings after confirming by e-mail from our company.
※ Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are closed regularly, the message from our company will be the next business day. [Shipping products After shipping is completed, we will inform you of the inquiry number of the luggage by e-mail. [Goods arrival In the case of cash on delivery, please pay the price on arrival of goods. It would be greatly appreciated if you can contact us by rating as products arrive. If there is a problem with the product, please contact me from e-mail.
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