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【BLINK BABY】free-size-fits-all 80 colors white 身丈 43/FAF
Auction ends 20 hours
Current price ¥376 $4
Start price ¥376 $4
Buy-now ¥2,160 $22
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller cigarstyle_net +11300
Condition Used
Start time 2020-07-08T21:55:40+09:00
End time 2020-07-10T21:55:40+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number w335404364
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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From Japan
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【BLINK BABY】free-size-fits-all 80 colors white 身丈 43/FAF
○ Product Description

There is some dirt and scratches, but it is good in general. Yes brand BLINK BABY
Yes size 80
Yes color white
Thirty-material cotton (cotton) 100%
Thirty-身丈 43
Yes width 27
Thirty-shoulder width 23

○ Delivery method
・ Click post (185 yen)

· Sagawa KyubinIn case
[Hokkaido] 1080 yen (Hokkaido)
[Northern Tohoku] 864 yen (Aomori, Iwate, Akita)
[South Tohoku] 756 yen (Yamagata, Miyagi, Fukushima)
[Kanto] 756 yen (Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi)
[Shin-Etsu] 756 yen (Niigata-ken, Nagano prefecture)
[East Sea] 756 yen (Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu, Mie)
[Hokuriku] 756 yen (Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui)
[Kansai] 864 yen (Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama prefecture)
[China] 1026 yen (Tottori prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture)
[Shikoku] 1080 yen (Kagawa prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Kochi prefecture)
[Kitakyushu] 1188 yen (Fukuoka prefecture, Saga prefecture, Oita prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture)
[South Kyushu] 1188 yen (Kumamoto prefecture, Miyazaki prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture)
[Okinawa] Rate to South Kyushu + Relay fee (Okinawa)

○ Flow of dealings
○ After you make a successful bid, please enter your name and address on the order form first. ○ Yahoo! easy settlement the person you wish If you take the confirmation of the settlement until the weekdays 9 am[Shipped within 1-4 business days]Will be. ○ If you would like to make a bank transfer, we will contact you with your bank transfer account after entering it to order form. ○ If you can confirm payment at 9:00 am on weekdays in case of transfer[Shipped within 1-4 business days]Will be. ○ We do confirm payment every day at 9 am on weekdays, so it is unnecessary to contact you after transfer. ○ The communication of the payment confirmation will be replaced by the shipping contact of the item. It takes time to reflect the settlement around 9:00 am, there are things that payment can not be confirmed on that day. Those who hurry will be paid within early business hours, thank you for your early payment.
○ About bundling
※ Including bundle, in case of multiple successful bidding, packing multiple items simultaneously into one transportation material, it is to put together into one. By using this method, you can send it with a mailing cost for one point, so you can make the shipping cost cheaper. ○ If it is a product of our shop's store, it is possible to bundle products bid separately. ○ If you are counting from the successful bid day of the item you bid earliest and bid successfully within 5 days, you can bundle any items. ○ If you wish to include the bundle of order formIn the customer request column, please inform "including enclosed hope ○ ○ point" and bundle hope purport and quantity.We calculate the weight and form of the item, we will inform you of the cheapest shipping method. ○ If the successful bid is 2 points or more and the total price exceeds 2,500 yen【free shipping】Will be.
○ Payment method
※ Currently, there is no handling of Yucho Bank. Thank you in advance for your understanding. · Bank transfer Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

· YAHOO! か ん た ん settlement of accounts

○ Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Q, I would like to deposit money to Yucho Bank
A, excuse me, but we do not have any treatment at the moment. Thank you for your payment to Japan Net Bank or Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts. Q, after a successful bid, there is no contact at all
A, our shop is contacting Yahoo! Japan registration e-mail address, but there are many cases that it is not currently being used. Excuse me, please confirm the e-mail address of registration, please make a successful bid after changing the e-mail address of Yahoo! Japan registration. In addition, although the mail address matches, there are cases where it is in the spam folder or the reception box is full. Sorry, after confirming, we appreciate your response. Q, I received money but it is not delivered
In the case of simple settlement, ID can be verified because it is granted, but in the case of bank deposit, it will be the material of the check only "transfer name". It can not be verified if it is credited with the name of the addressee and the highest bidder in a different name or if the order form is not filled in. In that case, delivery is also impossible naturally, but since it can not be determined which payment from the customer you are in, you will not be able to contact you. If you want to payment in your marriage has been your family's name, if that is sent directly from our shop as a gift, such as the case of payment in your name of the company
If your name is really different from the transfer and the receiver's address and the highest bidder, thank you to not forget to let us know in our shop. Q, I do not know the input method of order form
A, we ask you for input to order form for every bidder of our shop. Order form has become a highly secure deal management tool that you can use also from PC and mobile phone. By entering here, all the information up to delivery is prepared without any incompleteness. As for handling, please have a help page on the following link so please input after input.
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