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[B] M2 Interior Coordinator Passing Technology Edition / Interior Problem Study Group
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥800 $9
Start price ¥800 $9
Buy-now ¥800 $9
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller satsukibooks2127 +4132
Condition Used
Start time 2021-01-21T21:30:40+09:00
End time 2021-01-28T21:30:40+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number w363669754
Seller position Nagano Prefecture

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Customers all of the successful bid has been completedOrder form input from here(Please make sure to enter before easy settlement. )画像 ↑ please start a transaction Click here to after a successful bid ↑ The sum of the amount of money for payment is [commodity price + postage]. Please be [input directly shipping to the shipping column] always at the time of the simple settlement. If it is settled in shipping Not input will transfer you later. Please be careful. Our shop is an auction store. Use the [dedicated external order form of] not the dealings method using dealings Navi. Only person who can acknowledge, thank you for your bid. All acknowledge the flow of dealings if you offer a bid, it is assumed that you've gotten to convince.Please note that we can not take any responsibility for any of the disadvantage of causing a flow of dealings not confirm ※.
Product status2011 7th Edition 2. It is generally good condition. If you are concerned about the state, please refrain from bidding.

About shipping method and shipping cost ※ forgot to shipping input of simple settlement at the time is very often. Shipping input at the time of easy settlement is handmade input to the shipping field of yourself. After confirming after entering the order form some of the shipping of your own is always, thank you the settlement ※For Yu-Packet: Nationwide uniform:300 yenIt is a charge in shipping only one point. Please be sure to check the following 【About simultaneous packing shipping fee】. In the case of Yu Pack: Tohoku, Kanto, Shinetsu, Hokuriku, Tokai: uniform800 yenKinki: uniform900 yenChina · Shikoku: uniform1000 yenKyushu: uniform1100 yenHokkaido1200 yenOkinawa / remote island:1500yenIn the case of Yu-pack shipment, even if you make a successful bid for any number of points, the shipping cost can be shipped in the amount listed here. Please choose one of two delivery methods. Delivery methods other than the above are not supported. Please note.

Flow from successful bid to product arrival1 Successful bid
2 Order form input.Order form input from here(Please make sure to enter before easy settlement. )
Customers who have made all successful bids must enter the order form before easy settlement. The order form site of our shop can be entered by clicking the banner above the auction page and the link above. Or after the end of the auction, a link will be delivered from our shop where the URL for the order form entry is described on the customer's email address and the contact bulletin board (will be changed to dealings navigation). You can also enter the order form entry site by clicking on its URL or pasting it in the address bar. 3 Payment (Please send within 7 days from the first successful bid including the bundle)
Please follow the instructions on the order form, thank you for payment. 4 Shipping
Usually ships within 2 business days. 5 Arrival of goods

About simultaneous packingPlease enter your order form with multiple bids at the end of the auction and the full price will be calculated automatically with the package. Please note that changes can not be made regarding the shipping cost that has been automatically determined after multiple bids. If you wish individual settlement, please be sure to enter / clear the order form at the time of the 1 point successful bid. The shipping rule in the package is as follows. Please refer to the notation written before the product name. [B] M1 notation product · · · 2 points to 2 points (300 yen) Shipping 3 points-Yu Pack shipping
[B] M2 notation product · · 2 points-Shipping in Yu Pack
[B] YP notation products · · Yu Pack shipping
[CD] Notation products · · · 2 points Yu-packet (300 yen) Shipping 3 points ~ Yu Pack shipping
[7] Notation product · · · 2 points to 2 points (200 yen) Shipping 3 points to 10 points Your packet (300 yen) 11 points-Yu Pack shipping
[LP] Notation Products · · Shipping in Yu Pack
[12] Notation products · · Shipping in Yu-Pack
[SP] Notation product · · · Shipping in Yu Pack
[P] Notation products · · Shipping in Yu Pack
Products with different notations are bundled ... Shipping in Yu-Pack
The shipping cost of Yu Pack does not change with the charge described in the [delivery method and shipping fee for delivery method and shipping cost] of the above [delivery method and shipping cost].. Therefore, when it is bundled, it will be more profitable as you make a lot of successful bids. In addition, you can choose Yu-Pack shipping even for items that can be shipped bundled with Yu-Packet.

RemarksWe check the condition of the product, but there is also a possibility that it may be overlooked because it is done visually. Please tender after having understood that there is also the possibility of oversight, and only second-hand goods. Also, please note that we can not accept cancellations or cancellations after bidding or returned goods due to your convenience. When it is not possible to settle within 7 days from the product successful bid, we will consider it as deletion on successful bidder convenience. Products will be stored in the warehouse, so we can not answer any questions about detailed products. We basically refuse to receive any product at the store.

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