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☆★☆Unused☆★☆ [program password] cream/stain 002 app Free
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Condition New
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☆★☆Unused☆★☆ [program password] cream/stain 002 app Free
Description of item
Brand: Renapur(Ukrainian part)
Color: clear
Size: Free Size
Product comes with a sponge to apply a small amount as a thin layer of only the"stain"protection"and only""water-repellent""mildew grows on many effects"is obtained.. In a variety of colors care of your shoes is about 1 minute in the end. Shoe Polish in either The Color layer is it.. Shoes and other leather products of protection or to offer.. Colorless, odorless・and finish・water repellent・moldy without, such as a small amount of it amazingly clean leather to revitalize it.. 保革,water repellent,complementary colors, anti-microbial,gloss only to the bottom.. Natural materials used beads wax (beeswax), jojoba oil and natural ingredients using only the. Other petroleum solvents, using the treatment of such content and that the unpleasant smell is not. The small family that the children can also rest assured to use. Even in small amounts the effect is sufficiently negative to a small amount, take the surface stretched thin please. Leather ingredients into a natural luster, vitality gives. Brand introduction born in Germany or one touch leather care merchandise. Ingredients: beads wax (beeswax)・jojoba oil・petrolatum・lanolin 100%
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Shipping we have been with the [free]. Shipped (not allowed regardless of the same products and other products), cash on delivery, please understand that it does not correspond to the general delivery.

· Product If awarded, I need your help within three days from the payment date of bid. When you can not pay within three days, we ask that you please contact us in advance. Payment within three days even when you can not even contact us, we will delete as cancellation treatment by the highest bidder convenience Please note.

- a bid and the cancellation after a successful bid there is a possibility that financial burden of exhibitor occurs, please let us know. Please refrain from the person who can not contact after it makes a successful bid.

- not all necessarily have the expertise of goods, some may not be able to answer the question Please note. Also after a successful bid question, the question can not be such as photos attached correspond thank you before bidding. · Quick so we trying to ship, most of the goods will be shipped within 3 to 4 days from now Payment. Early ones are some things that you can ship within three days. But, in shipping, such as the case of overlap holiday due to circumstances
If you it takes about five days some may please acknowledge.

By your PC or smart phone of the screen there is a case to come out is a slight difference to your color of the product. Or more, and the case of a bid and a successful bid, we will be treated as those who acknowledge the contents written in the above.

If if does not have you understand that we ask that you please refrain from the tender.

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