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[Prompt decision] 10ml eucalyptol © scan 100% natural essential oils essential oils Therapeutics (medical) grade Eucalyptus globulus send 198
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥660 $7
Start price ¥660 $7
Buy-now ¥660 $7
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller puttalin_yogi +2349
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-08T16:30:55+09:00
End time 2020-07-15T08:30:55+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number w389844950
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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From Japan
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★ Product Description ★
[Grade] Therapeutics (Medical)
[Contents] 10ml, average 43g
[Volatilization rate] top notes
[Incense] tree system
[Importer] United Kingdom
[Stock] month May 2020
· Clear in the sharp, fresh, very distinctive aroma of
- in pale yellow, viscosity is watery
ISO9001 is the manufacturer of the essential oils that are certified (quality management system by the International Organization for Standardization). Dropper with glass shading bottle
Dropper one drop: about 0.2ml※ Due to the nature of the goods, also there is the case that oil leakage in relation to atmospheric pressure change and sway on the transport process occurs in a state that is no matter how sturdy packing. It reaffirmed the close of the cap at the time of packing, put in a craft box on which it is fixed so as to fill the gap of the boundary between the cap and the bottle in the fusing tape (not sticky when peeled off), packed in a more OPP bag and bubble wrap it, but still there is a possibility that oil leakage occurs. Please acknowledge it beforehand.※ If you could only 10ml essential oils, at the click post up to about 18 this Enclosed dispatch is possible.
★ notes ★
Ship on the day in your settlement check of until 14:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
[Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law] information about the seller, so we have described in the self introduction column absence scheduled date, etc. in addition, if you are scheduled to hurry Please confirm particularly in advance.
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