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12-144 Books / Western Books / Music Team (CD Nice) ★ FUNK / R & B Guitar: Creative Solos, Grooves & Sounds ★ Guitar, Funk, R'n'B, THADDEUS HOGARTH
Auction ends 2 hours
Current price ¥300 $3
Start price ¥300 $3
Buy-now ¥300 $3
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller charchar_1939 +1789
Condition Used
Start time 2021-08-01T09:49:29+09:00
End time 2021-08-02T20:49:29+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number w441049271
Seller position Miyagi Prefecture

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CD does not come.
I think the "ordinary" condition "in terms of age. (Subject to the last)
The state of the product is as a reference only, and finally, please judge in the photo.
It is a simple check. (Damage such as write / cutouts should not be seen, but please note that there may be only one overlook, but please be aware in advance. )
It is a second-hand exhibition. If you are worried about the fine condition (the nervous person) please refrain from bidding.Please read it enough to include the following precautions, etc..
Caution at the time of bid (such as book, CD, DVD, Blu-ray)The one in the picture is all. (We are photographed only if there are benefits, appendix, postcard, photographs, etc. )2 "Concurrent degree" is a used scratch (broken), yellowing and dirt, but it means that there is no particular problem in using (reading, listening, viewing, viewing, viewing). 3 "Simple check" means "Book and jacket (Liner Notes) to be broken with parapara. At that time, the confirmation of confirmation is described in the shooting and text.4- There may be a second-hand unique "smell, tobacco odor" and a photo unique to a waste paper that can not be expressed in the photo. (Many in old magazines. )6 There may be scratches, dirt and writing that you overlook also.
7-8 All comments are the subjective, and the degree of goodness is finally judged by the photo.
If 900,000 is one, title (including comments) and the photos do not match, please give priority to photos.NORKRAGE NO Return NO Cancel. Any of the claim can not accept about the product.As mentioned above, please bid for all recognition.
Payment MethodYahoo simple settlement only.
YahooOrPayment hope and other than lanthanum settlement, such as the easy settlement expired, we will consider it as cancellation by "successful bidder convenience".
① delivery method Please check. (May vary in unavoidable circumstances)
② weekends and public holidays (including long holiday season) might absence are many, can not be corresponding questions and shipping. 3 Please check our profile before bidding. If you are in business trip, it might dispatch of shipping deadline last minute. (Shipping after up to 6 days)
4 I would like to respond to the flexibility as much as possible about the change and bundling of the shipping means, but there may be cases where you can not respond to the carrier and weight. 5 Packing (box) Use recycled goods to use. Large luggage will try to fit in compact as possible. 6 There is no problem with trouble warranty during delivery. 7 We do not support overseas shipping.
For bid and a successful bid
① be awarded and those who evaluation is determined to be significantly worse, there is no contact of'm after a successful bid, but those who Yosu the more than 48 hours of time to deposit there is indeed unwilling, be canceled by the highest bidder convenience Let's eat.New people (including less evaluation) and "If you have a bad assessment, be sure to contact your purchase intention. Or bid Please refrain from itself. Past Evaluation Depending on your comments, you may want to delete even during the bid. Please note that it is bad because there are very many mischief bidding.
1 Evaluation is evaluated from the successful bidder after arrival, and we will be evaluated in the form of reply (thank you).
Evaluation to us is also not required for the direction of evaluation needlessness. It will reply the reflection assessment and get the evaluation.3 Even if you notify you of the evaluation and contact, you may be rarely evaluated in a variety. Please note.
Please give me a bid of only those who can understand the above. In addition to questions, please question.
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