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♪ Masa Masuda 39 pieces! Chiba Mikadamura Junko Kawada Naomi Hosokawa Tomomi Nishimura Rika Nishimura Rika Fujitani Miki Fujitani Miki Fukatsu Mika Kawagoe Ribbon
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☆ 39 cutouts. Other articles include Mika Chiba, Eriko Tamura, Junko Kawata, Naomi Hosokawa, Yoko Matsushita, Tomomi Nishimura, Rika Himenoki, Miki Fujitani, Eri Yamanaka, Mika Yamanaka, Mika Watanabe, and Kawagoe. Miwa -san, Ribbon, etc. ( * The size of the article itself is large and small). ★ The exhibition also includes those that have a shortage of articles. Even if the photo is duplicated, there is no duplicate in the actual exhibition (it may include a difference in the magazine or a partial difference in the layout). For photos for reference only, there is a case from actual size ratio is different. Magazine cover/back cover may be damaged. Cutting may include something that does not use a cutter, etc. except for a part, and has something with a distortion of the cut.. Will be a four-fold if there is a newspaper. If you wish to do something like a new one for more than a certain period of time, please refrain from a new one ( * Both packing/reinforced materials are used, and no special bags are prepared. If you want to be "new", we cannot respond even if you can pay for the cost). ☆ Be sure to see the self -introduction column before bidding. If you have a bad evaluation, we will delete it even if you bid (even after a successful bid). The bid should withhold. After a successful bid, only those who can respond smoothly until the receipt contact, please do so so that you can bid. ★ After a successful bid, please complete the transaction information within 48 hours from the successful bid, and the payment procedure will be completed within 4 days from the successful bid. Shipping is a click post (if there is an over-size, it will be bent), letter pack light, plus either (\ 370/520 // If there is an overtown), it will be bent. * There is no compensation in the letter pack, so if you need it, please specify Yupaku.Also TsuboneTome will respond, but your contact will have to ask separately. If you give me your consent this point, please refrain from the tender.☆ The successful bid fee will be borne here. Because we want to help by a no claim no return, place to be worried about even your trouble is thank you to the questions in advance. We cannot accept payment by stamps. This is not the end of early. ★ Reserve is possible within one week from one item's successful bid. Please refrain from any questions that are not directly related to the transaction, such as the inquiry of the publication magazine. * I do domestic shipping only, but Feel Free to ask me in English, IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. Thank you.
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