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☆That buy☆Zucca TRAVAIL Army Shirt beige size cut army shirt work shirt work shirt beige size 1
Auction ends 17 hours
Current price ¥7,800 $78
Start price ¥7,800 $78
Buy-now ¥7,800 $78
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller atusi0508 +1395
Condition Used
Start time 2019-10-23T23:09:18+09:00
End time 2019-10-24T23:09:18+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x581447118
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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From Japan
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■■ Product Description ■■
Thank you for your circulation. Because although there is trouble will be the original of trouble, an explanation sentence Please read to the end. Wear the image if the model is 177×62 largest men. Here is the Zucca / Zucca of the application, the design of the shirt. The size notation is 1.. Men women can over size them and wear them absolutely cute and I think of her and of unisex and it is also pleased as a gift and I. This is a great chance for your wardrobe in addition to your guaranteed. Our property is all of 1 point as long as you have me there.. We recommend that you purchase early for your favorite products. Miss No thank you. The state is USED. Feeling of use is usually from the clothes also fit those with no problems are.. Also USED in. USED products, of the views a person by damage and dirt feel different from all through the quality refrain guaranteed. Size notation 1
Absolute size flat putting(back Heart dress length 70cm place,armpit width 52cm place,shoulder width 45cm place,sleeve length 64㎝position)
※Wear image model is 177×62 largest men. Special items for the Amateur, with measurements of some errors on your Note, Please join.
■■ sending out details ■■
Shipping method
Yu have a cash on Delivery(Guarantee have, the track has)

※Possible shipping order to suppress the small fit as well. some of the work is subject to availability due to limited supply.
■■ Payment details ■■
☆yahoo simple settlement
■■ Comment ■■
* This auction made all of the listed things to see, we can convince those who have been with them.. ※Amateur measurement some to the extreme size dimensions, do refrain please.. Trouble of can cause transactions to be prohibited. ※Recently, some of purchase intention no malicious bidders we stand out as markedly negative evaluation of the number bid, the successful bid will cancel the successful bid being the highest bidder convenience allowed to delete you.. This trading navigation will contact after 2 days of contact,within 4 days of payment addressed only those who bid in advance.. (Protect only if there are no bidders, cancellation of automatically very bad you can understand thank you. Retaliation Evaluation Report subject & Black List can be absolute to and see for. Report and DELETE requests will. )
※Our exhibit, basically USED goods, and USED goods to the understanding of how to bid in advance.. Nervous person ※, bid of scrupulous person please refrain. ※After a successful bid sudden to specify the shipping method other than forcing these insane people rarely looking to. Precautions to protect you and those judged successful bidder circumstances deletion very bad review with us. please note that. (Letter pack,non-standard-size, cash on delivery and submit an application)
※Your PC environment by image is not displayed correctly in.. please note that. * Always trade after the news,No cancel(3N)thank you. ※Your mobile phone, smartphone, or PC by the image for color and design is accurately projected, it may not be. please note that. ※The image request is requested and not. According to the actual size and have the item with all your decision, guaranteed. * Note, this serious failure is special in return,the refund will Product Price from Yahoo system fee after deducting the amount of the refund and please note that. ※We waste your personal trading in a range of exhibition and more.. Comment reply and shipping, such as shops level of support will be. Please understand. ※The images and the product images are our belongings taken images are the copyright of us to enjoy.. Reproduction is strictly prohibited,if found report after a legal treatment is strictly available at:. be careful. 357
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