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Studio Half-eye perfect transformation getter Robo corresponding electric getter missile machine gun pre-opening supplies
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥7,500 $75
Start price ¥7,500 $75
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller zaku06r1a +3621
Condition Used
Start time 2019-10-19T22:46:50+09:00
End time 2019-10-26T22:46:50+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x637302155
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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Studio Half-eye perfect transformation getter Robo corresponding electric getter missile machine gun pre-opening supplies
Product Details
Pre-opening product specifications are subject to change.. The contents is in the photograph product is all about. There is a pain in the box. Contents without problems, especially electric operated. Box damage there is,the product status is"scratched or dirty"it all.. Classy,of good quality products you are looking for a bid, please do not.
Payment details
Please pay for the successful bid price + the following shipping fee = the total amount. If there is no payment within the time limit of the simple settlement, it will be deleted by the successful bidder convenience. Please refrain from bidding if you can not pay within the due date, or if you do not have dealings intention.
Shipment details
:Yu-Pack 80 size(prepayment only・air cushion+cardboard box packing)
Compensation the date of delivery specified delivery time can be specified
After a successful bid,delivery date and delivery time specified, if the trading navigation please let us know. Especially contact without"no", ship it.. :Expected delivery date(and payment date of 3 days from the date 10 days)
:Delivery Hope time designation (in the morning・12 o'clock~14 o'clock ・14 o'clock~16 O'clock ・16 O'clock~18 O'clock・18 O'clock~20 O'clock・19 O'clock to 21 O'clock・20 O'clock ~ 21 O'clock )
It is Packed in the convenience of the notation as to size,1 ~ 2 on(shipping will be added)shipping may. In this case, the difference is 当方負担 to come in,pay the postage prepayment(advance payment)only, please. Usually, payment is confirmed every evening in the evening, shipping will be performed the day after or two days after the payment is confirmed. (Friday confirmed minutes week Monday ship on Monday, Tuesdays when Monday is a national holiday, such as shipping delay, you may. )
Shipping after the completion,the inquiry number (tracking number) we'll let you know. The possible range is included, the size large→shipping rates・display more increase and more..
From the seller
The other wish is,before bidding question,or after a successful bid in the trade message, please contact the. Thank you.
+ + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No. 219. 001. 001
(This fee after the fare change of October 1, 2019)
Yu-pack charge
(Shipping / 80 size / bring from Hyogo)
¥ 910 Hyōgo
980 yen Toyama Ishikawa Fukui Gifu Shizuoka Aichi Shiga Kyoto Osaka Nara Wakayama Tottori Shimane Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi Tokushima Kagawa Ehime Kochi
1,080 yen Ibaraki Tochigi Gunma Saitama Chiba Tokyo Kanagawa Yamanashi Niigata Nagano Fukuoka Saga Nagasaki Kumamoto Oita Miyazaki Kagoshima
¥ 1,190 Aomori Iwate Miyagi Akita Yamagata Fukushima
1,630 yen Hokkaido
¥ 1,510 Okinawa
+ + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No. 901. 001. 001
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