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[4-0914-T3]☆quality☆Harry Potter whole set set wooden BOX with 1~7 winding the Harry potters novel
Auction ends over
Current price ¥4,000 $40
Start price ¥4,000 $40
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller koriyamansaido +5766
Leader Q*5*Y***
Condition Used
Start time 2019-09-17T21:15:28+09:00
End time 2019-09-20T21:15:28+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number x640785158
Seller position Fukushima Prefecture

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~ To ~ Introduction
Thank you for seeing. There a "treasure-packed Yahoo! Auctions! Shop". It is therefore recommended that customers contact the tender or when dealings, announcements and the bottom product information, thank you "store information" and "dealings related to Information" you please look as. In addition, this store will have sent the product that I am allowed to your purchase from the customer at the real store, which is a comprehensive recycling shop. So we thank you for your understanding that there are a used goods. In addition, from the point of view of environmental protection, re-use of waste cardboard and cushioning material from the real store, it has been a box and packing materials for shipping. Click here to also thank you you can for your understanding.
【Product name】☆Good☆Harry Potter whole set set wooden BOX with 1~7 winding the Harry potters novel
In this store
Exhibition classification
Our shop in goods, trade name ☆ ☆ good phrase things, made as a used article, state and behavior to some extent good, or the goods it is determined that there is no problem in the original use product, even if slightly a difficulty to them we have. Please note that there is no in the sense that at all there is no defect, failure. It is on the understanding a used article to the last, those who ask for a like-new completion goods we ask that you please refrain from. Basically, used goods, except in the case where there is a significant deficiency, it has been a no claim no return. On your note of the above, any questions thank you you can ask a question before a bid.
Product information Product Name, is as image.
accessories As picture
State Please think that there is such a wound, [sure] Itami dirt of Nari used. If you were divided as follows, we have determined that the "B ~ C" about rank. Since the returned goods in judgment difference of state can not be accepted, Please judgment as far as you can see from the image, the more nervous one is not please refrain from. S...as good as new
A...a slight feeling of 極美 products
B...small scratches use feeling of the beauty products
C...size / feel and a lot of good
D...and size・use a lot or noticeable scratches is somewhat hard to you
E...use is not impeded when a State difficult to
Other Remarks Nothing particularly
Before the start of bid and dealings
Us is operated by the store ID. Because there is different from the dealings with individuals or between other stores, at the bottom of the page "dealings related to Information," the bid and dealings start on (PC version), as well as the always check "store information" please.
Flow of dealings after a successful bid
【1】Yahoo! Auctions! And because it is an automatic e-mail arrives from this store, from its URL in the text (accessible from the product page after a successful bid) Please access the order form. Please contact us by a connection bulletin board from me I will not.【2】After an order form input, thank you followed by the payment. Yahoo! Auctions! On the system, but this is displayed as "Please check your e-mail from the future of flow exhibitor" on the screen after an order form input, not have do connection from us in the payment before the point in time Hmm. Payment by us of the procedures it will pay before you need to check this, please"contact Bulletin Board"or e-mail【koriyamansaido@yahoo.co.jp】thank you to you.. Since the notification does not come in the demand column of the order form, there are times when the corresponding is slow. ※ [1-2] isAfter a successful bid one weekThere will be procedures deadline.【3】After confirming the payment, we will send you a "dispatch Contact" e-mail at the time the well-equipped dispatch preparation. In the case of the dispatch method with a tracking number, we will contact you to fit in this email.[4]The actual shipping is basically we have become since the evening of the day that you send an email. Please wait for the arrival of the goods in the next day or later. All ※ automatic notification and contact us from this store from Yahoo! Auctions! It is,@yahoo. co. jpSince I have but become from the mail of the domain, not please proceed to the reception set to dealings on the check. ※ per store, "successful bid Navi" to be used for transactions between individuals can not be used. In addition, shipping advice and other contact us by the "connection bulletin board" is not basically done. (Except for the case that you use the connection bulletin board from the successful bidder)
If you contact us by e-mail, thank you to the following e-mail address.koriyamansaido@yahoo.co.jp
About delivery method · shipping fee
It will be delivered the method described in the "delivery method" at the bottom of the page. Please check will vary for each product. Yu-pack, making a mailing that I am 100 yen to 300 yen to discount from the list price of Japan Post. Non-standard-size mail, email to say will be specified in the size of up to two because your understanding and please understand. In the case of Yu-Pack will vary by region and size of your area, please check the shipping from the table below. (Example 1) If you live in the Kanto region in the "Yu-pack 80 size" = 980 yen (tax included)
(Example 2) If you live in Kyushu in the "Yu-pack 170 size" = 2,740 yen (tax included)
Shipping List
Hokkaido Tohoku Fukushima Kanto Shinetsu Hokuriku Tokai Kinki China Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
Hokkaido Aomori
Fukushima Ibaraki
60 980 750 700 750 750 850 850 980 1180 1180 1410 1420
80 1190 980 910 980 980 1080 1080 1190 1400 1400 1620 1630
100 1430 1210 1160 1210 1210 1310 1310 1430 1630 1630 1860 1870
120 1570 1360 1300 1360 1360 1460 1460 1570 1780 1780 2000 2030
140 1820 1600 1550 1600 1600 1710 1710 1820 2020 2020 2250 2300
160 2030 1820 1770 1820 1820 1920 1920 2030 2240 2240 2470 2520
170 2290 2070 2000 2070 2070 2180 2180 2290 2500 2500 2740 2800
Non-standard-size mail (our specification 5 size)
weight Shipping cost
Such as the one trading card envelope size 92 yen
~ 50g 200 yen
~ 500g 500 yen
~ 1 kg 700 yen
~ 2 kg ¥ 1,020
There Yu packet ※ tracking number
Mainly of normal size game software / CD / DVD, etc
thickness Shipping cost
~ 1cm 250 yen
~ 2cm 300 yen
~ 3cm 350 yen
※ The size and weight, including up to, such as all packaging materials and boxes, envelopes. In addition, shipping is all tax-included price. ※ (such as a letter pack) dispatch method without the above, please understand that I do not handle it.
Cancellation of a bid and a successful bid, returned goods in relation to such
[Cancellation of a bid and a successful bid]The cancellation after a bid and a successful bid will not be accepted. (The store by negligence except if you want to)
Also, each auction after the trading deadline less than one week of no contact without an order form please type or payment if you do not wish to be a prank bid by the successful bidder as"successful bidder circumstances cancel"processing will. In this case, Yahoo! Auctions! On the system,Evaluation sticks is "very bad" automatically to the highest bidderPlease note it beforehand.[About returned goods]No flaws and defects noted in the product information, such as had been staggered and the content of the description, and only case of this store deficiencies, I will accept returned goods.Within a week after product arrivalOn your contact, we will send it by cash on delivery to our addressed. If you have only one week, please understand that it can not be accepted.[Junk] commodity with a described as [status product] is, even if there is no deficiencies noted in the product information, I do not accept at all.
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