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Hokusai Katsushika ■ HOKUSAI - Edo Ukiyo-e * treasured masterpiece collection 2000 points ◇ Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji The Great Wave off Kanagawa landscape painting handwriting Painting / One Hundred Tales sea of ​​Chie ☆☆ Free Shipping ☆☆
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Hokusai image collection Treasured masterpiece collection Red Fuji Treasured work data
Hokusai image collection

Hokusai image collection

< Over Can Removed by It was Edo of Old Can surface Shadow··· · ·> HOKUSAI Ukiyo-e, which was painted in glossy colors are,
   The delicate and graceful Edo of smell so chic in drifted,
  For us Mase pleasure the human mind to see.
"worldIntoBoast ofJapaneseTraditionartBook of paintings " "Edo Ukiyo-e / handwriting image" ** Hokusai Katsushika treasured masterpiece collection ** ~Hokusai ukiyoe collection~
Japan painting history, the supreme genius ukiyo-e "Hokusai Katsushika" complete recording of the treasured work data all 2000 points! High resolution and high image quality HIGH-RES oversized digital ART collections / Hokusai art book [DVD Media Edition]
- Japan traditional art "Hokusai Katsushika, Ukiyo-e" high-resolution digital collections - ◇ burning obsession to draw the true universe all things, a variety of genres
Worked on the Ukiyo-e, ingenious Edo of genius, which also attracted the famous painters of the world in the style of painting
"Ukiyo-e Hokusai Katsushika
A very valuable large-format treasured works 2000 election "was complete recording«Limited Source/Provides version » Oedo masterpiece electionMothTreasure CompleteHokusai masterpiece art book!
※ This product Disc, separately "Hokusai Manga full version" of the sale in all 15 volumes
(Picture book illustrations / cartoons full set book of paintings) 4000 figure does not include.
"Hokusai Manga full version Collection" is"Here in the exhibition"of
Since it has been recorded in a separate item (ukiyo-e masterpiece collection 1),
Come If you are interested, ticket can be purchased together.
Commercial available ※ This material data has become a public domain,
You accustomed to use regardless of the "commercial", "non-commercial".
"Such as the sum goods production, you can take advantage in a variety of scenes"
◎ various original goods production: T-shirts, towels, mugs, fans, kites, stickers, postcards, calendars, posters, flyers, catalogs, paper and e-book of pamphlets, POP, advertising, event flyers, accessories and miscellaneous goods, decoration, crafts, embroidery, Kamizaiku, illustrations, Web production, design, video, from creative your job, such as CG animation, business documents, planning and development, sales promotion, presentation, until the production of such promotion CM, regardless of the genre of hobby-work you can take advantage to the various scenes of everyday.
......Limited-edition special offer......

"Hokusai Katsushika * treasured masterpiece collection"
○ typical genius painter of traditional Ukiyo-e in Japanese Edo Period "Hokusai"Edo Ukiyo teacher who fascinated the famous painters of the world with an ingenious style of painting burning obsession to be draw the universe"Hokusai Katsushika / HOKUSAI"Precious Naru historical masterpiece of <CollectionUkiyo-e, Japanese paintings> aboutTo 2000 pointsRange,Large formatThe image data material, high-resolution(Average of about 3476px) with high resolution ultra-high-quality specifications, which boasts the
We completely full on DVD media (disc1 sheets)! [Recording format: JPEG / PNG / PDF]

»A number of vivid and vitality of Hokusai Ukiyo-e-work,On the big screen with a powerfulYou can gracefully charm you. ◎ Includes 'catalog list catalog / contact sheet booklet' useful for searching for works. ◎ From Ukiyo-e has been categorized and easy to use for each content and type. ◎ material image during recording in this product, you can use regardless of the commercial and non-commercial.

- Works - ※ We have posted dimensions and image quality for sample (digest version) The term ukiyo-e, literally"Exhilarated and the fun world of painting"That
In a sense, graceful and courtly of wind flow and views of the Oedo, of people in the Kabuki and Yoshihara
I like to enjoy and trends of the day-to-day is drawn to the infinite variety in lively.
Ukiyo-e is the beginning, was a book of illustrations in those woodblock printing of ink color to book. It is independent of the illustrations gradually come to be Sri As picture alone,
It is the beginning of people were being sold as a work of art to feel free to enjoy.
◎ a "fleeting life" of ukiyo-e in the sense of "reality", began as a picture depicting the common people living in the latter half of the 16th century. The Ukiyo-e is spread to people as popular culture is that from when in the 18th century (Edo period). It came to a familiar theme, such as actors and beautiful women are drawn, and it was now a chance to reading material of the mass-market in this era was popular among the people. Landscape to become as depicted in Ukiyo-e, life becomes rich, that from birth can afford to enjoy the journey, landscape painting of ukiyo-e, it had been used as a "postcard" of the time.
- The late Edo period of the genius artist "Hokusai"-(Katusika Hokusai) ◎ Japan painting history, one of the best artist. Nature manner in and originality rich composition feel even in the avant-garde, quirky,
Unique scenery processing feel the magnitude of the scale, made full use of and advanced graphic depiction to be thin to a subject in draw
And produced many works by overwhelming the target representation, Hakusu the worldwide high reputation of Japanese paintings typical ukiyo-e.
Hokusai Nishikie, such as among other ukiyo-e painting "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji", "countries waterfall around", "Fugaku Hyakkei"
And (ukiyo-e prints of woodcut multicolor sliding), "Hokusai Manga" and "Reader illustrations" is but have been known,
Handwriting images and beauties of nature, it has left a number of very good work in the field, such as Shunga.
Works that dealt of Hokusai, as Japonisme (Japan hobby) along with the works of Hiroshige Utagawa,
Monet, Cezanne, giving a strong influence to famous painters such as Van Gogh also in other countries not only in Japan but
And so on to receive a high reputation, it has established a strong position as a painter (painter), which represents Japan.
1999, chose the US Life magazine "100 people person in the world who left the most important achievements in this 1000 years."
Only a selected Japanese, Hokusai Katsushika is one of the ukiyo-e, which has attracted in recent years most attention.
Others, many recording.
Hokusai portrait, landscapes, history paintings, cartoons, Shunga,
Monster picture, Hyakunin, the work in all fields left,
None of that is, loving pathos which is the soul of Hokusai Katsushika
First-class masterpieces works and has been recognized worldwide.
(Hokusai continued to paint intently 88 years, left the work, which is also said to be about 30,000 points)
▽ Hokusai, the famous continuous cropping color woodblock print in the worldso
Suddenly in the spotlight
"Landscape painting"As a typical genre of Ukiyo-e
Established,As Edo genius painter, it will resound its name to now.
In addition, such as off a conspicuous also in handwriting images and cartoon, both in name and reality
Guru of the [Japanese painting]
Was world renowned as.
Landscape painting in the ukiyo-e had specifically called for nationwide attractions are drawn in favor "attractions picture". For those who at the time that now unlike in the transportation network was not able to go back and forth here and there frequently not developed, the picture depicting the attractions was a valuable media can taste the travel mood. In addition, at that time worshiping at the shrines and temples travel and attractions tour of the temple has also become a fashion of the common people, had become coupled with popular leisure and also mountain climbing faith at that time. Is Mount Fuji most familiar ones to Edo people among the many mountain. Publisher was keeping an eye on it (publisher) is, or not issue a Fuji picture to Hokusai, and I was called out. I think of being folded many also who you know in common name of "red Fuji"?
Hokusai, which celebrated the mature period of seventy generations, worked on actively series of landscape prints. Hokusai is like it was a kind of life work to draw Fuji, was how Fuji effectively incorporated into the screen, or the continued long study how to draw. In particular it drew stuck to symbolize Mount Fuji of the Japanese mind "TomiTake thirty-six Jing" all forty-six sheet, coupled with the travel boom from the fold, and gained a very popular. Was used in the "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" is, Fuji sketches Hokusai has been accumulated to write for more than 8 years. Its many years of effort and accumulated skill has been demonstrated regrettable without. Take advantage of the perspective used in Western painting, in which Fuji a composition that was nice sharp that or placed in a distant view to the contrary or draw to fill the screen, bold, such as taking advantage of, such as the pillars of the building to the field in the style of painting motif representation, and vivid figure of the people of both drawn around. ... Korezo can say also the culmination of Hokusai. In addition, the "countries Taki around" all eight sheets, all eleven sheet "countries name Hashikiran", "Ryukyu Hakkei" all eight sheets such as the one after the announcement, will be sorted the works should be called the culmination of Hokusai Gagyo. Guests appreciate the fully the landscape is an aggregate of many years over the study of Hokusai.

- "Hokusai Shunga of charm" -Drawn by Hokusai"Shunga"In line, which was outstanding composition and lively
Such as overflow to fill the screenEroticism feelingthere is.
A great finesse, everything the Edo of the universe
Painted, watch people Hokusai Katsushika world to attract.
I lived in itself that the "draw""View madman""Hokusai, Ukiyo-e masterpiece collection"
Picture this color through the first ed., Picture book 'kyoka YamaMitsuru Tayama (in the above MZ), a picture book Sumida River cross-strait list (in the above second volume) underClamming view, Kudan Ushigafuchi, singing and dancing musical performance Osarai Society program, the moon see tiger view, Kobo Daishi dual cultivation view, Saitan Surimono, salmon and rats, snakes and small birds, Teodori view, Shoki sitting 獅図, ​​watermelon view, in the snow tiger view , notice the black sliding discount bills of large Dharma calligraphy, hawk, a medium version of flowers and birds view, Sekirei and wisteria, Chushingura night attack Noriyuki figure, camellia theory Yumiharizuki prequel, planting view, Watanabe source Waretsuna, wild boar bear priest thundercloud, lions view, 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō Fujisawa seven, manufactured by Toto two weapons town theater, Fuji Metropolitan whistling child view, Fuji KoshiRyuzu, Phoenix folding screen, "Hokusai manga" Zatoichi and Goze, "handwriting picture album hawk", Uemachi Festival stalls ceiling picture, " samurai "," carp view "(paper this monochrome painting)," five Portrait of a beauty "," two-Portrait of a beauty ", Shinshu Obuse Higashi Festival stalls ceiling picture" crown "(paulownia plate colored handwriting image), prostitute view, of Kikunojo Segawa Figure, Hotei view, fisherman diagram suck the smoke tubes, sea Fuji, of TakashiRi merchant, Bunbuku Chagama view, flounder and pink, frog and snow, autumn leaves and Ayu, Shokei Kiranshin State Lake Suwa, other ...
In addition, we have collected a lot. (※ Sample images are posted with dropped image quality / size)
Kitai of painter laid the Ukiyo-e golden age "Hokusai Katsushika / HOKUSAI"
Hokusai Katsushika, Horeki 10 years (1760), was born in Edo. Hand from young was dexterity he is familiar with the picture while training under the tattooist of woodblocks of Ukiyo-e, apprenticed to ukiyo-e Katsukawa spring chapter was higher Popular realistic actor picture at the time of the 19-year-old , it was allowed to full-fledged flowering talent. Decorate the art world debut announced the actor painting under the name of "Katsukawa spring Akira" the following year. Hokusai Katsushika degree from 1805 years (1805 years), worked on, such as 1830 (Tempo first year) picture model, which is represented by readings illustrations and handwriting image "Hokusai Manga" to time, to establish a renowned position as a painter Katsushika It tightens widely known the style of the faction. The ambition and the curious Hokusai, Kano and Chinese painting, learn the techniques of every painting and Western painting, beautiful picture, actor picture, worked on the book of illustrations and sumo images such as ukiyo-e of various genres, their own style of painting I will establish. Too much passion to the temporary able to draw, there was also that had been excommunicated because they went to secretly study in another school in silence to the teacher. So Hokusai turn out to needy, that of course is a sketch of ukiyo-e, as a side job, such as such as fans and lanterns, anyway rolled draw in haphazardly, I did not stop to draw never. Of his name was immobile, is the famous continuous cropping color woodblock print, landscape paintings in the world "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji". This by Hokusai has established the landscape as a typical genre of Ukiyo-e. When I worked on this work, Hokusai has already past the 70-year-old, was quite To late-blooming compared to other painters. However, all things in nature everything "draw" in particular is Hokusai burning obsession, exactly the willingness unabated even if old, referred to as in his later years or attempt such as copper engraving and glass painting, was also interested in oil painting you.(※ There are several theories to publication year is currently also discussion is continued)Hokusai order to convey to future generations of young painter he cultivated image method, was left to draw a summarizes the paint of use and perspective "picture book coloring communication" and model collection "original intention Ekan". At this time, already 87 years old. Still, when the disciple is a long trip, such as a request for sketching of local specialties and seafood, tenacity against the picture of Hokusai did not decline still. In particular, "Fugaku Hyakkei" first ed. Batsubun (afterword) In the "... 73-year-old finally birds, beasts, insects, and fish skeleton, a what a vegetation of the building, was able to somewhat know. Or ... extremely the mystery at the age of 90 if the vegetarian in this state, not exceeding the range of the meek in the 100-year-old. ... God of longevity, please have a look at the fact that my words do not lie hopefully. "And vulgaris not help but determination and willingness to Gagyo, shows the obsession. Consists of late-life to become 1834 (5 years Tenpo) around to work on handwriting image the (ukiyo-e handwriting), but to establish a new painting world not seen in color woodblock print era, 1849 (1849 years) April 18 days, Shoten Town, Henshoin (now Asakusa 6-chome) of Asakusa sick in the precincts of the tenement, has completed its life. "I was 88 years old. "Hokusai was before the death," at least another 10 years, no, say even five years later, if you can live, I Ni ... would have been able to real painting "or lamented. All things in nature burning obsession to draw the true of everything, It should be noted that in old age, the production willingness unabated, until the last of the last, Hokusai was hoping still yourself developing, and want to be better. It is said that engraved the name of the "Ekyo old man" is in such his grave. This is referred to as a "picture madman" that is Hokusai himself of his own, is one of the uses have issue was (pen name as a painter). The great genius painter Hokusai Katsushika world by storm in the passionate variety of Naru style of painting (depiction methods and techniques, color, etc.), while spent the long years of 88 years, continues to draw a picture intently, about 30,000 a number of impressed becomes work, also referred to as (treasure) has left me in this world. "Thanks"
"Edo of art"
At the end of the 19th century the painting techniques of the West has reached the apex, and in the eyes of the Japanese ukiyo-e European painters had been used as wrapping paper, the expressive line, use concise color, expressions such as design of free-thinking it is said that it has received a strong impact on the way. Was a technique that did not depend also thought to it to the West, which has an emphasis on religious theme and realistic technique people.
While Ukiyo-e is the most popular prints depicting all the fashion of the Edo, the bold composition and vivid colors will give a big impact to the people of the West, had also attracted to the painter Van Gogh and Monet, to the world proud of is one of Japan's traditional arts.

Technique, color, design, composition,None of you has a unique charm not only to the Ukiyo-e.

It boasts the "worldJapaneseTraditionartBook of paintings " "Edo Ukiyo-e/Handwriting image" ** Hokusai Katsushika treasured masterpiece collection ** ~Hokusai ukiyoe collection~
Japan painting history, the supreme genius ukiyo-e
"Hokusai Katsushika" complete recording of the treasured work data all 2000 points!
High resolution and high image quality HIGH-RES oversized digital ART collections / Hokusai art book [DVD Media Edition]
Genius ukiyo-e, which gave birth to the full maturity period of Edo culture,
 Splendor of the Ukiyo-e, handwriting picture 2000 points of Hokusai Katsushika.
◇ Fugaku thirty-six Jing Chie sea, One Hundred Tales, until the handwriting Shunga, world by storm as ingenious ukiyo-e
Edo of genius ukiyo-e - variety of Hokusai (HOKUSAI)Wind flow,Number of masterpieces Ukiyo-e has been aggregated!

※ This product Disc, separately "Hokusai Manga full version" of the sale in all 15 volumes
(Picture book illustrations / cartoons full set book of paintings) 4000 figure does not include.
"Hokusai Manga full version Collection" is"Here in the exhibition"of
Since it has been recorded in a separate item (ukiyo-e masterpiece collection 1),
Come If you are interested, ticket can be purchased together.
- Limited, a special offer Edition -
☆ New release commemoration During Campaign ☆

◇ ◆ exhibitors price 19,700 yen ◆ ◇ This time >>> "Only for now! New release commemoration service price ☆" Free shipping ♪Extra large special 1510 yen!! ▽ »Arrival price! We will deliver the goods at a bargain just now!
"Hokusai Katsushika * Edo masterpiece book of paintings" - Japan traditional art "Hokusai Katsushika, Ukiyo-e" high-resolution digital collections - ◇ burning obsession to draw the true universe all things, a variety of genres
Worked on the Ukiyo-e, ingenious Edo of genius, which also attracted the famous painters of the world in the style of painting
And the "ukiyo-e Hokusai Katsushika" very valuable large-format treasured works 2000 election of the complete recording
«Limited Source
/Provides version » Oedo masterpiece electionMothTreasure CompleteHokusai masterpiece art book!
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