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[New unused] ★ As long as stock! ★ Christmas gift bag gift for candy bag wrapping supplies "snow languor + Santa + reindeer
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Current price ¥903 $9
Start price ¥903 $9
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Seller njjrr69902 +61
Condition New
Start time 2019-12-18T12:15:41+09:00
End time 2019-12-18T12:41:20+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x660745249
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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[New unused] ★ As long as stock! ★ Christmas gift bag gift for candy bag wrapping supplies "snow languor + Santa + reindeer
Description of item
[Specification] hand-type bag 20 * 15cm, 40g. With ribbon type bag 27 * 16cm, 35g. [Durability] in the linen woven with high-quality cotton, are made in very strong. Because that can be reused many times, it is friendly to the environment. [Christmas] candy on Christmas Eve, the perfect candy and gifts bags, recommended for children!
In [good atmosphere] cute design, and exude a good atmosphere, enjoy a nice Christmas!
[Location] Christmas, display, birthday, wedding, put the customer in return gift trip or on the road at the time of the small party, put in hotels and golf courses of amenities, it can be used in a variety of applications. [New unused] ★ As long as stock! ★ Christmas gift bag gift for candy bag wrapping supplies "snow languor + Santa + reindeer" 3 pieces large-capacity (hand type)
Brand: BS-shop
Payment details
Payment details
【About payment】
★ It becomes dealings only with Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts [payment amount = successful bid amount + shipping fee].
By Yahoo! easy settlement it is possible that you choose the following payment methods.
Yahoo! easy settlement is necessary to exchange the personal information is the payment receive simple and security can not related to the settlement ♪
● Credit card payment
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● Internet banking
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【Shipping fee】
Nationwide uniform 800 yen
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You will receive in a few days for shipment from all domestic warehouse.
[About the delivery method]
Shipping method, agency will have to select the best shipping method. For this reason, we do not accept the designation of shipping companies and shipping method. Also, please note that there are times when the goods arrive at the agency of the package other than plain.
※ Tracking number is managed here. Please be assured that you can be confirmed even if there is any chance delivery trouble.
[Delivery for the specified time period]
If there is hope, please let us know in dealings Nabis. As long as we will correspond flexibly as possible. Because there are times when you do not meet your wish, such as by region, please understand.
※ Please specify, such as a general delivery Yamato office stop can not be received.
※ It can not respond to the specified delivery company.
※ The accompanying receipt can not be accepted.
★★★ Please read the contents, please bid only for the person who has been consent ★★★
The person who can contact us for sure, "transaction information" within 24 hours after a successful bid, within 36 hours "payment" can be better only please bid. It will be shipped in after a payment check about 1 to 3 days.
If there is no "dealing information" even after 24 hours after a successful bid, if there is no "payment" within 36 hours, we will consider it as cancellation on customer's convenience.
The issue of the receipt that it does not correspond Please note.
All items are stored at the distribution center except for some reserved items in order to ship the items quickly.
Depending on the product, it may be sent directly from the contracted warehouse, related shop or consignment supplier so that it can be delivered quickly.
We manage and ship products in warehouses of partner companies and we have entrusted contracts. In some cases, it may be delivered in a package or box printed with a supplier name other than plain. please note that.
Inspection is conducted carefully, but if there is a defect such as damage to the product, please be advised to be able to contact you in dealings Nabis. We do not support all products related to our products.
Please judge by item description and image. There may be dents and scratches on the outside box, but there is no problem with the product.
Please tender after acknowledging that there is some difference in the color of the product depending on the screen of your personal computer · mobile.
I would appreciate your favor by a no claim no return on an image for reference. I hope smooth transactions.
Those who do not meet the above conditions, those who view the evaluation and feel uneasy about the transaction may be allowed to cancel the transaction without notice.
Please keep in mind that the system of Yahoo auction will automatically get a "very bad" evaluation on the successful bidder if you do the procedure of cancellation of transaction.
Although there are occasions when people are asked to change shipping method or shipping method. Those who are listed for free shipping please purchase from other exhibitors.
If the shipment is from an overseas warehouse during the New Year's holiday GW period, delivery may take 10 days or more due to the effect of customs passage.
Although politeness, quickly we are keeping in mind, even outside the business day of our shop a question and awarded, there are days when we can not respond to e-mails, shipping etc.
You can not cancel the wrong bid.
★★★ Please read the above description and bid only if you accept it ★★★
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